Tuesday, August 12, 2014

208 - Lost Continent

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Nov 24th 1990
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - Rock climbing, GAA!
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest at best
Skits: Chuckle-Fest with high points

A test rocket crashes and a crack team of scientist, military personnel and an escaped mental patient - venture into the land of the lost to retrieve it... Oh to heck with it - It's about rock climbing!

Curiosity kills: When I'd heard about this movie’s painfully long climbing sequences, I couldn't wait to see it for myself. What a fool I am. Man does it drag on, but it's pretty funny to hear Joel and the Bots echo my frustration through their riffs -Especially in the spot where it was completely silent-

There is some action: A guy falls to his death -"Dang, He has my keys!"- Actor Sid Melton (Who speaks to his airplane like a lover) is eaten by a stop motion dinosaur and has his butt fondled too.

There are also several "Beaver" related jokes due to Hugh Beaumont's presence, but few Batman zingers, despite having Cesar Romero (TV's Joker) as the star. So there's some funny stuff (Pee Wee Herman show regular, Terry, gets shot!) but it mostly induces chuckles, not guffaws.

Of Note: The "Soap in the Hydraulics" riff is a reference to KTMAs "SST Deathflight". Also, the "Cool Thing" contest is announced.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel's pep talk. Invention: Frank presents his treadmill. No time for Joel's invention (he's holding the sign language translator that we'll see next week) and he receives a shock when he refuses to enter the theater. Segment 1: A classic Hexfield visit from Hugh Beaumont. Segment 2: Quinn Martin's, the Explorers. Segment 3: Joel's playing with some rock climbers when the bots spot a cool thing outside. End: A cute skit where our B-Movie hosts share a few little known facts about the film. Stinger: Our explorers by the campfire, smoking and straightening things out.

Notable Riffs
* "My spirit is snoring!" - Servo
* "Oh. We're in Hell. Neat." - Joel
* "Tell the plane I love her!" - Crow as Melton
* "A whole new day of rock climbing!" - Crow
* "Shut up or I'll short sheet your rock" - Joel
* "Lost Continent? I lost my keys once but that's ridiculous!" - Joel
* "Hey, It does talk." - Servo as Melton speaks to his airplane
* "...let's form a soccer team and eat each other!" - Crow
* "What's a little poison gas..." - "between friends." - Cesar/Joel
*"I didn't know Mountain time was so slow." - Joel
* "Brain the size of a walnut..." "The dinosaur?" "No - the director!" - Crow/Joel/Crow
* "I've seen tracks like these before." - "Yeah, where?" - "Larry Mondello." - Huge/Cesar/Servo
* "I'd never wanted to die in a plane, but now I'm very excited about it." - Crow as Lt. Wilson
* "Let's take a 15-minute break." "But, ah, keep the camera rolling!" - Cesar Romero/Tom Servo
* "Remind me to kill you later." - Servo as Hugh Beaumont
* "Who are you?! Where are we?! Could we get a frame of reference or something. PLEASE?!" - A very frustrated Joel

Danny: "Scared, no."
Crow: "Worried? A little."
Servo: "Aroused? You bet!"

Riff Explained
"Oh you taste like Bud Abbott" - Crow.
Spoken during a kiss. The actress Cesar's smoochin' is Hillary Brooke. She also had roles in TV & film with comedians "Abbott & Costello".

"Meanwhile over Bowling Green, Tennessee." - Joel. Oops. Uh Joel, Bowling Green is in Kentucky

Stuff & Nonsense
The native girl was played by Acquanetta whose past is colorful and often clouded in mystery. Her real name has been reported as either, "Burnu" or "Mildred Davenport". Acquanetta said her mother was an Arapaho Indian and that she was born in Ozone, near Cheyenne, Wyoming. Later, her father (and new wife) took her to live in Norristown, Pennsylvanian.

Other Acquanetta told tales: The idea that she came from Venezuela was fabricated by columnist Walter Winchell and Louis Sobel. The nickname "Venezuelan Volcano" was coined by William Randolf Hearst. It’s also said that she was descended from the Royal House of England and J. Edgar Hoover was a friend who helped get her a visa and passport (Because she had no birth certificate).

 Available on DVD: Volume 18