Monday, September 1, 2014

Season 3: It Doesn't Stink!

Opening on June 1st 1991 with Cave Dwellers and closing on January 25th 1992 with Master Ninja II. Despite a strong start with Dwellers and Pod People, season 3 didn't get a lot of top level awards. Though it does showcase 6 Gold eps and 9 Silver. I've found a few experiments haven't held up over the years. In the great re-grading project, year 3 took a couple of downshifts in awards (Time of the Apes, It Conquered, Star Force, Santa/Martians). Still, there are gems in the mix, including the chronicles of the colossal Glen Manning.

What 3 does offer are great skits. They were funny, but also established and fleshed out the relationships of the characters. I got a kick out of watching Joel and the gang play around.

Movie wise season 3 was dominated by Sandy Frank, Bert I Gordon and Roger Corman.

MST in 1991
The very first Turkey Day Marathon, was 30-hours loaded with 15 episodes - lasting from 12 AM on Thursday until 6 AM on Friday. Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank were joined by Robert Plant (the plant guy not the singer) Jack Perkins and the Mole People. There were also promos by Joel Robinson, Crow and Tom Servo. Episodes shown: #206, 301, 203, 202, 201, 205, 306, 207, 309, 213, 303, 310, 204, 307, 311

Bridget Jones and Paul Chaplin join the writing staff.

What else was going on in 1991?
* The United States enter the Persian Gulf War
* Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is arrested
* The Pittsburgh Penguins win their first Stanley Cup
* The Chicago Bulls win their 1st NBA championship.
* The first Sonic the Hedgehog game is published by Sega.
* Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen, dies.
* Dances with Wolves win the Best Picture Oscar (the same year Ghost was nominated)
* The Minnesota Twins win the World Series

My Top 10 Season 3 experiments (culled from my top 100)
1. Pod People (#10)
2. Cave Dwellers (#25)
3. War of the Colossal Beast (#31) 
4. Gamera Vs. Guiron (#33)
5. The Amazing Colossal Man (44)
6. Master Ninja II (#53)
7. Gamera (#58)
8. Daddy-O (#60)
9. Gamera vs. Zigra (#74)
10. Gamera vs. Gaos (#83)

Award Breakdowns
Best in Show: 2 total
Pod People, Cave Dwellers
Platinum: 3 total
War of the Colossal Beast, Gamera vs Guiron, Amazing Colossal Man
Gold: 6 total
Daddy-O, Gamera, Gams vs Gaos, Master Ninja II, Time of the Apes, Gamera vs Zigra
Silver: 9 total
Vikings Women, Gams vs Barugon, It Conquered, Fug Alien, Starforce, Master Ninja I, Santa/Martians, Earth vs Spider, Mighty Jack, 
Bronze: 3 total
Teenage Caveman, Stranded in Space, Fu Manchu
Tin Foil: 1 total
The Unearthly

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