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1009 - Hamlet

First Broadcast - 11 pm Sunday, June 27th 1999
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - I like Hamlet, but this version is a snoozer
Riffing: Fair, with some gems sprinkled throughout
Skits: Liked the Hamlet figure, the rest were 'm'eh'

The "not so" great Dane done German style: Hamlet is considered one of the very worst, if not the worst MST ep in the modern era. And until recently that was an opinion I held as well. The movie is dry, so dry it makes me sleepy and I stop focusing on the jokes. In addition there are times when those jokes take a break (they are not as rapid fire with the quips on this one). The guys also go lowbrow on occasion - with Schoolboy wisecracks about lice, boogers, condoms and the like. But to counter that, there’s some real sharp material. And in at least one instance -the "cut his throat in a Church" bit- I roared with laughter. Yes, The Hamster is a challenge, but I find breaking this experiment up into two sittings keeps the movie from dragging the ep down as much. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s not the train wreck I originally thought it was. 

Host Segments
Intro: Tom changes his name to "Htom Sirveaux". Segment 1: Crow also changes his name. Pearl loses at Mike's game, so he gets to choose the movie. But Pearl gets the last laugh. Segment 2: Mike foils the "Bots as Ghosts" plan. Segment 3: Crow and Tom present the percussive version of Hamlet. Segment 4: Alas poor who? End: Hamlet action figures and Fortenbras enters Castle Forrester. Stinger: Cladius makes a face.

"Meet the Beatles." - Mike

Notable Riffs
"Alas Poor Who?" - Mike
"Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest." - "Unfortunately, they're Northwest angels, so they'll be late." - Horatio/Crow
"If he but blanche, I know my course." - "But if he par boils..." - Hamlet/Mike
"May four captains bear thee like a soldier to the stage." - "Captain Spaulding, Captain Kangaroo, Captain Crunch..." - Horatio/Crow
"I'll take 'To Be' for $500, Alex." - Crow
"Danish clowns: The damp, smelly, silverfish infested basement of the clown world." - Crow
"I suppose there's no chance there's going to be a jet ski chase in this movie, is there, Mike?" - Servo
"Couldest thou walk slower!? Geez!" - Crow
"I see a cherub... "In thy nose." - Hamlet/Crow
"But it's cherry flavored kid's poison, he should love it!" - Crow
"And the king peels off his skin and becomes a dinosaur from Mars! Oh, I guess not." - Servo
"Hey, Hamlet, why don't you Ram-let?" - Crow
"Well, Mike, this has convinced me not to kill your dad and marry your mom." - Crow
"What is it, 'cold water on the groin', I mean Polonius." - Crow as King
"The Nuns sent me home, my skirt is too short." - Crow as Hamlet
"Give us the foils" - "We shall some potatoes bake." - Hamlet/Servo

Riff Explained
"King Richard Thompson" - Crow
Richard is a bearded, beret wearing singer/song writer who does look like a thinner version of King Claudius.

Stuff & Nonsense
Dubs? Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island/Star Trek The Wrath of Khan) provided the voice for Claudius. While John Banner (Sgt Shultz/Crash of Moons) did Polonious.

Available on DVD: Collection volume 4

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