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210 - King Dinosaur

With Short: X Marks the Spot

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Dec 22 1990
#82 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: High - Humans are such jerks!
Riffing: Wildly funny, with great short
Skits: Chuckle-Fest

Shown with the first information short, X Marks the Spot, which features a guy named Joe who goes to Heavenly traffic court. The superb riffing it receives gets this episode off to a rousing start. I especially liked our Guardian Angel from Jersey and loved Servo's imitation -You see, I stopped a car with my face once. My forehead's all bondo"-

Our movie this week introduces us to director Bert I Gordon, and tells of an exotic planet called Nova, which looks strangely like Wisconsin. Bert Inhabits his planet with a giant Bee and Dinosaurs that are actually common lizards, Fun. The Humans are nimrods who solve problems with atomic bombs and the best cast member is Joe, a Lemur (who isn't a lemur at all).

The invention exchange is fun, if odd, and odd describes the host segments: Emotional Scientist, Crow's speech (which ends well), Joel's Lemur bit is weird and almost appears unrehearsed (or at least, quickly hashed out?) Tho I have to admit it made me chuckle, and I liked Joel's voice for "Joe" during the movie. He didn't say anything real funny, it just sounded cute.

Anyway... The work in the theater is the reason to watch this episode, as "King Dinosaur" gives us a taste of the greatness to come. With the quick quips which would soon become a show staple.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel the Beat poet. Invention: Frank crushes Forrester with an elevator and has to scoop him up with a shovel. Joel brings forth the incredibly stinky sweat sock. Segment 1: Crow gives a stirring speech on judgment. Segment 2: Joey the Lemur. Segment 3: The emotional scientist. End: Joel explains Lippert and the theremin. Stinger: Screaming blond scientist.

Notable Riffs
Skit Riff
"Police the lives of those around you and get your sensibilities way the heck outta whack! Parade up and down the street in your underwear. Impose your ideas on others - It's easy! Crush someone with an emotional word or an enigmatic look." - Crow

"God I love you, I want to shout it from my oxygen tent!" - Joel as Commish
* "Sure, he lives on your street." - "In fact he's under your bed now." - Narrator/Joel
"Boy; God sure has a crummy office." - "All the decorators are in Hell." - Servo/Joel
"...He'd come down to a slow roll and then give it the gas." - "And then give 'em the bird." - Angel/Joel
"You see Joe had 2 kids of his own at that school." - "And if his wife ever found out..." - Angel/Crow
"Just a cocktail now and then." - "Just a half gallon now and then" - Angel/Crow

King Riffs
"I think their dryer is off kilter." - Joel
"There is no margin for error." - "There is a margin for shame however." - Narrator/Crow
"Why is he blow drying the grass guys?" - Servo
"Now lets get out of these suits." - "And into a dry martini." - Pat/Servo
"That island!" - "I hate it, it's taunting me." - Nora/Joel
"If you're looking for plausibility, you won't find it here, friend." - Joel
"Hey your spending a lot of time on that one nipple there." - Crow
"Tell the bee, I love him." - Servo as Ralph
"Eww, she's eating shoe polish." - Servo
"Take my hand, I'm a stranger with parasites." - Servo as Ralph
"Looks like he lost a pie contest." - Crow
"Red flare at night, lizards fight." - Servo
"Thanks for annihilating everything I know." - Crow as Joey the Lemur
"They're making pretty good time, considering this is a Lippert film." - Servo
"Time to drown the lemur!" - Crow as Dick
"What a desolate, forsaken place." - "What a stilted, pretentious line." - Nora/Crow
"Faster!" - "Up yours! I mean, we'll be right there!" - Pat/Crow
*  "I think the film on this lake is better than the film we're watching." - Servo
"Would you guys knock it off? I can't concentrate on my own lame wisecracks." - Crow

Riffs Explained
"We almost got an Ivan Tors series here" - Servo 
Budapest born Ivan Tors was a writer/director/producer of films and TV shows, several of which involved animals. His most familiar work is "Sea Hunt" (1958-61), "Flipper", "Clarence the Crosseyed Lion" and Gentle Ben (1967-69). Tors also set up a preserve to protect endangered species.

Stuff & Nonsense
The narrator of this film, Marvin Miller, can be heard in this capacity on the MSTed flicks, "Day the Earth Froze" and "Phantom Planet". Miller is also the voice of Robbie the Robot.

Available on DVD: Volume 23

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