Tuesday, August 12, 2014

209 - Hellcats

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Dec 8th 1990
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - a boring evening with uninteresting people
Riffing: Giggles N' Grins
Skits: Nice intro, rest are throw-away

Yet another aimless Ross Hagen vehicle. In this one, Ross infiltrates a motorcycle gang in an attempt to avenge his Brothers murder.

This is not one of the crews super-shiny moments - but while I feel it's average work for them, and is not an episode which is packed with big belly laughs; it does offer steady chuckles and there are enough funny lines to make 'Cats infinitely more enjoyable than Hamlet or Batwoman for me. My favorite bit coming when Tom notices the "Double Mint Twins", with Crow observing that... "Ones already been chewed".

The flashback host segments are a bore (I liked them the first time they aired but we've been there, done that), and the movie is as tiresome and joy sapping as they come. Joel sums it up perfectly when he describes the theme of the story: "We're Born, and we die and there's lots of padding in between"

Host Segments
Intro: J&TB have colds. Invention: Joel presents the Sign Language Translator. The Mad's continue to play on their hobby hogs. Segment 1: Tom's flashback: Shatner & the crawling hand from #106. Segment 2: Crow's flashback: floating skit from show #201. Segment 3:Joel's flashback: Gobo scopes from #203. End: Diaries and tender moments. Stinger: Crazy, hard to understand dude, gets tossed in the lake.

Notable Riffs
"Ross, your wearing her purse on your head" - Joel
"Congratulations. You are now officially white trash." - Crow
"Don Fido is mad." - Servo as Mr. Adrian
"Her back looks like a Klingon's forehead!" - Crow
"I bet if these guys filmed "Citizen Kane" it would have had a twenty- minute sled sequence in it!" - Servo
"I've been called a lot of things in my life, but never a corn spy!" - Joel as Bartender
"Steve's dead now. From here on, Steve's death will be represented by the oboe." - Servo
"Roses are green, violets are red..." - "I like to shoot heroine straight into my head." - Stoned Biker/Joel
"That had better be beer!" - Crow

Riffs Explained
"I dare you to knock this battery off my shoulder. Go ahead, I dare ya!" - Servo
This comes from a 1979 Eveready commercial. Tough guy Robert Conrad (TVs "Wild, Wild, West") scowled into the camera and dared ya to knock a battery off his shoulder.

"I don't fink on soul brothers!" - Frank
This line comes from the first episode of the TV show “Mod Squad”, and was spoken by the character Lincoln Hayes after he is asked to go undercover.

Stuff & Nonsense
One good thing about this movie was that Davie Allan and the Arrows contributed to the soundtrack. Known as the "King of Fuzz", Allan added music to other biker flicks such as, "The Born Losers (Which stars Tom Laughlin, director of "A Touch of Satan") "Devil's Angels", "The Glory Stompers, "Hard Ride" and Roger Corman's "Wild Angels".

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