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913 - Quest of the Delta Knights

First Broadcast - 5 pm Saturday, Sept 26 1998
Excellence Level: Tin Foil
Movie Pain: Medium - Ren-Festering experience
Riffing: Induced mostly smiles
Skits: A few chuckles at best

Someone filmed a ren-fest and then tried to sell it as a real movie! Bad flick, which is the norm, but the riffing wasn't stunning either. Pearl gets her shot in the theater and she, well (I hate to say it) isn't so hot - and that was either was the fault of the material or the character. While I'm a huge fan of Mary Jo through her writing and riff work with Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic. Pearl in the theater? Eh, the chemistry was all wrong, the delivery flat.

When Mike returns there's a small amount of improvement: Making fun of the apprentice knight, Leonardo "the Dweeb" and Prince Jump Juggs are all good for some laughs.

Host segments are fair, the best skit features an amusing visit from an easily provoked Leonardo - but all together this is a weak episode which caps an uneven season.

Host Segments
Intro: A loaner Crow, complete with a radio. Segment 1: Pearl switches places with Mike. Segment 2: The bots kiss up to Pearl the Mint Giver, while Mike, Bobo and Brain Guy do some male bonding. Segment 3: Servo sings a Knight song. Segment 4: Leonardo stops by for a visit. End: The bots pine for Pearl and it's not waffles, but pancakes for the Delta Knights. Stinger: The "I'm Coming" guy annoys us all.

Notable Riffs
"Well, it's better than Quest of the Delta Burkes, I suppose." - Crow
"This sounds like a movie that should have Matthew Broderick in it." - Crow
"Rubber Soul font." - Crow
"Now I'm going to attach Rosie Greer's head to your shoulder." - Pearl
"Kid's turned into Nelly Olson." - Mike
"He bought his hat at CinnaBon." - Servo
"It's hard to pick up chicks when you look like Holly Hobby." - Crow
"So he spits mosquitoes through a straw and they bite people?" - Mike
"So the Ewoks grew up to be big stupid men?" - Mike
"There's a midget under her dress pushing up." - "Lucky midget. Midgets get everything." - Servo/Crow
"Wench-jacking was a big problem in the Middle Ages." - Mike
"So Da Vinci was a moron who stole all his ideas?" - Mike
"Your sister?" - "Him or me?" - Leonardo/Crow

Riff Explained
"Give us British Sterling - All
This was a tag line for a commercial that ran during Christmas. The ads had Renaissance music and a Princess (played by Rebecca Holden of "Knight Rider" fame) riding a white horse. She wonders what gift to give the Prince and the answer is, "Give him British Sterling", which is a cologne.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Sara Douglas (Madam Maaydeed) was the villainous Ursa in "Super Man II".

* Princess Thena was performed by actress Brigid Conley Walsh (Brannaugh), who has done a lot of TV work, from "Charmed", "ER" and "Ally McBeal" as well as a regular role in "Angel".

* Edward Ivory (Auctioneer) was the voice of Santa in Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

* David Kriegel (Leonardo), can be seen in the movie "Speed", playing the character "Terry".

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