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301 - Cave Dwellers

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, June 1st 1991
#25 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Low - Goofy and fun
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Wildly funny

Hooey about something called a "Geometric Nucleus". Bad guy with arms like a 3rd grader wants it; Massive Miles O'Keefe is there to stop him: I wonder what it was like for those fans who were there from the beginning. To have witnessed the evolution of this show as it unfolded? To those devoted MSTies, the start of season three must have been amazing.

Because Cave Dwellers reveals MST in full maturation. The writing is in peak form, a balance of many styles (wit, puns, observational, banter, low brow, pop culture... you name it) which adapt themselves to whatever the film-makers put on celluloid. The skit and riff work is deftly handled as the timing and chemistry has been honed to perfection.

Evidence of this artistic "growth" is prevalent in this absurd Miles O' Keef, "Conan"... I uh mean, "Ator" film. Lots of tight, clever as well as goofy quips run throughout the experiment -"The hills have eyes, but they have glaucoma!" - Servo. And a wealth of the looney (The handglider scene, hubcaps as breastplates, Thong) provide humorous ammunition for Joel and the Bots.

Host segments? Lots of fun, I liked the re-creation of the credits and the precursor to the immortal "They just didn't care" sketch from show #418, which reveals a few continuity errors in the film. By the end of it all you'll find yourself saying, "Noooo" just for the fun of it.

To sum it up: Cave Dwellers ushers in a new era of MST3K, so sit back and enjoy the ride. There be greatness up ahead.

Host Segments
Intro: The crew of the SOL give themselves new names. Servo is now "Sugar Magnolia". Invention: Joel demonstrates the smoking jacket, the Mads give us robotic arm wrestling. Segment 1: J&TB's re-create the films credit sequence. Segment 2: Joel explains why the film makers give cool names to ordinary things. Segment 3: Joel the Foley Artist! End: Continuity errors in the movie. Stinger: Ator announces "Thong, the fish are ready!"

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: In seg 1, our Jack Perkinesque host holds Clay’s glasses and Frank’s spit curl and makes mention of Miles' loin cloth. Seg 2: Jack paws a giant heart and wonders if Ator will save Mila. He later juggles vegetables as the credits role. Part 2: The host wears an odd hat and wields a sword during his recap of the movie. Seg 2 sees him with a snake around his neck as he offers up some film trivia. The credits roll and he fiddles around with the snake.

Notable Riffs
"But, we 'are' barbarians" - Crow as Ator
"Drink it all. Sometimes the poison's at the bottom." - Crow
"How much Keefe is in this movie anyway?..." - Joel
"Is that Ator up there, or are you just glad to see me?" - Servo, as Zor
"Jeez; Tolkien couldn't follow this plot!" - Crow
"Look - anal-retentive snakes. They lined up the skulls." - Servo.
"Ouch! I landed on my eight-sided dice" - Joel as a human sacrifice
"Thong? No, it's a dance belt." - Servo
"Tuesdays are human sacrifice day at the Sizzler." - Joel
"The next most important thing..." - "Is peanut butter." - Akronos/Crow
"What do you, the viewers at home think." - Crow as Akronos
"It's zee wango zee tango!" - Joel
"Wicker armor courtesy, Pier 1" - Servo
"Look out, it's Coco the Terrible" - Crow
"Hey, why is she limping?" - "Because she's got an arrow in her chest." - Joel/Crow
"Made this in shop class, it's a letter opener." - Joel as Ator
"Oh no, they've jumped right into a Kurosawa film" - "So it'll start making sense?" - Servo/Crow
"Let me introduce you to, Sandor." - "You can call me Sandy." - Zor/Crow
"Don't they want their capes?" - "No, they'd probably have invisible blood on them." - Joel/Crow
"Oh, she's got child proof cap." - Servo as Cave Dweller
"I have a feeling we've been followed." - "That's me boss, I'm right behind you." - Ator/Joel as Thong
"Hey it's speedy delivery guy and does he have a package!" - Joel on Ator
"Who is this gentle stranger with pecs like melons and knees of fringe." - Joel

Stuff and Nonsense
* Eclectic Lisa Foster (Raines) who played Mila, the original Warrior Princess. Went from acting (Fanny Hill) to FX Wiz (Die Hard III) and cg supervisor on the playstation game "Parasite Eve"!

* The "MST3K Hour" makes its debut: November 11th, 1993. On that day, host 'Jack Perkins' (Mike), presents "Cave Dwellers" to an eager nation!

Riffs Explained 
Hmm, let's see... "Quid Malmborg In Plano..." - Servo
Said while Zor reads a scroll. This comes from an album by the comedy troupe, "Firesign Theater", titled... "I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus". I'm not sure what it means, but It is said that the phrase is etched on a cigarette lighter found by Firesigner Phil Proctor.

"I wanna Barney Clark bar" - Servo 
Said when the chief cave dweller eats a heart: Servo is imitating a candy bar commercial from the 60's, where a giraffe exclaims that he wants a "Clark Bar". Barney Clark was the first recipient of the Jarvik-7 artificial heart in December of 1982. The Seattle native survived for 112 days after the operation.

"Yeah, yeah, go to sleep Quentin" - Joel
The bedridden leader in the tent that Thong speaks to, looks like the eccentric author, Quentin Crisp. I remember Crisp best from his amusing visits on David Letterman's show back in its early years

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 2

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