Tuesday, August 12, 2014

302 - Gamera

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, June 8th 1991
#58 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - Classic giant monster cheese
Riffing: Wildly Funny
Skits: Ditto

Back in the good old days; Gamera was a bad azz and was friends to only the most mentally unstable of children: Great stuff, and it's not all Joel and the Bots doing. The wooden American military men struggling to say their lines and lead by Col. Curly Joe, are hysterical all on their own. And Kenny, sweet, insane -turtle obsessed- Kenny; Who insists that Gamera is gentle and kind, despite the trail of death & destruction left in his wake. The guys do a funny series of riffs which present him as either possessed or delusional. The whole silly mess is topped off with Servo's love song to Tibby, Kenny's long lost Turtle.

Interestingly, the crew get pretty frustrated with each others jokes in this one, So much so that Joel even tears off Crow's arm (twice) and tosses it across the theater! Solid Host segments include a visit from Gamera (notice that after this skit, Servo enters the theater on his own as Joel's already in his seat), and Servo's "Orson Welles" like salute to the films cast. In the end, the giant turtle is shot into space and Joel is teased on the similarities. (hmm, I wonder if Gamera is shown "Giant Human" movies?)

Host Segments
Intro: Warmups on the SOL. Invention: Joel presents the endless salad bar. Spring cleaning at Deep 13 and Frank vacuums up a bird cage.Segment 1: Tom's song to Tibby. Segment 2: The bots hate Kenny but Joel teaches tolerance. Segment 3: Gypsy's beauty parlor and Gamera stops by. End: A retrospective on the actors. Stinger: Eskimo say's "Okay, bye".

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: Jack wields a hammer and praises Japan for daring to explore the love between an unpopular boy and a murderous giant turtle. In seg 2 he speaks of Kenny and gads about Frank and Forester’s cutouts as the credits role. Part 2: Tibby the turtle spins in his bowl as the host recaps the film. In the final segment he plays with Kenny’s hat and takes a spill during the credits, much to the concern of the crew who rush to his aid.

Notable Riffs
"Gamera demands your death" - Joel as Kenny
"New York News Stud?" - Crow
"Hey, Sandy Frank. Isn't that when you drop your hot dog on the beach?" - Servo
"This is the legendary stone." - "You passed that stone?" - Eskimo/Joel
"What do you think it is captain?"- "A couple of Eskimo's looking at a steak." - Seaman/Crow
"The other students make fun of him; they think he's strange." - "Kids are perceptive that way." - Teacher/Crow
"It has the power to convert organic matter into inorganic matter..." "Like McDonalds?" - Scientist/Joel
"Commander! The plant is completely destroyed!" "I told you to water the plant!!" - Japanese Solder/Crow
"Don't go into that area. There's radiation there." "And, as everybody knows, it can only affect you if you touch it." - Dr. Hidaka/Tom Servo
"Let's see -- there's chaos here, chaos there, hmm... He's right, chaos everywhere." - Joel
"Yeah, hello," - "this is Gamera. Knock it off!" - Servo
"His mother died when he was very young" - "She was mauled by turtles" - Kenny's guardian/Joel
"Why are you hiding?" - "I don't have the money I owe you man" - Kenny/Crow as Tibby
"What's this about not letting Kenny keep his turtle?" - Crow as Gamera
"FLASH! Newspaper hits Japanese in face!" - "That hurt" - Servo/Joel as old man
"Are you a mod or a rocker?" - "I'm a mocker." - Joel & Servo doing the Beatles

Riff Explained
"Oh, he wants to marry a lighthouse keeper" - Servo
This is the title of a song by Erika Eigen which can be heard in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Alex's family is listening to it when he returns to them after his release.

Stuff & Nonsense
The old man who saw the ball of flame was played by Bokuzen Hidari. The actor performed in many of Akira Kurosawa's great films, and was most memorable as the nervous Yohei in the Seven Samurai.

Available on DVD: Volume 21