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311 - It Conquered the World

With Short: Snow Thrills

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Aug 24th 1991
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Low - Wacky creature from space thriller
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Ditto

Shown with the 'winter sports spectacular' short, "Snow Thrills". Is it good? Two words; "Ski Jorging", tee-hee. Onward then, to the main event, which offers us our first MSTed glimpse of the ever delightful Beverly Garland (She will be seen in future Corman crapfests like "Swamp Diamonds" and "Gunslinger").

This is the first Roger Corman film to be featured on the show and it's about a killer pickle from outer space who has come to take over the earth (with the help of Lee Van Cleef). The world wins when Peter Graves bores the alien to death with a series of overlong, pompous speeches (what, you thought fire killed the beast?)

The crew does a fine job of picking on this flick; I especially like the parts where they added lines to the dialog -Graves speaks of 'hands' and 'minds' and Tom includes a comment about 'feet'- And of course, the Venusian takes a few shots, "It's a safety cone gone horribly wrong!" - Joel. The movie related host segments are decent - so overall, from top to bottom, the experiment is steady. What keeps it from a higher ranking is that "It" isn't a timeless classic for me. The years haven't been kind and it's not an episode that holds up to repeat viewings. Solid, but not a constant gut buster for me.

Host Segments 
Intro: Rehearsing for Star Search. Invention: The Mads are wearing nooses. Joel presents the Sony Sea-Man headphones. Segment 1: Winter sports cavalcade. Segment 2: Dinner time insults. Segment 3: Celebrity siblings. End: Peter's speech. Stinger: "He learned almost too late that man is a feeling creature, and because of it, the greatest in the universe..."

MST Hour Segments 
Part 1: Mike is still Nursing his cold, as Jack he mentions that this film inspired him to want to be a director… later he kids “IT”.  Part 2: The recap, Jack carries a headphone and mic. Seg 2 gives us Beverly Garland trivia and Jack attempting to use the mic and phones to communicate with a crew member.

Notable Riffs
Snow Riffs
* "You know, where I come from they arrest flashing blades." - Joel
* "It's the parade of shame and wasted lives!" - Servo as Narrator
* "Yeah well you're full of skit." - Joel
* "Sheep thrills?" - "Well to each his own." - Crow/Joel
* "It's the sled of the sub-genius." - Joel

It Riffs
* "Get your shoes on, we're at the monster." - Crow
* "Hey your dragging a xylophone." - Crow
* "Honey, why can't you just let me once take over the world?" - Joel as Tom
* "Venus?" - "You know, no arms, nice rack." - Paul/Servo
* "I'm doing this for Jody Foster. It's nothing personal." - Servo as a Cop
* "I understand now. Gallagher "is" funny." - Joel as Gen. Paddock
* "Just kill it, don't play with it!" - Crow
* "Man; You just can't keep that guy away from the farm animals." - Crow
* "Honey would you get that crow out of the fridge, I'm going to make them eat it now."- "Hu?" - Joel as Tom/Crow
* "You're about the last man in town." - "And I still wouldn't marry you" - Cop/Crow
* "Your hands are human but your mind is enemy." - "And I wont bring up your feet." - Paul/Servo
* "That's right Tom, you just had an undeserved stay of execution." - "Gosh I should get him something." - Claire/Joel
* "He's established at elephant hot springs cave, because it uses a climate like that of Venus." - "And because he's an elephant." - Tom/Joel
* "Uh, honey, I think we're growing apart, we don't have the same interests any more. You want to conquer the world, I want to put a shop in the basement." - Joel as Paul
* "Well, there's blankets and canned goods in the broom closet. We'll make out." - "Oh, wowwww!" - Scientist/Joel
* "Yeah, everybody gets a day off at the end of the world. Didn't you know that? It's a free day." - Joel

Riff Explained 
"I believe in peanut butter!" - Joel
This comes from a 1972 TV commercial for Peter Pan Peanut Butter. The tag line went... "If you believe in peanut butter, you gotta believe in Peter Pan"

"Thank you Curtis LeMay" - Crow
Spoken after the General warns of communist attack: LeMay was a General in the Air Force who was known for leading relentless bombing raids. Considered by some as an extreme right wing warmonger. He was the inspiration for George C. Scott's character in the film "Dr. Strangelove".

Stuff and Nonsense
* Red in color and nicknamed 'Beulah' by the crew, the alien was originally conceived as squat and mushroom like. When Beverly Garland got a look at it, she laughed and according to Corman, knocked it over with a swift kick to the head. Paul Blaisdell (The monsters creator) quickly added the cone to make it taller.

* "It" was remade by Larry "Attack of the Eye Creatures" Buchanan as Zontar: The Thing From Venus, which was in turn parodied in a hysterical episode of SCTV.

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