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1002 - Girl in Gold Boots

First Broadcast - 11pm Sunday, April 18th 1999
#24 in Mighty Jack's Top 50
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Medium - Dark and dumb, with lots of bad dancing
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Hilarious

The 2nd best offering from season 10 (behind Boggy Creek II) and a standout of the series as a whole. Michele aspires to be a famous dancer (the fact that she can't dance doesn't seem to bother her). So, she hitches a ride with a goon and later on, a Critter and fulfills her dream by becoming the lead dancer in a seedy little dive.

I really enjoyed this one a lot and found the riffing consistently funny. From the scenes at "Eat" to the battle with the bikers, right through to Critters morose love song. GIGB also features some great skits to boot (Mikes sad folk song, Bill Corbett's dance). It's the kind of experiment that holds up well to repeat viewings and one I highly recommend.

Another wonderful part of this experiment are several "odes to the past". For example: for the first time since moving to the Sci-Fi channel we have a film that is removed from the horror/fantasy realm, which makes for a nice change of pace. AND, Mike uses a prop! Yup, he grabs a pool cue and takes a shot during the movie. Joel would be proud.

Host Segments
Intro: Crow wears a "WWBSMD" bracelet. Pearl looks to become a fully accredited mad scientist. Segment 1: Pearl tries to impress a visiting "Mad Scientist Inspector". Segment 2: Crow makes Mike pour beer on his most prized possessions, which turn out to be Mike's beer stein and Crow. Segment 3: Crow shakes that moneymaker. Segment 4: Mike keeps singing a song despite Crows interruptions. End: Brain Guy's dance saves Pearl's bacon. Stinger: Joan sez, "Oh God, I wish I had my pretty mind back."

Notable Riffs
"Man, if it gets any wilder, a bridge game is going to break out." - Crow
"Everything I touch turns to flies." - Servo as drunk dad
"Tin Hershey Bars? Those are hard to eat." - Crow
"I'm gonna go get a goodbye slap from dad." - Crow
"Wow. It's illegal to not stop at Eat." - Servo
"Merry Christmas everyone, let's go to the Haunted House." - Crow
"Michele, get in here!" - "And bring the baby wipes!" - Drunk Dad/Mike
"Hey, they have tacos." - Mike as Buzz
"I'm a crummy Critter." - Servo as Critter
"I'm an icky elf" - Crow as Buzz
"Free beer; Lick the bike" - Crow
"Hey, my butt is drunk." - Mike
"Hope shis shtill shwings at that shpot on shunshet?" - Crow as Buzz
"Roadkill wait..." - Mike as Michele
"And so passed the Eat phase of my life." - Mike as Michele
"Come on I just teleported here, it's impressive" - Crow as Buzz
"Ah! It's throwing us violently into the next scene!" - Crow
"So long, non acquaintance who inexplicably gave us rides in your dune buggy." - Servo
"I'm good at dancing too." - "Compared to Stephen Hawking." - Michele/Crow
"Somewhere, Charleton Heston is weeping." - Servo
"This is from the L.A. Skank collection." - Mike
"Yeah, this is how you frighten a black bear in your camp. Now let's try dancing." - Mike
"Look I'm getting a little annoyed with you summoning me back here every 5 seconds" - "Uh, could you at least get your guitar neck out of my ear?" - Crow/Servo as Michele
"What's your name!?" - "Bob Ovalhead." - Thug/Crow

Riff Explained
"He with you, friend?" - "Hey, I'm not a Quaker!" - Critter/Mike
Quakers -originally known as "Friends of Truth" and later simply "Friends"- are a Christian movement. Founded by George Fox as an alternate to strict religious regulations and practices in 17th century England.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Leslie McRae (Michele) was Nero the Hero's navigator 'Cleopatra', in the Corman produced movie, "Death Race 2000".

* Interesting: TV show "Get Smart" is the source of a riff (Max and 99). Shortly thereafter -when Michele and the boys ride into town- the briefly seen sign at the Playboy club says... "Festival of Stars: Don Adams". Adams, of course, played Maxwell Smart.

Available on DVD: Volume 4

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