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104 - Women of the Prehistoric Planet

First Broadcast - February 1990
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: Low - Space adventure is good cheap fun
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest
Skits: Pleasant, mostly induced smiles

A space ship answers a distress signal and discovers a planet that has, well, not very many women at all: What a piece of dookie. Terrible space opera gives us a word slurring Wendell Corey, Stuart Margolin killed by a plush toy, Quincy's Sam in a Flintstone costume and the infamous "Hi-Keeba!" (Stinger material long before they had stingers). John Agar, Gavin Macleod and Johnny Longtorso all make appearances.

The episode moves at a nice leisurely pace, but it's still pretty fun. Joel's very active in the theater; he plants a kiss on Annette and tries to crawl into Wendell Corey's arms (Hold me). My favorite riffs: "Well, I guess he's really an Angel now" - Joel, will be appreciated by viewers of the "Rockford Files" and I loved Servo's parting shot... "Man evolved from Tang".

The host segments are nothing special, other than acting as Mike's voice over debut (He's the "Isaac Asimov Literary Doomsday Device"). The Mads reaction to Joel's experiment and Joel looking silly in Azimov sideburns and glasses, were the two big laughs I received from the skits.

Of Note: This was actually the last show filmed for season 1 which makes for interesting viewing. Winners are announced for a contest that doesn't exist until episode #110 and there's a riff callback to #113, Black Scorpion (Thou shalt not Ki...")

Host Segments
Intro: Joel redecorates the SOL. Invention: Clay and Lar's Flesh Barn and TP in a bottle. Segment 1: Joel brings a Doomsday Satellite on board. Segment 2: Joel attempts to disarm the device. Segment 3: The crew of the SOL is turned into Isaac Asimov. End: Letters and the winner of the "Name the Plant Guy" contest is announced. No Stinger -But if I chose one? What else could it be: "Hi-Keebah!"

Notable Riffs
* "He'll be riding in the trunk on the way back to Earth." - Crow.
* "There's a great deal of cosmic gas" - "Must be from the cosmic chili" - Admiral King/Servo
* "Great proverb, hope you didn't get any of that tattooed anyplace important." - Joel.
* "I'm not just for breakfast anymore." - Servo as Tang
* "I'm so concerned I felt compelled to touch you." - Joel as Admiral King
* "Well, you better dust off your dress uniform." - "The strapless one?" - Commander/Joel
* "Dis-Inflate Annette's hair!" - Joel
* "Hi, I'm Johnny Longtorso. Can I be of any help here?" - Servo
* "Is it primordial soup yet?" - Joel.
* "Oh, and that playground ball's a threat, too." - Servo.
* "See no evil... Well, maybe just a little. Yeah!" - Joel as the Monkey
* "Tang's gonna go take a powder... Wait a minute -- Tang is a powder!" - Crow.
* "Their technology must be light-years ahead of ours! Their use of stock footage is amazing!" - Joel.
* "They're like Klingons without the Kling." - Joel.
* "I'll stay here and take more Lithium." - Crow as Admiral King
* "My name is Linda" - "My name is lucky." - Linda/Crow as Tang
* "Ohhh, I'm gonna go spank myself." - Joel as Monkey
* "Where's your spirit of adventure?" - "Uh, that's in my other pants." - Chief/Servo
* "I'm already bored, Tang" - Joel as Linda, as ship leaves her behind on the planet

Riff Explained 
"Meanwhile, at the Ocarina" - Servo
An Ocarina is an ancient flute-like instrument. Made of clay and created by native tribes in central & south America, the spaceship does bear a remarkable resemblance to one.

"Oh I hit my Butt, Its all hot and it hurts and stuff!" - Servo as Linda during earthquake
This comes from an old TV commercial for "Bactine". In it; an annoying child skins his elbow, and he complains that Its... "all hot and hurts and stuff". Mom saves the day by spraying a shot of the antiseptic on the wound.

Stuff and Nonsense 
* Nightclub comedian Paul Gilbert played the part of Lt. Bradley and is responsible for the infamous "Hi-Keeba" Line. Gilbert worked with the likes of Spike Jones and Rowen & Martin and was the adoptive father of Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie). Paul died from a stroke in 1976.

Released on DVD: Volume 9

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