Monday, August 11, 2014

202 - Sidehackers

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Sept 29th 1990
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - Ugly and hard to sit through
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest at best
Skits: Nice songs, the rest induced mostly smiles

This nasty Ross Hagen flick is about an "exciting new sport" (One guy drives a motorcycle while another hangs onto the side and drags his butt on the ground. Ouch, me thinks someone's gonna need a lifetime supply of 'Tucks'! ). 'Hackers got under Trace's skin and it is mean spirited. Despite the broad cartoonish characters that include the maniacal JC, his sidekick Gooch, er, Cooch and an obnoxious jokester named 'Crapout'. All the funny names in the world can't mask the ugly underbelly (rape & murder)

There is some good Msting; the guys do a running "Patton/Rommel" gag that's pretty sharp. And there are a couple of funny musical numbers during the host segments, including the heart-warming pabulum, "Only Love (Pads the Film)". But overall "Hackers" isn't a "tears in the eyes" classic. It has its moments, just not enough of them to generate non-stop laughs.

Also of Note: Cambot gets in a riff, by adding some ESPN like graphics during the race.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel tries to get the Bots to bed. Invention: Slinky's in some form or another for both the SOL & Deep 13. Segment 1: The "Sidehacking" song. Segment 2: Sidehacking terminology. Segment 3: J&TB wear Rommel hats. JC and Cooch visit via the Hexfield. End: The gang sings "Only Love Pads the Film" and Frank agrees to push the button. No Stinger - But if I chose one? JC and Rommel: Drunk, laughing, up close and making kissy faces.

Notable Riffs
* "Filmed in longtorso vision." - Servo
* "Lets kiss, by hurting others our love grows stronger." - Joel
* "Hey stop, stop! I need a new girlfriend!" - Crow as Rommel
* "Even these oil fields seem to remind me of her... Can't quite put my finger on it..." - Joel as Rommel
* "How's your buddy?" -"That's kinda personal, isn't it?" - Paisley/Crow
* "I've got to take the fridge to the airport. You need anything?" - Crow
* "Ah that jelly donut got away from him." - Crow
* "This is kind of looking like 'Thirtysomething'" - "Yeah, except for those dirty pictures in the background." - Joel/Crow
* "Uh, that's 'Gooch', sir..." -Tom Servo
* "You ever seen me look so happy?" - "Yeah, but you didn't know I was watching you." - Luke/Joel
* "You should never drink 10W-30 in the summer." - Crow
* "Chili peppers burn my gut." - Crow as Rommel

Riffs Explained
"Why me, why me all the time" - Crow
This was a line said by Eric Von Zipper in the movie, "Beach Blanket Bingo". Zipper is the leader of a biker gang who often spoke of himself in the 3rd person.

"Acid Canyon" - Joel
The music was psychedelic and Ross was walking in a canyon. Beyond that, there really is an "Acid Canyon". It's a place in New Mexico where a LOT of radioactive chemicals was released. (Including waste from the Manhattan Project during World War II)

Stuff & Nonsense
* Directed by Goldie Hawn’s Ex (you can see him as an actor in Hellcats, playing Scorpio). In an interview Hagan said that Goldie was an extra in the film but I haven't spotted her yet.

* The actress who plays "Paisley", is Ross' real life wife.

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 3