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108 – The Slime People

With Short: Commando Cody part 6

First Broadcast - January 1990
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - Hard to see - Characters are broad & laughable
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest
Skits: Solid, good humor

Monsters emerge from the sewers, build a dome around L.A. and harass some folks camping out in a meat market: Shown with another -"Nipple, Nipple, Tweak, Tweak"- Commando Cody short. I'm tired of Cody, real tired. But there are some laughs to be had here and there.

Our feature? It should have been called, "The Incredibly Difficult to See Fog Men". The film is so shrouded in smoke that you literally can't tell what in the heck is going on most of the time. The gang does a solid job with this one, and in the ACEG, Mike called it the perfect type of movie for MST. Why?

Probably for the countless lapses in logic (The creatures are intelligent enough to build a machine that can solidify fog into an impenetrable dome and yet they arm themselves with primitive spears?) as well as for the odd actions and reactions of the characters - From Les Tremayne's colorful turn as Tolliver the goat man, to young Bonnie's 'golly wow' excitement when first describing the tragic events to our hero, sportscaster Tom (Director Robert Hutton) Gregory -Servo humorously wonders if she's hopped up on sugar!

Although "Slime People" probably would have been turned into a MSTed classic had the writers gotten a hold of it in a later season - A few cute riffs (She's having the slime of her life!) a few cute skits (Cartoon glasses and screaming cotton candy) and a cute goat ("Please, give me my little love") - All conspire to make this a pretty cute experiment for year one.

Host Segments
Intro: Morning on the SOL. Invention: Joel's cartoon goggles. Larry takes a bite out of his cotton candy, and it screams. Segment 1: The trial of Commando Cody. Segment 2: J&TB improvements for the film. Segment 3: The bots fill the SOL with smoke and ponder slime monsters. End: Joel bakes a pie and Gypsy eats it. No Stinger -But if I chose one? Man holding goat, "Ha, ha, ha, ha, evacuation!"

Notable Riffs
Radar Riffs
* "I said Jelly Rolls, not Pay Rolls!" - Joel as Krog
* "I will get you the bomb." - "It's right over here by the toaster oven." - Krog/Crow
* "Whoops, the water broke." - Servo, on flood
* "Crooks are always dropping obvious clues like that. It's really a desperate cry for help." - Joel

Slime Riffs
* "Don't point that goat at me, it might go off!" - Servo
* "A Marine who says 'Gee whiz'. What's he gonna do, storm the Cunningham house?" - Joel
* "Boy, I bet that be scary if we could make out what it was." - Crow
* "Fear killed Tolliver." - "I thought it was those big guys in the costumes." - Tom Gregory/Tom Servo
* "Maybe I dialed wrong. Let me try again. Let's see... Zero." - Servo as Tom Gregory 
* "Now, we've always known that there are fish in the ocean..." - "Oh, that's a little far fetched!" - Prof. Galbraith/Joel
* "Well, Cal, you've been really worthless -- a coward and a tower of jello. Thanks for your help!" - Servo as Prof. Galbraith
* "Why'd a goofy old apocalypse hafta happen right when my acne was starting to clear up?" - Joel as Lisa
* "Yeah, you can usually find a blond hair in a field of wheat... at night... in a fog..." - Servo/Crow/Joel
* "You know, as long as you're sitting here, I don't even want to think about Slime People." - "Although it's hard, looking at a mug like yours." - Cal/Crow
* "Honestly Bonnie, the slime you bring home" - Crow
* "What it is, Dr. Bro!" - Joel as Vince
* "Oh, tasting my daughter I see." - Crow as Prof. Galbraith
* "The Slime People already have our temperature under control" - "And they're not very gentle when they use the thermometer" - Galbraith/Joel
* "…we are being attacked by the Slime People" - "Send reams of Kleenex" - Tom Gregory/Joel
* "Oh, it's Tom Waits on a bender" - Crow

Skit Riff
* "Objection! The use of the term 'nipple' is imprecise, incorrect, and misleading... though, I admit, mildly provocative..." - Servo: Spoken during the "Trial of Cody".

Riff Explained 
"Boyce and Hart. I wonder if they did the music?" - Crow
Said when the names "Susan Hart" and "William Boyce" pop up on the credits: Crow's riff references singer/songwriters Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. Best known for their work with the Monkees (They wrote the #1 hit "Last Train To Clarksville") the duo had long careers together and apart, working with performers from Chubby Checker to Iggy Pop. In 1994, depressed and ill, Tommy Boyce committed suicide in his Nashville home.

"They're dropping turkey's" - Servo
This line refers to one of TV's most memorable moments. In an episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati", Herb's Thanksgiving promo involves tossing turkeys from a helicopter -"Oh the humanity!" Herb didn't know that turkeys couldn't fly!

Slime & Nonsense
Judee Morton, who played the youngest daughter Bonnie, became a psychotherapist and author. She has a website...

Originally the film included “Vole" people. The Voles (small rodents) belonged to the Slime People and were brought along for reasons even the director -Robert Hutton- didn't understand. Regardless, they didn't make the final cut.

Available on DVD: Volume 27

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