Sunday, August 10, 2014

110 - Robot Holocaust

With Short: Commando Cody part 9

First Broadcast - January 1990
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - It makes me feel all crampy inside
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest
Skits: Induced only smiles

Post apocalyptic drivel concerns air slaves fighting against their robot masters: Poking fun at the villainous Valeria and her undecipherable way of speaking is just one of this episodes high points. Avocado dad and the killer pink sock puppet worms are a few others.

While this monotonous film with its bad editing and claustrophobic little sets, just about evaporates any fun to be had. Joel, Servo and Crow do not riff in vain: They cleverly chip away at the inane and point out the pointless and blast away those bad movie nightmares.
Joel imitates a turtle in the theater, for no reason at all. And we get a funny photo of Dr's. F and Erhardt when the film breaks during final showing of the "Commando Cody" short. If I don't say much about the 'series' type of shorts, it's because they don't do a lot for me and I'm personally glad they ended it this way (no, I had no desire to see how this repetitive silliness finished up)

Of Note: Crow convinces Joel to carry him out of the theater at the end. As he does this Servo announces (off camera) that he needs help getting over the heating grid. This explains why Tom is toted in and out of the theater.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel sings the blues. Invention: On the SOL: the Nitro burning funny pipe. At Deep 13, Ski mask with moving eyebrows. Segment 1: Joel performs a few tricks for the bots. Segment 2: Cambot's sitcom simulator is broken. Segment 3: The gang plays ‘Robot Holocaust’. End: Letters. Name the plant guy contest. No Stinger -But if I chose one? Avocado dad!

Notable Riffs
Cody Riffs
* "Ted, we can't take your puppet with us everywhere!" - Joel
* "Cody, don't wear your jet pack in the house. What if that thing went off?" - Joel

Robot Riffs
* "Always get a contract when working with a dark, omnipotent power." - Joel
* "Hey, watch who you call 'impervious', lady!" - Joel
* "If I were skeptical, I'd say that was Central Park." - Joel
* "In the future, all robots will act like Don Knotts." - Crow
* "Joel, if we ever get to be like these 'bots... please shut us down?" - Servo
* "Thank you Shoeshine Boy, you're humble and skeletal." - Joel
* "That blast to the face kinda helped her diction!" - Servo
* "Your father was a great man -- and an even better side dish." - Joel
* "Yeah, I guess it's a wasteland. If you don't count that big city behind them" - Servo
* "It says, 'This is not a men’s room'" - Crow
* "And what does he say of this?" -"I think he'd highly recommend it." - Warrior/Servo
* "I have nothing to say." - "Except for what I just said." - Dad/Joel
* "Do you have anything to say?" - "Yeah, do you know Elmer Fudd?" - Valeria/Joel
* "Were being watched." - "Of course were being watched, it's a film you idiot!" - Warrior/Servo
* "We can not pass." - "Well maybe try some roughage or bran." - Warrior Lady/Servo
* "Crabby do this, Crabby do that!" - Joel as Torque
* "My dads his own favorite dish" - Joel
* "There may be hope for you yet." - "As a gorgeous lady of wrestling" - Lady Warrior/Servo

Joel - "I kind of miss Earth guys."
Servo - "I can see why"
Crow - "Yeah, all that equipment!"

Riffs Explained
"Oh God I need this job" - all
This is a line from the song "I Hope I Get It" from the Broadway musical, "A Chorus Line".

* During the host segments the Bots ask Joel to do Snowstorm in China. Snowstorm is a magic trick: The magician takes a sheet of tissue paper and tears it into pieces. The torn pieces are dropped into a clear bowl of water, then removed and squeezed together. The magician takes a fan and waives it over the wad of tissue. Suddenly, thousands of dry paper snowflakes fill the stage!

Stuff & Nonsense
* The 2 fighting air slaves at the beginning of the movie were played by Michael Zezima & Edward Mallia. The 2 pulled double duty as Guard-Bots as well. Zezima is now an author -Saving Private Power: The Hidden History of "The Good War"- while Mallia became a cop in Queens who was forced to resign when he posed in Playgirl magazine in 1995. Later, he opened "Fast Eddies Sports Bar" on 8th.

* The interiors were shot in the Brooklyn Navy yards.

* Rick Gianasi (Torque) starred in Troma's low budget Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD

Available on DVD: Volume 25