Friday, September 5, 2014


The Rhino Releases

Collection Volume 1
Catalina Caper
The Creeping Terror

Original theatrical trailers for - Bloodlust, Catalina Caper & Skydivers 
Uncut version of each film

Collection Volume 2
Cave Dwellers
Pod People
Angels Revenge
Shorts Volume 1: (Home Economics Story, Junior Rodeo Dardevils, Body Care & Grooming, Cheating, A Date With Your Family, Why Study Industrial Arts, Chicken of Tomorrow)

Collection Volume 3
Atomic Brain
Shorts Volume 2 (Catching Trouble, What To Do On A Date, Last Clear Chance, A Day At The Fair, Keeping, Clean & Neat, The Days of Our Years)

Alternate takes on Host Segments

Collection Volume 4
Space Mutiny
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
Girl in Gold Boots

Intro's by Mike Nelson
Trailer for Girl in Gold Boots

Collection Volume 5
Boggy Creek II
Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
Time Chasers
The Touch of Satan

Intro's by Mike 
Interview with Mike & Kevin  
Trailer for Touch of Satan

Collection Volume 6
Teenagers From Outer Space
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Mr. B's Lost Shorts (Mr. B Natural, X Marks the Spot, Hired! Part 1, Design for Dreaming, Johnny at the Fair, Are You Ready for Marriage?)

Collection Volume 7
Hercules Unchained
Hercules Against the Moon Men
Prince of Space
Killer Shrews

Shorts - Assignment Venezuela, Century 21 Calling, A Case of Spring Fever

Collection Volume 8
Phantom Planet
Monster A-Go-Go
The Dead Talk Back

Collection Volume 9
Women of the Prehistoric Planet
Wild Rebels
The Sinister Urge
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up ZOMBIES

Intro's by Irene Tsu on "Prehistoric Planet" and Conrad Brooks for "The Sinister Urge"
Note: This set is currently out of print

Collection Volume 10
Godzilla vs Megalon
Swamp Diamonds
Teen-Age Strangler
The Giant Spider Invasion

MST3K Video Jukebox (15 songs from the series)
Photo Gallery 
Outtakes (15 minutes of the best moments from "Poopie 2")
Note: This set is currently out of print. It was re-released as Collection Vol 10.5, with Giant Gila Monster replacing Godzilla - Extra on this disc includes a new Host seg with Joel, Trace and Frank

Collection Volume 11
Ring of Terror
Indestructible Man
Horrors of Spider Island

Original Theatrical Trailers 
MST3K Video Jukebox, Vol. 2 
The MST Hour's "Jack Perkins" Presents Tormented 
A Tormented reunion with director Bert I. Gordon and stars Susan Gordon and Joe Turkel

Collection Volume 12
The Rebel Set
Secret Agent Super Dragon
Parts: The Clonus Horror

Interviews with Don Sullivan (Rebel Set) and Clonus Director Robert Fiveson 
Jack Perkins's Wraps for Super Dragon 
Original Theatrical Trailers 
MST3K Video Jukebox, Vol. 3

The Essentials
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
"Manos" The Hands of Fate
(There was a special offer -not available in stores- which also included "Shorts: Volume 3 -Speech: Using Your Voice, Aquatic Wizards, Is This Love?, Design for Dreaming, The Selling Wizard, Out of this World, Once Upon A Honeymoon)
Extras: Poopie: Volume 1

Rhino Single Editions
Eegah, Wild World of Batwoman, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, The Beginning of the End (out of print), I Accuse My Parents, Manos, Hellcats, Red Zone Cuba, Mitchell, The Crawling Hand. There was also a VHS for the Amazing Colossal Man (out of print)

Shout Factory Releases

Collection Volume 13/20th Anniversary Edition
First Spaceship on Venus
Future War

The limited edition, 20th anniversary set (now out of print) included the tin (pictured) and a plastic Crow figurine.
Available in the regular release was 4 Lobby Cards
Theatrical trailers
The History of MST3K in 3 parts
MST3K at Comic Con 08
MST3K Theme songs

Collection Volume 14
Mad Monster
Manhunt in Space
Final Justice

Mad Monster trailer
Interview with Joe Estevez
Interview with Greydon Clark
MST segments only from "The Cheap Seats"
4 MST3K Mini posters

Collection Volume 15
Robot vs. Aztec Mummy
The Girl in Lovers Lane
Zombie Nightmare
Racket Girls

Scrapbook Scraps 1 & 2: Footage culled from "MST3K Scrapbook" tape as well as "This is MST"
Aztec Mummy ep promo and trailer
Reflections from cast of Zombie Nightmare
Sneak peak Hamlet A.D.D
Racket Girls trailer
4 MST3K Mini Posters
There is an Easter Egg on Zombie, Place cursor on "Zombie Nightmare=MST3K Dream". Hit the down arrow which should highlight middle light. Hit select to see Thor in a music video.

