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513 - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Oct 30th 1993
#90 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: High - Bleak, gray and nasty
Riffing: Wildly funny
Skits: Fair, Jan in the Pan visits

The plot? An arrogant scientist attempts to find a new body for his decapitated fiancé.

Mikes first show and one of my favorites. Seedy, dark but gut bustingly funny. Filled to the brim with cheap "Head" puns, dirty dancing (I think I'm gonna be sick) and even a nod to great moments in sports as Jan's noggin doubles as a football in one scene. So come on in, pull up an "arm" chair (he, he) and enjoy. Includes a visit from Mary Jo as Jan in the Pan.

Of Note: I love how they make reference to movies they will cover in the future. Mike prepares by watching "Beast of Yucca Flats" and Servo makes a Radar riff (See show 520). Another highlight is the "ways" scene. Notable for the way they can take something so simple; the characters smug look accompanied by a pregnant pause, and create huge laughs. Oh and Mikes first riff? "These people will be exploring issues that are teens issues!"

With a new host, a new song and a new Robot Roll Call to decipher...

Cambot: Show yourself!
Gypsy: I'm not ready!
Tom Servo: h'lo there!
Croooow: That's one "O"

Host Segments
Intro: The bots give Mike the 411. Invention: On the SOL it's the Gutter Bumber Chute. Dr. F uses his Dream Buster. Segment 1: Mike tries to rig the SOL for escape. Segment 2: Hats for Jan in the pan. Segment 3: Mike shares a childhood memory. End: Jan in the pan makes a Hexfield visit. Forrester attempts to remove Franks head. Stinger: Sleazy gal - "Who's to tell me to blow if I don't want to?"

Notable Riffs
* "If Jack Ruby owned a Denny's." - Mike
* "Just a normal Tuesday for Cher." - Mike
* "Maybe he's just in there building a shelf?" - Crow
* "They saved Sister Bertrille's brain!" Crow
* "Keep your head on, I'm coming!" - Crow as Kurt
* "Help I'm in another dimension" - Crow as Dr. Courtner
* "Well, at least there are some cocktails in this dimension." - Servo
* "What you see is real." - "What you smell is unfortunate." - Dr. Courtner/Mike
* "It's nice and all but I want something sleezy." - Servo as Dr. Courtner
* "What's this? Our fanatical physician and his fickle fiancee speeding toward their country cottage?" - Tom
* "Place gives me the creeps, I should've sold it when your mother died." - "You can't sell that place" "Wait.. mother's dead?" - Dad/Son & Mike
* "Doesn't she need lungs?" - "No, she's got neck juice." - Crow/Servo
* "He'll either win the Nobel Prize or the Heisman Trophy." - Crow.
* "Oh, as if you're the only person who ever got their head cut off. Quit whining!" - Servo
* "Oh, pleeeease, Laurel Records - Let us use "The Web", C'mon!" - Crow
* "This dance represents that there are no baked potatoes until after five." - Mike
* "Well, I'd better be going. It's been sleazy and all, but, uh..." - Crow as Dr. Courtner
* "...A power he didn't count on." - The power of Matthew Star." - Jan/Mike
* "I still hate all men" - "Except for Donny Most." - Dorris/Crow

Riff Explained
"Hi, I'm William Proxmier, how you doing. Put 'er there" - Mike.
Proxmier was a Senator from Wisconsin (57-89) who was famous for shaking hands (Above and beyond what other Politicians did). While most candidates turned to expensive television ads to reach voters, Proxmire went out among the people. He would stand for hours in shopping centers and outside sports stadiums to shake hands with thousands of voters. Twice he won reelection while spending less than $500 in campiagn funds.

"Welcome to the Diane Arbus cafe" - Servo.
Arbus was a photographer whose subjects often included street people, asylum inmates; people living on the edge of society.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Jan was played by Virginia Leith who also starred in the movie "A Kiss Before Dying", which was directed by Gerd Oswald (Agent for H.A.RM.). Virginia reprised the role of Ellen Kingship in the 1991 remake.

* Marilyn Hanold, who played beauty contestant Peggy Howard (and whose name was misspelled in the films credits), was also a Playboy centerfold (June 1959) and can be seen as the wooden alien princess in "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster" as well Doe - Liberace's henchwoman with the killer bagpipes on TVs Batman (The Devils Fingers). Marilyn was married to oil tycoon, Rulon Keaton Nelson.

Released on DVD

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