Tuesday, August 12, 2014

206 - Ring of Terror

With Short: Phantom Creeps part 3

206: First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Nov 3rd 1990
#51 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: High - Hard to see, ultra B!
Riffing: Wildly funny, very steady
Skits: Ditto - Another winning combo

Hazing gone awry - This is a very dark film. And I'm not talking about the subject matter, it's one hard to see flick. It's also painfully dull. Near the start we get to watch our narrator simply walk off and search for his cat for about 10 minutes before he gets down to business and tells us the story of Lewis Moffitt; a medical student who died of fright.

The riffing in this one is outstanding and focuses primarily on the fact that the average age of the college students is about 40 (The actor playing Lewis was 42!). The running gag about.... "They" is also a hoot.

The movie related host segments are solid as a rock. I loved Frank's chauffeur song, the "Old School" and Mr. Hoovers autopsy (In which Gypsy passes out often. lol). All this and we get to watch Ragdoll & Tiny gettin' down and funky, Yipee!

The short is shown at the end and is the only weak spot in this episode. It feels as if they were running out of new riff ideas, and thankfully this is the last we'll see of the Phantom or his creeps.

Host Segments
Intro: Crow & Servo trick Joel into thinking it’s movie sign. Invention: The Dr has Frank locked in a giant version of the "Operation Game". Joel plays pinball with his innards. Segment 1: It's the Old School for old students. Segment 2: Joel performs an autopsy on a vacuum. Segment 3: The Bots can't think of a good thing to say about the movie. End: Franks sings the wonderful, "If Chauffeurs Ruled the World". Stinger: Old student sez... "Weird, yeah I guess you could call it that. Weird."


Notable Riffs
Ring Riffs
* "Tumor, he drop a tumor and he can't find it"- Servo
* "Oh that's nice, I'm calling Betty White." - Servo
* "Don't tell him where I am" - Crow as Puma the cat
* "Lewis B Moffitt..." "Sat on a toffett" - Dobson/Servo
* "Ah ha ha ha, oh to be 40 again." - Crow as professor
* "Tor wants a potato sandwich too." - Crow as Tiny
* "I just love these outdoor piano bars." - Joel as Betty
* "Could you get that son?! Oh I forgot, I'm a College Student" - Servo as Lewis
* "I hear dancing is a fine form of exercise." - "Lets eat some!" - Tiny/Crow
* "Give me that! And go tell your Mother to come to bed." - Servo as Lewis
* "Bacchus, King of Wine!" - "Bud, King of Beer!" - Student/Crow
* "Now, where were we. Ah, yes, I believe I had my tongue down your throat." - Crow as Lewis after snake killin'
* "Please slip corpses under the door after ten." - Crow
* "The aorta makes an excellent sock puppet, and from here on will be represented by the tympani." - Crow as Dr. Raeburn
* "This man must have led a very full and active life..." - "Cause he's got a squirrel in his stomach!" - Dr. Raeburn/Crow
* "Hey look, he's turning the light off with his mind." - Joel
* "She knows I can't make those stairs... I'll get the ramp." - Crow
* "What do you feel?" -"I feel like they" - Lewis/Servo as Betty
* "You taste just like They!" - Joel as Betty
* "...Young and old alike" - "But mostly old" - Dobson/Crow

Phantom Riffs
* "Why, I think I hear a floating ear of corn." - Crow
* "Now if I can get this formula properly recorded..." - "I can get a contract from David Geffin" - Dr./Servo

Riffs Explained
"An interpretive dance showing how plate tectonics work" - Servo
Said while Tiny & Ragdoll dance. The "plate tectonic theory" says that Earth's outer layer is made up of plates, which constantly shift and move. The theory is used to explain events such as earthquakes.

"Centerville: A real great place to raise your kids up" - Joel & Servo
This comes from the Frank Zappa film "200 Motels" (1971). It's the first time they used this line but it wont be the last. Centerville riffs will crop up frequently over the years.

Stuff & Nonsenss
Six Degree's of Lewis Moffitt:
Our lead actor in this movie is George Mather, who has many a connection to the MST universe. He played "Horn Man" in the movie Galaxina; and in that flick a character watches, "First Spaceship on Venus". Galaxina was directed by William Sachs, who also did "The Incredible Melting Man". Mather made his film debut playing a sergeant in "Atomic Kid", which also starred Whit Bissell from "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" fame. Of Note: Mather was the production supervisor on "Star Wars".

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 11 - Includes extra: Video Jukebox, Volume 2