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1011 - Horror's of Spider Island

First Broadcast - 11 pm Sunday, July 25 1991
Excellence Level: Tin Foil
Movie Pain: High - Gals and cheesy spiders, but it manages to be "blah"
Riffing: Induced mostly smiles
Skits: Ditto

A big beefy guy and girls in underwear, find themselves stranded on an island inhabited by large, not very convincing, killer spiders. Sounds like a can't miss plot, but the boys seem at a loss on how to deal with it and the riffing is a bit flat, feels sparser than normal, and is light on the clever material.

I can't say it's a complete disaster - the movie does provide an evil arachnid Muppet; Gary -"He has Torgo area" - and Babs -who played fullback for the Lions?- But all in all, there is not a lot of laughs to be found on this desert isle. Strangely below average experiment.

Host Segments
Intro: Tom & Mike read Crow's lifestyle section in the Boston Globe. Segment 1: Pearl moves due to Bobo's monkey license. Segment 2: Mike gets stuck in a giant spider web. Segment 3: Mike makes like Gary, folding and unfolding his legs during an audition. Segment 4: Mike crashes the SOL to test a theory. End: Mike is bitten by a spider, Pearl moves back and Bobo learns the facts of life. Stinger: Screaming dancers

Notable Riffs
"Too bad we couldn't grab this movie with a tissue and flush it down the toilet." - Mike
"There, there, take comfort in my beefines" - Mike as Gary
"You're a stripper." - "And refinisher, yes." - Gary/Mike
"I think her timing belt is too tight."
"If only they could find a desalination plant!"
"I can't go on anymore." - "Come, I'll help you." - "No, you go the five feet to the shore without me." Girl/Other Girl/Servo
"They should just start putting handles on women for easy carrying." - Crow
"So they sat around floating for awhile, and now they're exhausted." - Crow
"Gary! Look what I just found" - "A stick!" - Girl/Servo
"Be sure to murmur and coo some more, too."- Mike
"Tomorrow I'm going to try to pull my pants up to my chest." - Servo
"Um, you're in my writhing space." - Crow
"Feast your eyes on my good stuff, nature!"
"You know, Susan, before she died she told me you looked fat."
"Meanwhile, Singapore suffers through a severe dancer shortage." - Servo
"A hammer with a long handle" - "That's me!" - Gary/Crow
"Maybe I've always just misunderstood what spiders are. They're large hairy bipeds with pants." - Servo
"Damn Californian, it never helps anyone!"
"Unfortunately, they were picked up by Captain Ron!"

Riff Explained
"Wayne LaPierre's on the island" - Mike
Wayne is the executive Vice President of the NRA.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Barbara "Babs" Valentin was a close friend of Freddie Mercury and lived with him until his death. She also can be seen in the video for Queen's "It's A Hard Life".

* Harald Maresch-Raymond "Joe" (listed 'Temple Foster' in the credits) dated actress Lupe Velez. The two broke up and a pregnant Velez killed herself. In her suicide note she named Harald as the father of her child. The public blamed Raymond for her death and his career went in the tank.

* Alex D'Arcy "Gary" can also be seen in the Cary Grant film 'The Awful Truth'. Rent it, it's great! For fans of the TV show "Batman", Alex played a Jeweler in the show "Fine Feathered Finks".

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 11

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