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501 - Warrior of the Lost World

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, July 24 1993
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: High - Tepid drivel
Riffing: Solid, good humor - stronger at the beginning
Skits: Very funny

The paper Chase guy rumbles, bumbles and mumbles his way through the post apocalyptic wastelands: Star Treks Persis Khambatta stars in this dreadful "Mad Max" like adventure, that is lacking all the weird charm and excitement of the film it aspires to imitate. The story pits a whiny motopsycho messiah and his annoying talking chopper, against Donald Pleasence and the bot-popular Megaweapon!

On the plus: I enjoyed Joel's invention, the "Bittersweet Hearts", which goes well with some sharp riffing. Tom and Joel doing a parody of a mouthwash commercial is priceless, and the ending with Servo spotting celebs in the crowd is a bona fide classic Mst moment. Of interest: Crow mentions "Hangar 18" in a riff. This was the title of a movie that was covered during the KTMA days. Also there was a call forward – When Persis points a gun at her father, we hear the riff, "I accuse my parents" 

On the negative: "Warrior" is amusing (especially at the start) but not a steady gut buster - Compared to say "Santa Claus" (which makes me roar; loud and frequently). So while it doesn't click at that fast and furious pace I prefer, WOTLW still has just enough good jabs to warrant a passing grade.

Host Segments
Intro: Servo introduces the film. Invention: The Mads show us how to use their Square Master. J&TBs have some Bittersweet Hearts. Segment 1: Slot car race ends badly for Tom. Segment 2: A warrior without a license. Segment 3: Apocalyptic possibilities. End: Megaweapon, and the Mads active lifestyles. Stinger: Paper Chase guy. Ewww.

Notable Riffs
"Whats that say? The unclear war has been forgot?" - Servo
"All the gummy mints have colitis?" - Joel
"If Claude Monet directed this picture" - Crow
* "What, is John Merrick the dispatcher?" - Joel
* "Another Buddhist protesting the helmet laws." - Joel
* "Any fruit to declare? ANY "FRUIT" TO DECLARE!" - Servo
* "I need a McWayne with fries." - Crow
* "Feel some malaise, sucka" - Servo as McWayne
* "She's got a Lady Hemingway" - Servo
* "Gee, Ohio looks great after the apocalypse!" - Joel
* "It's not so much the apocalypse as it is the humidity." - Joel
* "Mall of America was the scene of a violent coup today." - Crow
* "What? Skip Dionne Warwick and eat a pasty?" - Joel
* "One false move and I'll shave her head. I shaved mine and I'm just crazy enough to do it!" - Crow as Donald Pleasence
"Look, it's a graduation photo and he's dreaming of Fred Williamson." - Joel
* "Persis just close your eyes and think of Donald Pleasence." - Servo
* "WHO ARE YOOOOU?" - "High Plains Loser" - Crow/Joel
* "Oh, he's a Shriner! See, he's got a shotgun that shoots candy!" - Crow
* "What, is John Merrick the dispatcher?" - Joel

A few sayings from the Bitter Sweethearts: Easy to chew antacids..."Get Out!", "Still Mad", "I'm Tested", "Can't Leave the County", "Like a Brother", "You'll Do"

Stuff & Nonsense
Fred Williamson played in the first Super Bowl for the Chiefs. called the "Hammer" for a forearm blow to the head he'd deliver to opponents, Fred boasted before the big game that we was going to use the move to knock out a few Green Bay Packer players. In a bit of poetic justice tho, it was Williamson who wound up getting knocked out when a Packer RB's knee accidentally hit the hammer on the head.

Riff Explained 
"Smash, bash, crash 'em up. It's Smash Up Derby my friend" - Joel
This is the theme song for a Kenner's toy called, "Smash Up Derby" (1970). You and a pal would each take a car, pull a ripcord and delight to the sight of your vehicles crashing into one another, sending bits and pieces flying all about the room. It was a super cool toy!

"He's got Laurie Anderson in there" - Crow
Said when the Cycle speaks: Anderson is an avant-gard multi media artist who has released several albums. In her song "O Superman" she sings in an electronic sounding voice.

Available on DVD: Volume 16

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