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817 - Horror of Party Beach

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, Sept 6th 1997
#32 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: High - Strictly amateur hour
Riffing: Razor sharp wit abounds
Skits: Aside from Mike's dance, it's a Chuckle-fest at best

A happy groovy movie about teens on a beach: Dancing and fighting and making out and later, toxic waste is dumped in the ocean and lands on a skull, oh what fun. Suddenly, before our stunned eyes (which are stunned by the cheesy special effects) the skull transforms into a monster with hot dogs stuffed in it's gaping maw. The Horror! Apparently there are a lot of skulls in these waters, because soon an army of hot dog creatures are seen killing teens by the bunches. If not for the efforts of Eulabelle the maid and the power of sodium, the horror might have never ended. Chew on that thought and see if you can still sleep at night!
Fortunately we MSTies have M&TB, who battle the sea monsters not with sodium, but wit and humor. From the credits, Crow gives a lesson on the meaning of "additional dialog" and during the beach party Mike spots 'Drew Carey' in the crowd! Other highlights involve the gang pointing out a few film flubs: Watch for a guys bald head peaking out of a monsters costume. Also, the musician in me loved it when Mike notices that the guitar playing gal is stuck on one chord - "No reason to leave "C", I find".
The movies end scenes are just as rich. When an injured Elaine limps off screen, she sounds, well, uh, like she's having a good time (M&TB are nearly stunned into silence, which is actually pretty funny). And for some reason our leading man turns all Southerny when speaking to Eulabelle (Which is mimicked hysterically).
I didn't dig the host segments as much. They're okay, but inspire smiles more than full out laughter. 'Roman Times' was one of my least favorite running skits - I did think it was funny when Pearl and Observer got down with the "Beef Council" theme. Plus it was a hoot hearing Crow described as a "Golden spider duck", Servo addressed as that "Squat crimson pig" and seeing Mike's joy at being described as "Average".

Host Segments
Intro: Servo is chanting while Mike explains what's new. Segment 1: Tom is exposed as a fake. Pearl and Observer prove their God-hood to the Romans. Segment 2: It's manly beach dance time. But Mike's swim trunks are very, very tiny. Segment 3: The "beefy" music of the Gods. Segment 4: Servo's newspaper gag annoys Mike. End: The Sodium song and bonding in Roman times. Stinger: Dancing in tiny shorts.

Look Polish?

Notable Riffs
* "My SKULL!" Crow (as singer makes odd face)
* "Leopard skin, pillbox bra" - Servo (referencing Dylan)
* "Original soundtrack not available, you'll thank us" - Crow
* "So, radiation has a sense of humor?" - Servo
* "Eh, did you jiff?" - Crow
* "Just another day at Love canal" - Mike
* "Great, now I'm breaking out" - Crow
* "I know how it is though. First thing in the morning I like to move a big log too" - Crow
* "Hang on, let me toss a gay man at you" - Crow
* "I don't like slumber parties now that I'm in my 40's" - Mike as Elaine
* "Elaine, it's 9:30" - "Mother Angelica is on!" - Dad/Crow
* "Big hunk 'a inbred love" - Crow
* "Sounds like somebody big, walking in mud" - "Joe Don Baker?" - Girl/Crow
* "What do you want to hear?" - "How about, Mmmm..." - "Bop!" - Del Aire/Elaine/Crow
* "The lake is pregnant" - Servo 
* "You dope! Now go get us another monster arm" - Crow (after Eulabelle spills sodium)
* "They left the light on" - "It must be Tom Bodett" - Drunk/Crow
* "Will there be a meat break, sir?" - Servo
* "Is New York closed for the day?" - Mike
* "End more! It's not ending enough!" - Mike

Riff Explained: Baseball Edition!
"It's my Oscar Gamble doll" - Crow
Gamble played outfield and DH for teams like the Cubs and Yankees from 1969 to 85. He once sported a huge Afro which added about 4 inches to his height and often caused his batting helmet to pop off.

"She swims like Luis Tiant" - Crow
Taint was a pitcher for teams like the Indians, Red Sox and Yankees; who had a unqiue twisting delivery in which he turned away from the home plate during his motion, causing a hesitation in his pitch (Tiant spent much of his time facing second base while on the mound). The riff was spoken as Tina swims in a twisting, hitching manner.

Stuff and Nonsense
* There are a total of 3 different riff references to "Simon & Garfunkel" in this episode (The songs "I Am A Rock" & "Mrs. Robinson". As well as a nod to Art's hair)

* Director Del Tenney has a bit part as the gas station attendant. The assistant director Wayne Tippit played one of the drunks and would go onto to act in several small TV roles. Including J. Edgar Hoover in "Dark Skies" and as Det. Thompson in the X-Files episode, "Jersey Devil".

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