Collection Volume 16
The Corpse Vanishes
Warrior of the Lost World
Santa Claus
Night of the Blood Beast (With regular & Turkey day host segs)

Interview with David Worth
Santa Claus Conquers the Devil: A 50-Year Retrospective
Santa Claus original radio spot and still gallery
Teaser for “Wonder World of K. Gordon Murray in Colorscope"
Night of the Blood Beast Turkey Day host segments
Turkey Day ‘95 bumpers
Theatrical trailers
MST3K lobby cards
This set came in a limited-edition version (cover pictured) which included a Tom Servo figurine
2 Easter eggs on Santa -left click whenever Tom appears (candy canes will disappear off menu) and hit enter. Kevin & Paul discuss skits in one segment, songs in the other.

Collection Volume 17
The Crawling Eye
The Beatniks
The Final Sacrifice
Blood Waters of Dr. Z

Crawling Eye Introduction by Joel Hodgson
Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps on The Beatniks
Interview With Final Sacrifice star, Bruce J. Mitchell
The Main Event: Crow vs. Crow at DragonCon ‘09
Blood Waters of Dr. Z Photo Gallery
Original Trailers and Promos
Mini-posters by Steve Vance
Easter Egg on Beatniks (Go to extras, move down to MST Hour, then hit left key. The word Extras will be highlighted, hit enter to see Frank)

Collection Volume 18
Lost Continent
Crash of Moons
The Beast of Yucca Flats
Jack Frost

Frank Conniff introduction for Lost Continent
Kevin Murphy introduction for Jack Frost
No Dialogue Necessary: Making an "Off-Camera Masterpiece" (On Yucca Disc)
Coleman Francis: The Cinematic Poet of Parking
Yucca Flats stills gallery
MST Hour wraps for Crash of Moons
Trailers for Beast of Yucca Flats and Lost Continent

Collection Volume 19
Robot Monster
Bride of the Monster
Devil Doll
Devil Fish

Gyspy figure
Introduction to Robot Monster by J. Elvis Weinstein
Cult Filmmaker Larry Blamire Geeks Out on Robot Monster
Citizen Wood: Making ‘The Bride,’ Unmaking ‘The Legend’
Inventing the “Invention Exchange” with Joel Hodgson
The Puppet Master: Richard Gordon on Devil Doll
MST3K: Origins and Beyond at CONvergence 2009
Original Theatrical Trailers
Mini-posters by artist Steve Vance
Devil Doll Easter egg: cursor to "Extras" - hit your left key, hit enter when button lights up to see Joel.

Collection Volume 20
Project Moonbase
Master Ninja I
Master Ninja II
The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

Featurette on the look of MST3K with DP Jeff Stonehouse
An intro to Magic Voyage of Sinbad by Trace Beaulieu Mystery Science Theater Hour Wraps
A look back at Master Ninja with guest star Bill McKinney
Servo vs. Servo at Dragon*Con
Original Trailers

Collection Volume 21: Gamera vs. MST3K
Gamera vs. Barugon
Gamera vs. Gaos
Gamera vs. Guiron
Gamera vs. Zigra

So Happy Together: A Look Back at MST3K and Gamera
Gamera Vs. The Chiodo Brothers
Gamera Obscura: A Brief History by August Ragone (author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters)
MST Hour Host Segments for Gamera & Gamera vs. Guiron
Original Japanese Trailers
5 limited edition mini-posters by artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 22
Time of the Apes
Mighty Jack
The Violent Years
Brute Man

Introductions by August Ragone on Mighty Jack and Time of the Apes
MST Hour wraps for Time of the Apes
The DVD Menus of MST3K
Ed-ucation: Archival interviews with Delores Fuller and Kathy Wood on the Violent Years
Mary Jo Pehl introduction for the Brute Man
Trail of the Creeper: Making of the Brute Man
The Making of MST3K (1997)

Collection Volume 23
King Dinosaur (with short: X marks the Spot)
The Castle of Fu Manchu
Code Name: Diamond Head (with short: A Day at the Fair)
Last of the Wild Horses

Introduction By Frank Conniff
The Incredible Mr. Lippert
Vintage MST3K Promos
Life After MST3K: Kevin Murphy
Code Name: Quinn Martin
DARKSTAR: Robots Don’t Need SAG Cards
Original Trailers
4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 24
Fugitive Alien
Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
The Sword and the Dragon
Samson vs. the Vampire Women

Fugitive Alien introductions by August Ragone
You Asked For It: Sandy Frank Speaks!
MST Hour Wraps
Life After MST3K: Frank Conniff
MST3K Shorts: Snow Thrills & A Date With Your Family
Lucha Gringo: K. Gordon Murray Meets Santo
Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 25
Robot Holocaust
Operation Double 007
Kitten With a Whip
Revenge of the Creature

