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903 - Puma Man

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, April 4th 1998
#38 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: Low - Wacked out story is funny on its own
Riffing: Hilarious
Skits: Chuckle-fest at best

"They'll send him cheesy movies..." And this, my friends, may be the cheesiest of them all: Donald Pleasence has an ancient mask that he plans to use for evil, and only Puma Man and his Aztec mentor can stop him.
A huge fan favorite that opens with A+ material; M&TB let loose with one volley after another during the opening scenes with Jane, Donald and the mask. And I had tears in my eyes as I watched our hero fly at odd angles, accompanied by the crews hysterical comments and a cheap Casio musical score.
But for me the laughs slow up near the end. The jokes just didn't tickle the rib cage as much as they had earlier. This is indicative of season 9; as Deadly Bees, Gorgo, Space Children and Devil Fish all fade down the finish. As for the host segments? They were fair, though I did get a kick out of Mike's haircut.
Bottom line: A disappointing finish mars an episode that was shaping up to be one of the all time classics. BUT - it's still a darn funny experiment and worthy of its award.

Host Segments
Intro: Servo suffers from short mans disease. Segment 1: Pearl's party is a bust, but Brain Guys bash (with Ortega) is a blast. Segment 2: The nanites give Mike a 'dry look' haircut. Segment 3: The bots turn Mike into a Hero. Segment 4: The bots control Roger Whitaker. End: Crow leaves and returns. Roger visits Pearl but would rather hang with Brain Guy. Stinger: Puma Man gets tossed out a window.

Notable Riffs
* "It's a curse" - "It says the F word" - Jane/Mike
* "He's basically an old baby" - Mike
* "Hit me with your best slap shot" - Crow as Kobras
* "Well someone seems to have gilded you and that's what's causing your skin problems" - Crow
* "Christmas ornament of the gods." - Servo
* "I hate it when Aztecs force themselves into your hotel room and make you try on belts." - Servo
* "Ha Ha Ha, I mean you look great!" - Crow as Vadinho after Tony dons costume
* "Kneel" - "Uh, the name's Tony" - Vadinho/Crow
* "A post-it note can sense danger better than this guy!" - Crow
* "Pumaman: Liberace with Dockers." - Mike
* "So no one who doesn't go there doesn't not talk?" - Crow
* "Soundtrack by my little brother's Casio." - Crow
* "This always happens. People throw me out windows, tell me I'm Pumaman, then leave." - Crow
* "Help! I'm falling at a sixty degree angle; breaking all the laws of physics!" - Mike
* "I hate to be picky, but pumas aren't really known for flying." - Mike
* "I'm fine! I used up a perfectly good pants-wetting for that." - Crow
* "Now he takes out a personal ad: 'Saw you in museum. You took bone. I chased you.'" - Crow
* "You know, I have almost no respect for pumas now. I now know that if I ever run into a puma I can just push it the hell over." - Crow
* "I will bunch up your package so it's very uncomfortable" - Crow as Kobras
* "Please get off, I'm feeling funny down there" - Crow as Puma
* "I hope to one day be as bald as you, sir" - Crow

Riffs Explained
"Uh oh, did you put an aspirin in my Coke?" - Servo
Said when Jane gets woozy. This is an urban legend which states that the combination of aspirin and Coke will either intoxicate you or make you amorous. The musical "Grease" even makes reference to it.

"Mr. McGregor's about to shoot them!" - Mike
McGregor's a bearded old man with glasses who tends a garden in the children's tale, "Peter Rabbit".

Stuff and Nonsense
Pretty Sydne Rome (Jane) was born in Akron, Ohio but made a film career in Europe, where she -uh- was often seen in various states of undress.

Puma Facts
* Real Puma's mark their territory.
Puma Man has been known to wet himself.

* Real Puma's have powerful hind legs.
Puma Man hides his spindly pale legs in Dockers!

* Real Puma's can leap 30 feet or more.
Gamboling about on a trampoline, Puma Man was able to leap about 6 ft.

* Puma's don't have a superb sense of smell but they have great sight & hearing. Good thing too, hearing and Seeing Donald was one thing. Having to smell him is quite another.

* Puma's don't fly, wear capes or belts nor do they materialize out of drywall.

* Puma's often will hide in tree's, then leap out on their prey... such as a Moose.

* If Donald Pleasence had been dressed like a Moose, I might have enjoyed this movie.

Note: In an old Rhino poll. This episode ranked #1, just ahead of Final Sacrifice, as the episode fans most wanted to see released. 

Available on DVD: Volume 29

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