Monday, September 1, 2014

Season 10: The Last Dance

Hearing that the show was cancelled was like a punch in the stomach, when they started auctioning off props it became all too real. It actually was finished. The best show on TV was no more.

Year 10 started off red-hot and contributed 3 experiments to the top 50, but I felt it tailed off. Track of the Moon Beast (1007) was the last truly great episode, with Horrors of Spider Island (1011) among the series weakest (IMHO) and Hamlet ranked near the bottom for other fans. While Diabolik was the official last episode, MSTies received a final present when Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders popped up a few weeks later. Rights issues kept it from airing as the 3rd experiment as planned.

MST in 1999
Sweetness! Frank and Joel return in cameos in the season opener, Soultaker.

Last Dance Raw is offered through the Info Club. It features camcorder footage shot by Jim Mallon of the filming of the last episode

What else was going on in 1999?
* Euro is established
* Columbine High School massacre rocks the nation
* The Soprano's TV series debuts on HBO
* 2 of my favorites: Desmond Llewelyn (Q in the Bond Series) and Deforest Kelley (Bones in Star Trek) pass away.

My Favorite Season 10 experiments (culled from my top 100)
1. Boggy Creek II (#18)
2. Girl in Gold Boots (#24)
3. Track of the Moonbeast (#29)
4. Soultaker (#65)
5. Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (#77)
6. Squirm (#88)
7. Future War (#98)

Award Breakdowns
Best in Show: 2 total
Boggy Creek, Girl in Gold Boots
Platinum: 1 total
Track of the Moon Beast
Gold: 3 total
Soultaker, Merlin’s Shop, Squirm
Silver: 3 total
Future War, Final Justice, Dr. Z
Bronze: 2 total
It Lives By Night, Diabolik, Hamlet
Tin Foil: 1 total
Horror's of Spider Island
Sub Par: 0 total