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213 - Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Feb 2nd, 1991
#54 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - Guys in rubber suits are cool
Riffing: Wildly funny
Skits: Solid, good humor

Godzilla ends slave labor and enjoys a nice crab leg dinner: I know I'm in the minority here, but I enjoyed this one even more than #212. While it the delivery isn't as smooth as what was had in Megalon, I generally liked the jokes better. It's a fun one, and the crew seems to be having a blast.

Great host segments include the classic "Godzilla Genealogy Bop" and Tom & Crows imitation of the movies singing Mothra twins (adding lyrics from the Patty Duke show no less).

The riffing in the theater is on target, I dig pop culture references and with this episode you get jabs at Bill Cosby (Chicken Heart), Simon & Garfunkel and Legoland! Add in some cheap bathroom humor, a reference to "Godot" and a guy saying "You must be losing your eyesight" to a fellow wearing a patch. Oh man I love it.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel reads the "Velveteen Rabbit" to the bots. Invention: Variations on the Guitar (Joel operates his by mind control, the mads are squeeze toys). Segment 1: The Godzilla Genealogy Bop. Segment 2: Joel creates a few bad model buildings. Segment 3: Mothra visits. 
End:Famous sayings that were never actually said. Cool thing contest. The Mads contemplate a change. Stinger: The Mothra twins.

Notable Riffs
* "It's the Mothra Graham dance troupe." - Servo
* "Kabob and... Ka-Steve!" - Crow

* "All these monster fights are rigged." - Crow
* "Ooh, Steve is really delicious" - Crow
* "Run, run before they make us play outfield" - Crow
* "Hey...I've gotta feeling I shouldn't be watching this." - Joel
* "Ow! You shot my other eye you fool!" - Servo
* "Don't even mess with my chick" - Joel as Godzilla
* "They're washed up and they didn't even have to do Love Boat" - Crow
* "I feel like a monkey." - "Me too, where can I find one?" - Shipwrecked guy/Crow
* "What kind of laboratory.. or factory is this?" - "It's a laboratory factory!" - Guy/Servo
* "You weren't killed I see?" - "But I was killed, honest." - Eye patch guy/Joel
* "And that is when the Chicken Heart began to grow..." - Joel
* "All we have to do is wait for lightning." - "Or Godot, whatever comes first." - Some guy/Servo
* "Duh!... A secret laboratory that makes bowling pins..." - Servo
* "I just saw half a crab kill a guy" - Joel as Commander Yamoto
* "Sorry, I'm gonna have to impale you, that's my job..." - Joel as the Sea Monster
* "I'm gonna give you such a pinch" - Servo as the Sea Monster
* "Ahh just a couple minutes in the thunder bucket." - Servo as Godzilla
* "Hey, what do ya think I am, Tippi Hedren?" - Crow as Godzilla
* "Do you see half of what I see?" - Crow as eyepatch guy

Riffs Explained
"Come back, I'm not Jeff Altman! Honest" - Servo
In 1980, comedian Jeff Altman was paired with Japanese singing duo "Pink Lady" and hosted a short lived variety show called Pink Lady & Jeff. It is considered by many the worst show in television history

Stuff and Nonsense 
The eye-patch wearing Commander Yamoto was played by Akihiko Hirata. Hirata played in 7 Godzilla films, including the first one where he was the one eye'd Dr. Serizawa. The actor can be seen in Kurosawa's "Sanjuro" (as a Samurai) as well in the Japanese TV series, "Ultraman". He supposedly had an uncredited role in the "Fugitive Alien" series as well.

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