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1001 - Soultaker

First Broadcast - 11 pm Sunday, April 11th 1999
#65 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Medium - Watchable but too self important
Riffing: Spirited and sharp
Skits: GREAT! If only for Joel & Frank

Frizzy haired lead actress with Kevin Bacon's nose, accepts a ride from her boyfriend and few hostile teens. The group is traveling along at a high rate of speed when suddenly; an Estevez darts out in front of them. Surprisingly, the driver tries to avoid plowing over the Estevez and hits an innocent tree instead. The kids are alright, or ARE they?  It seems Joe Estevez is a soultaker and he's hot to retrieve their spirits.
This is a movie that inspires some darn funny jokes: You have a Soultaker with time constraints, and yet he hopes to collect his souls by moving slower than a grandma with her walker? You have a filmmaker trying to force the suspense (Crow riffs on Natalie being overwhelmed by balloons, trees and convertibles). And you have Natalie, who not only looks like Tonya Harding but wrote the screenplay as well. M&TB of course, won't let any of this go by without adding their hysterical commentary. Also humorously endearing is Crow's eye troubles during a pivotal part of the film. I like how he talks to the movie as if it can understand him.
But the best part of this episode is the return of TVs Frank and Joel! It was so nice to see them again and that makes this a very special, 'must have' for any true MSTie worth their salt.

Host Segments
Intro: The bots have a different kind of wet T-Shirt contest and a mysterious ship hovers nearby. Segment 1: Visits from past presidents, an angry Gypsy and Mike gets filthy. It's all part of a malfunctioning SOL and the Mads don't care. Segment 2: Mike takes charge! But he really stinks at it. Segment 3: It's TVs Frank! He's now a Soultaker wants Bobo's soul. The mystery ship saves the SOL. Segment 4: So who's aboard that mystery ship? Why it's Joel and he's here to make repairs. End: Joel leaves Mike on the SOL so he can become a man. Frank plays ring toss with Bobo's soul. Stinger: Peeping Soultaker

Notable Riffs
* "Look at her go she's running here, there again, she's like a ferret." - Crow as Grant
* "Guy's a catcher's mitt with eyes." - Crow on Z'Dar
* "I like fudge." - "You don't mean that" - Crow as Dad/ Servo as Mom
* "Interior bedroom. Me, draped across the bed, tousled and tawny, I lay there, hand on my taut tummy, still pretty in a worried sort of way." - Servo as Natalie
* "You know, it's just not death with dignity if there's an Estevez in the room." - Crow
* "You're beautiful." - "Yep, she did write this." - Zach/Crow
* "You're dead, Nancy Kerrigan!" - Crow as Natalie
* "Zach, good-byes are more effective when someone leaves." - Crow as Natalie
* "Well good luck having the baby honey, I've got tickets to the game." - Servo
* "See, if he'd put the Club on his soul, this would not have happened." - Crow
* "He's going to start a radio hitting business." - Crow
* "Here, I'll put this in my Loser Ex-Boyfriend Picture Drawer." - Servo
* "Summer Fest." - "Short for Summer Festering." - Crow
* "I want the soul of that stuffed bunny in the window." - Mike as Z'Dar
* "Where's David Byrnes' head?" - Crow
* "Dummy! Didn't you see that, "Warning: Joe Estevez Crossing", sign?" - Crow
* "I hope we were thrown violently out of the movie" - Crow
* "Hm, uncut Lick 'Em Aid." - Mike as Cop
* "I was playing horsey!" - Crow as clerk
* "No, our bodies are being kept alive with machines at the hospital!" - "My body's hooked up to a snow blower" - Zach/Mike
* "Doctors have declared my daughter..." "patient of the month." - Grant/Servo
* "So he had to have a flashback to remember his best friend?" - Servo
* "This door is raggin' on me like my idiot friend used too." - Crow as Zach
* "There is a 7th floor, it's heaven's boiler room." - Mike

Riff Explained
"You want Batman Crazy Foam?" - Mike
Spoken during the bath scene. Popular with kids in the 1960s & 70s; "Crazy Foam" came in a can decorated with different cartoon characters. And there's nothing more twisted during bath time; than pushing on Batman's head and having a stream of foamy soap shoot out of his mouth.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Currently writing novels, screenwriter/actor Vivian Schilling was in an auto accident that nearly ended her life and has inspired much of her work. Vivian's book -"Quietus"- has received positive reviews and is about a plane crash survivor who is haunted by angels of death.

* In perhaps another homage to the past, Mike runs down the tunnel, much like Joel did during KTMA's episode "Humanoid Woman" (and redone for show #105, The Corpse Vanishes).

Available on DVD: Volume 14

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