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905 - The Deadly Bees

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday - May 9th 1998
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: Medium - Dreary
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest
Skits: Induced mostly smiles

Dreary, that's the word for this movie, dreary. A British pop star looking for rest finds dreariness instead, as she visits a dreary bee farm with its dreary, cold, tobacco inhaling inhabitants. After a spell some bees kill some people but it's not very tense or action packed, it's just... dreary.

M&TB shoot off a few fantastic stingers: The lines about the dogs meat are howlers as are those directed at the "cigarette hag", but once they're dead the side splitters mostly dry up (With one huge guffaw to be had during the final scene).

The skits are weak, with the best being the opening (Clips from the SOL) and closing bits with a take off on the "bowler hat guy" at the end of the movie who suddenly shows up with his jaunty theme music; and Brain guy turning his fellow Observers into Packer fans. Sandwiched between these highlights tho, "Deadly Bees" is a little light on the laughs. Of Note: Check out the end credits as Beez the Prop Diva earns a new title. lol

Host Segments
Intro: It's an action packed episode of the SOL! Magic voice (Beez) is heard (rare during the sci-fi era). Segment 1: The Observers are back for Observer. Segment 2: Crow, smitten with the cigarette hag, writes a sonnet. Segment 3: Tom is raising wood ticks, Crow has a lice farm and there's music in Castle Forrester. Segment 4: Mike's dressed as a bee. End: The bowler hat guy wanders about as the Observers do battle. Stinger: "The dogs meat, have you seen it?"

Notable Riffs
* "They named every bee? This is going to take forever!" - Crow
* "Don't let your mom dress the band" - Crow
* "Woa, Sonny Liston came in and hit her" - Mike
* "Ah, has the hate gone out of our marriage?" - Crow as Mrs. Hargraves
* "Why didn't I marry a cigarette" - Crow
* "Ew, icky barn sounds" - Crow as Vicki
* "A pop star afraid of a needle?" - Servo
"He's taking his pudding intravenously" - Mike
"Would you like a glass of cigarette?" - Mike
"Yeah, the horse is on the horse" - Mike
"She hasn't moved that fast since Lucky Strikes went on sale" - Crow
"Careful, her skin's leathery. You may lose your butt" - Mike
"You know, she would have had a better vacation in Cambodia" - Crow
* "Objection, stupid hat!" - Crow
"Hey, it hardly seems the time for a Mariah Carey tape" - Mike
"You're a giant bee wearing a wig, aren't you?" - Servo
"Later, that second, the weather cleared up" - Crow
"Hello, I'm here for the movie. Am I late?" - Mike
"Actually, this is about as titillating as a Montgomery Ward Catalog" - Crow

Riff Explained
"James Galway's in the bathroom" - Crow
Born in Belfast, Ireland, Galway is a master flutist. His work can be heard on the, "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" soundtrack.

"Cinematography by Angel Cordero" - Crow
Said while the bartender hides behind a horses behind. Cordero is a hall of fame jockey and trainer who rode during the 70's & 80's.

After the bee attack on the Cigarette Hag, Servo makes a remark that the farmers apiary is a "Bee Loud Glade." This is from the William Yeats poem "Lake Isle of Innisfree." (Published in 1893).

Stuff and Nonsense
* Believe it or not, the voice of the dog was provided by a man. Percy Edwards was noted for his animal imitations and lent his voice to several film and TV projects. Percy did the vocalizations for the creature in the movie "Alien".

* That band at the beginning isn't the Byrds, but rather the "Birds", with Ron Wood on guitar. For more info on the band click here

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