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705 - Escape 2000

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, March 2nd 1996
#67 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Medium - for Monotony.
Riffing: Wildly funny, very steady
Skits: Chuckle-Fest at best

A (somewhat) watchable film about people named, Toblerone, Strike, Trash and Nosferatu, trying their best "Not" to escape from the Bronx. All these colorful characters are tailor made for a msting and the gang pelt each and everyone with knockout quips: Especially the vampire woman -though the gang seem to love the laughing Dublone the best- And Henry Silva as the bad guy; who performs evil acts of "Disinfectation" (Hu?) with his silver garbed henchmen.
Though the host segments are somewhat lacking (Clay puts his mother in a home and we get to listen to more whining Pearl) M&TB's sparkle in the theater; as is the norm for season 7. The riffs lean frequently on music references, which continue right on through to the credits (a very funny gag where Tom sings a "Journey" song WHILE Crow bangs Mike in the head with his guitar).

Host Segments
Intro: Crow's charity auction loses money. Segment 1: Dr Forrester puts his mother in a home and Crow sets fire to the SOL. Segment 2: Crow learns about biofeedback. Segment 3: Men's night at the SOL. Segment 4: Dr. F brings in a cute kid to try and boost the slumping ratings. End: Toblerone laughs and then runs off with Dr F's mother. Stinger: Toblerone laughs.

Notable Riffs
* "He died as he died... dead." - Mike
* "I normally like a movie with a silver guys jumping out of trucks, but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in this one." - Mike
* "If you leave the Bronx we'll give you a fudgesicle!" - Servo
* "Gary saw silverfish!" - Crow (As stormtroopers rush from building)
* "Oh, Rope burns on the willy!" - Servo
* "Howard Stern in, West Side Story!" - Servo
* "Henry Silva provided by Rent-a-Silva" - Crow
* "Hey, I had the radio on, I didn't hear, am I supposed to leave the Bronx?" - Mike
* "I'll show 'em who's piddle! I'll bring this cathedral down with a mighty blow of my hammer!" - Crow as Gov. Biddle
* "Is that true? Do you suck?" - Mike as reporter
* "So far his greatest adversary has been a ladder" - Crow
* "Never use a trampoline with unstable TNT in your pocket." - Crow
* "Hurry! Hurry! We didn't get a permit to film!" - Crow
* "Maybe this is a chick film and we just don't get It." - Servo
* "Formerly Dan's Diaper Service. Now, the Annihilation Squad" - Mike
* "The ultimate showdown between vaguely evil and somewhat ambiguous." - Servo
* "Is it really OK to clean your toaster with a knife?"- Crow as reporter
* "So the hero of our movie has to go hire another hero?" - Mike
* "Watch out, her other jaw is gonna shoot out!" - Mike
* "Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope". Not the movie, they just borrowed his rope." - Mike

"His head's shaped like a peanut." - Mike on Henry Silva

Riff Explained
"They're not getting the Tom Finland poster!" - Mike
Finland does erotic, gay themed artwork.

"Cathy Ladman, private eye" - Crow
Cathy is a comedian who looks a little like the vampire woman.

Stuff & Nonsense
President Clark is listed in the credits as having been played by Thomas Moore. His real name though, is Ennio Girolami, and he's the directors brother.

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