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701 - Night of the Blood Beast

With Short: Once Upon a Honeymoon

First Broadcast - 10 pm Thursday, Nov 23rd 1995 * Regular Segments: 5 pm Saturday, Feb 3rd 1996
#5 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Medium - Nutty, cheap looking flick
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Hilarious

A team of scientists named Steve and a man pregnant with shrimp thwart a chard parrot invasion.... WHA? Don't worry; it'll all make sense when you see it. (Then again, it probably won't)
This is a Corman film (of sorts) and Servo quickly describes the depth of the script during the credits -"From a sentence by Gene Corman". The episode is also stocked with a truckload of dumb blond jokes and jabs at NASA.
Funny start to the Frankless new season opens with the wonderful but weird short, "Once Upon A Honeymoon". A musical about an angel who is sent to make sure a desperate couple can go on their honeymoon. "Something is coming up in exactly 30 seconds", warns the head angel. To which Servo replies with a kind of hurling sound. Mike brilliantly voices the frustrations of the songwriting husband, "Wait a minute, I work for Otis Elevators, I don't write music!!" Somehow this short was suppose to promote telephones!? Goofy, but it's also one of my favorites.
There are two sets of Host Segments and both are pretty good. There's a (special edition) Turkey day feast with Jack Perkins, Mr. B and others as guests (Which includes a short bit before the theme song begins). And the regular host segments, which include some movie related sketches. Poor Dr. Forrester, it's pretty sad watching him wither into a blithering ninny with Mother Pearl around (a poor, poor replacement for Frank).
Of Note: Mike said they rejected this movie time and time again. Then Mary Jo got a hold of it, watched it all the way through and saw that something good could be done with it. Great eye, MJP!

Host Segments
Intro: The Bots use their security devises on Mike. Segment 1: Crow one-ups Clayton on the trombone. Segment 2: The gang re-creates a scene from the short. Whatever Gypsy wishes for, Gypsy gets. Segment 3: Pearl makes Dr.F apologize for the "bad thing" he did - and he's done many bad things. Segment 4: Crow is having blood beast babies. Not really, he just wants attention. End: Crow rants on about babies, while Mike tries to read letters. Pearl pampers Clay. Stinger: "A wounded animal that large isn't good"

Turkey Day Host Segments
Prologue: The party is on at Deep 13, when Pearl enters and wonders where Frank is. Intro: Talkin' about the game on the SOL. Segment 1: Franks final gift: A Thanksgiving get together. Pearl sends the movie. Segment 2: Stuffing vs Potatoes. Segment 3: Pearl talks things over with Art. Segment 4: Turkey Day dinner on the SOL and Deep 13. End: Pearl's "Turkey Surprise" is a killer.

Notable Riffs
Honeymoon Riffs
* "Sir, should we get onto wars or starvation or something?" - Mike
* "Now they'll get immaculate reception" - Servo
* "Oh no, angel dust" - Servo
* "What would Liberace do? Ahh, I better not do that." - Mike
* "I wouldn't have to dress like Tipper Gore." - Crow (singing) 
* "Here's how far I've gotten... La." - Crow
* "Every... one... was... Kung Fu... Fighting..." - Mike
* "Hey hey, leave room for the Holy Ghost." - Mike
* "Elton John was here!" - Mike

Blood Riffs
* "Night of the Blood Sausage!" - Servo
* "Scott Mccloud, space angel" - Mike
* "This has been thoroughly Corman-ized" - Mike
* "I couldn't get the 'Jaws of Life' so I brought Cindy... she's pretty strong." - Servo
* "I'll tell the others" - "Am I A other?" - Steve/Crow as Blond
* "This is back when NASA was family owned and operated." - Servo
* "I'm a Fro-Toe-Gropher, tee hee." - Crow as blond
* "Everybody is Steve" - Mike
* "It was big like a bear." - "Was it a Bear?" - Steve/Servo as Blond
* "Steve?" - "What, 'He' Steve or 'Me' Steve?" - Woman/Servo
* "No more questions. More boobies" - Crow as dead Steve
* "I can't see the Blood beast but I see the Beast of Yucca Flats" - Mike
* "Lady, I was misnamed. I'm really the Love Beast" - Crow
* "Before this decade is over we'll put a man in a Pickup truck and deliver him safely..." - Crow
* "We thought you were dead." - "And frankly we're getting pretty used to the idea" - Dr. Lady/Crow
* "Did he have a skull when we sent him up?" - Mike
* "Hey Mister, can we have our woman back?" - Servo
* "Be wery qwiet. We're hunting Bwood Beasts." - Servo

Riff Explained
The "Space Angel" riff spoken during the opening credit, refers to a cartoon that aired from 1962 to 1964. It featured paneled art by the great Alex Toth, and live actor's lips superimposed over the cartoon mouths. For more info visit Cartoon-O-rama. Special Thanks to Dr. Z for this bit of trivia.

Stuff and Nonsense
* The actor playing Charles Nelson Riley, AKA "Wilbur the Angel", can also be seen in episode #208 "Lost Continent", as Lt. Danny Wilson.

* Georgiana Carter (Donna) can also be seen in Jack Nicholson's "The Wild Ride"

Available on DVD: Volume 16

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