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307 - Daddy-O

With Short: Alphabet Antics

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, July 20 1991
#60 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - Moves along at a nice pace
Riffing: Wildly funny, very steady
Skits: I laughed so hard I wet 'em

Hot roddin' singer Dick Contino vs smooth talking bad guy Bruno Ve Sota. In this movie Dick gets to do neato stuff like solve a mystery, sing, woo, buy pizza, lose his license, make a drug run, drive fast and wear his pants like Fred Mertz. Which at least is more fun than watching a half nekid Ve Sota get oiled up.

This is an episode that has grown on me: the riffs are tight and engage the groove of the film well. The silly short -"Alphabet Antics"- though not a side splitter; is generally pretty fun.

Then there are the great skits: Mike as Bruce, The "Hike up your Pants" song, Joel getting 'run over', and re-enacting the "apple" scene are definite belly busters. Plus the problem with the button during the credits had me in stitches.

Host Segments
Intro: Water cooler ogling. Invention: Joel offers the Air Freshener Mobile. The Mads show off their Alien Face Hugger Teething Nook. Segment 1: The Pants Up song. Segment 2: Re-enacting the drag racing scene. Segment 3: Bruce appears on the Hexfield. End: The apple slapping scene. The Mads have trouble with the button. Stinger: Bruce sez, 'Couldn't help you if I wanted to fella, gym policy".

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: Perkins grooves on the subject of the movie asks that we “rock this mother”. Later, Jack confesses to a wild youth as he holds a sax. He mostly wanders during the credits. Part 2: Jack smells the sax and give the recap. Seg 2 sees the host with a ‘package’; he later dances and gads about in front of the camera.

Notable Riffs
Alphabet Riffs
* "They say that they make tasty cheese and that is true..." "It'll keep you up for an hour or two" - Narrator/Servo
* "D is for Damned. As in 'Village of' " - Servo
* "P is for Peta whose boycotting this" - Joel

Daddy-O Riffs
* "Oh I hate Granny Smiths!" - Servo as Daddy-O
"My heads not an apple!" - Joel as Jana
"Nice rattle collection - Joel
"Quick, get into the coin slot!" - Servo
* "You Lou Reed?" - Servo
"It doesn't matter how slow I go I'll catch him. See my son's the editor" - Joel as Vesota
"He's probably so scared he wont remember his own name..." - "Carl! My name is Carl!" - Teen/Joel as caretaker
* "I heard you worked at a carnival?" - "Yeah, bit the heads off chickens" - Lawyer dude/Crow as Daddy-O
* "NO that's the candle! Gulp-mmff-Parafin" - Crow when Daddy-O takes a drink
* "What, what - You coming on to me?" - Joel as Sonny to Bruno
* "Give me your attention please" - "My name's Bill and I'm an alcoholic" - "Hi Bill" - Cop/Servo/All

Daddy-O: "Hey! What's your story?!"
Thug: "Get in the car buddy or I'll blow your brains out!"
Joel: "Snappy title."

Riff Explained 
Just before Daddy-O is beat up, Servo makes like an elevator man and and says..."5th floor: Notions, Ready to wear, Charles Mingus". later he adds... "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat!" Mingus is a Jazz composer, bassist and the music playing in the background might bear some resemblance to his song "Pork Pie Hat" (plus the gangster guy is wearing one).

Stuff & Nonsense 
* Actress Sandra Giles (Jana) is hosting dance nights these days, at a place called "Passion" in California.

* Author James Ellroy (LA Confidential) is a big Contino fan, and has even put him in a book."Dick Contino's Blues".

* Poor Sonia Torgeson (Peg), her follow up to this movie was Teenagers From Outer Space (Her character Alice was memorably turned into a skeleton while in a swimming pool). Sonia's credits are slim, but she did make it on Broadway. She had a bit part in the 1954 Tony award winning play "Ondine", which starred Audrey Hepburn.

Available on DVD: Volume 33

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