Monday, August 11, 2014

212 - Godzilla vs. Megalon

First Broadcast  - Noon Saturday, Jan 19th 1991
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Low - Ham & Cheese from Japan
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Hilarious

They are the greatest crime fighting team ever assembled: Godzilla: King of the monsters! Jet Jaguar: Grinning robot with a dickey! And Roxanne: Shrill voiced child who often wets 'em! Together they''ll battle Oscar Wilde, the Seatopians and their loopy looking monsters, in a thrilling attempt to avenge the death of Roxanne's dolphin water toy.

Ah yes, a 'Zilla flick. And while there are some funny gags, I found this highly rated episode surprisingly light on the gut busting quips. I mean, listening to Tom constantly go, "Hmm", isn't exactly inspired riffing. And during one car chase scene all the gang can come up with are such brilliant lines as, "U-Oh" and to make engine sounds and tire squealing noise. Still, there is an easy charm to the work and a nice rhythm in the delivery of the jokes.

The movie itself is pretty humorous all on its own. What with its skirt wearing bad guys, rubber monsters engaged in a WWF style fight and of course, a kid in shorts who's too smart for his own good.

The best work from the SOL crew actually comes from the silly host segments. The "Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy" bit is weird but a hoot, Orville Popcorn (Reddenbacher) skit's great and the interpretation of the Jet Jaguar song induced gales of laughter (BTW, this is one of the funniest moments ever seen on MST). Thank you Dr. Forrester, may we have another?

Host Segments
Intro: The morning show with J&TB. Invention: Halloween costumes. Segment 1: Tom & Crow argue the merits of their monsters. Segment 2:Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy. Segment 3: Orville Popcorn. End: The Bots new arms. The Jet Jaguar song and the mads play games. Stinger: Godzilla takes a dive.

Notable Riffs
* "Hey, look - I found some funny powder" "Uh, that's mine, just leave it alone, there." - Roxanne/Joel
* "I guess a rocket is standard picnicking equipment in Japan, isn't it?" - Servo
* "It's the All-Idiot Channel"
* "I wet 'em" - Crow as Roxanne
* "I wet myself again." - Servo as Roxanne
* "Oh, now they can all die on dry land" - Crow
* "A Quake?" - "No, Quisp" - Rex Dart/Joel
* "Hurry up!" - "Hey, your in no position to make demands kid" - Roxanne/Joel
* "They just created Jennifer Beals." - Joel
* "Oh my god! The humidifier committed suicide!"
* "Whenever they test nuclear bombs, it's the monsters who suffer." - Crow
* "Don't forget to ride towards traffic." - Joel as Rex Dart
* "I'd like to thank the fine people of Seatopia for giving me these totally useless arms" - Joel as Megalon
* "Isn't that Jet Jaguar there?" - "No, it's another super hero of your own design" - Scientist/Servo
* "Oh shoot, now I'm here" - Servo
* "Ha, Ha, try to catch me! You instilled me with free will, Ha, Ha!" - Joel as Jet
* "I suppose now he'll turn into butter." - Servo
* "Hey uh Jet, wipe that smile off your face." - Crow as Godzilla
* "Hey Godzilla your tail got longer." - "That's not my tail." - Servo as Jet Jaguar/Crow as Godzilla

Riffs Explained
"Hm, Spiny Norman" - Servo
This refers to Monty Python's Piranha Brothers skit. In it, Doug and Dinsdale Piranha use their skills of intimidation, violence, and sarcasm to bring the city to its knees. Dinsdale's one fear is Spiny Norman, a hedgehog that stands between 2 and 200 feet long. Spiny spends most of his time in this sketch shouting out "Dinsdale"

Stuff & Nonsense
* He's worked with the giants of Japanese cinema: Hiroyuki Kawase (Roxanne) made his film debut in Akira Kurosawa's "Dodes Ka-Den", playing the beggars son.

* Jet Jaguar was designed by an elementary school student as part of a contest set up by Toho. Originally named "Red Arone", the Robot was considered for a TV series spin off. You can see a picture of the entry design in an early scene with the headless Jet.

Released on DVD collection Volume 10 (Out of print)