Introductions by Mike Nelson and Joel Hodgson
Life After MST3K: J. Elvis Weinstein
Life After MST3K: Bill Corbett
Jack Arnold at Universal
Mini-Posters by artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 26
The Magic Sword
Alien From L.A.
Danger! Death Ray
Mole People
"Of Mushrooms and Madmen: Making the Mole People" - Documentary featurette
"Bert I. Gordon: The Amazing Colossal Filmmaker" – Interview featurette
Interview with Albert Pyun, Director of "Alien From L.A."
Life After MST3K: Mike Nelson
MSTHour Wraps for "Magic Sword"
Theatrical Trailers
4 mini posters by Steve Vance

Collection Volume 27
Slime People
Rocket Attack U.S.A.
Village of the Giants
The Deadly Mantis

Interview with Slime People Star Judith Fraser(Judee Martin)
Interview with Village of the Giants star Joy Harmon
Introduction by Mary Jo Pehl
Life After MST3K: Trace Beaulieu
Chasing Rosebud: The cinematic life of William Alland
Theatrical Trailers
4 mini posters by Steve Vance

Collection Volume 28
Moon, Zero, Two
Day the Earth Froze
Leech Woman

3-Part Documentary Return To Eden Prairie: 25 Years Of Mystery Science Theater 3000
Ninth Wonder Of The World: The Making Of Gorgo (MST3K Edition)
Last Flight Of Joel Robinson
Life After MST3K: Mary Jo Pehl
Leonard Maltin Explains Something
MSTHour Wraps for "Day the Earth Froze"
Original Trailers
4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance
And a fifth disc containing "Mitchell" and "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"

Collection Volume 29
Untamed Youth
Hercules and the Captive Women
The Thing That Couldn't Die
Puma Man

New Interview with Untamed Youth Star Mamie Van Doren
New Interview with The Pumaman Star Walter G. Alton, Jr.
The Original Version of The Pumaman
The Movie That Couldn't Die
New Introductions By Joel Hodsgon
About Joel Hodgson's Riffing Myself
MST3K Artist In Residence: Steve Vance: The Posters Of MST3K
Theatrical Trailers
4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 30
The Black Scorpion
Outlaw (Of Gor)
The Projected Man
It Lives By Night

Stinger Of Death: Making The Black Scorpion
Writer Of Gor: The Novels Of John Norman
Director Of Gor: On Set With John “Bud” Cardos
Producer Of Gor: Adventures With Harry Alan Towers
Shock To The System: Creating The Projected Man
Extended Trailer For “The Frank”
Theatrical Trailers
Four Exclusive Mini-Posters by Artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 31
Jungle Goddess
The Painted Hills
The Screaming Skull

Exclusive Turkey Day Episode Intros by Joel Hodgson
Undercooked & Overstuffed: Inside the Turkey Day Marathon
Bumper To Bumper: Turkey Day Through The Years
Gumby & Clokey
This Film May Kill You: Making The Screaming Skull
Interview with Squirm Star Don Scardino
Four Exclusive Mini-Posters by Artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 32
Radar Secret Service
San Francisco International
Space Travelers

New Introductions By Frank Conniff
Barnum Of Baltimore: The Early Films Of Joseph E. Levine
Marooned: A Forgotten Odyssey
Sampo Speaks! A Brief History Of Satellite News
MST-UK with Trace and Frank
Theatrical Trailers
4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 33
Earth Vs. The Spider
Teen-Age Crime Wave
Agent For H.A.R.M.

Beatnik Blues: Investigating Daddy-O
This Movie Has Legs: Looking Back At Earth Vs. The Spider
Film It Again, Sam: The Katzman Chronicles
Tommy Cook: From Jungle Boy To Teenage Jungle
Peter Mark Richman: In H.A.R.M.'s Way
MST Hour Wraps
Theatrical Trailers
4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

Collection Volume 34
Viking Women Vs. The Sea Serpent
War Of The Colossal Beast
The Undead
The She-Creature

New Introductions By Frank Conniff
It Was A Colossal Teenage Movie Machine: The A.I.P. Story
Theatrical Trailers
4 Exclusive Mini-Posters By Artist Steve Vance

"Manos" The Hands of Fate, Special Edition
Disc One
MST3K Episode
Group Therapy (Joel, Trace, Frank & Mary Jo in a backyard chat)
MST Hour wraps

Disc Two
"Manos" unmsted
Hotel Torgo (Documantary)
Hired! (parts 1 and 2)
Jam Handy to the Rescue
Jam Handy bloopers
Jam Handy faux TV spot
My (Educational) Short Life (Joel talks shorts)

MST3K The Movie: This Island Earth
Movie on Blu Ray
Extras Include:
The Making of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie" 
"Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Motion Picture Odyssey" 
Featurette on "This Island Earth" 
Deleted Scenes 
Theatrical Trailer 

Shout Select Titles
The Beginning of the End, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, Hamlet, Gunslinger, Red Zone Cuba, Unearthly, Atomic Brain, Touch of Satan.