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315 - Teenage Caveman

With Shorts: Aquatic Wizards & Catching Trouble

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Nov 9th 1991
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - Repetitive and tedious
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest at best
Skits: Aside from "Catching Ross", induced mostly smiles

Robert Vaughn stars as a well groomed Caveman who longs to break tribal law and see what's across the river. Once he gets there, he finds the chard parrot from show #701, invents a child's bow and arrow and creates an incredible "Stinger".

The gang riff this Corman dreck with aplomb, an amazing feat considering this boring flick -ripe with tons of stock footage- would have broken most men. There are a few dead zones though, chunks where the laughs are light, and the skits are mostly dumb (The nonsensical "street fight" between the Mads). Save for the wonderful "Catching Ross", which is inspired by the animal abusive short, "Catching Trouble". We also are gifted with the ski-riffick "Aquatic Wizards". And it's these shorts that elevate this episode to a B grade.

Host Segments
Intro: It's a rainy day and the guys are bored. Magic voice tries to help. Invention: J&TB create epicac's. Frank and Clay get into a fight. Segment 1: Catching Ross. Segment 2: Joel starts to teach a lesson, but the Mads battle on. Segment 3: Deep thoughts about character types and such. End: Crow and Tom put on radiation suits and the Mads patch things up. Stinger: Look out for that tree!

Notable Riffs
Aquatic Wizards
* "Hey it's the Go-Go's" Joel

* "...swimming, modeling and acting" - "But they really want to direct" - Narrator/Joel

* "Here's their teacher, 'Chad Slab-Body'" - Servo
* "Uh, that's a bad touch Chad." - Joel
* "Notice that the arms don't rotate as in snow skiing..." - "They just snap clean off" - Narrator/Crow

Catching Trouble
* "Talk him down Emo!" - Joel
* "Don't you know your wanted in Chicago?" - "For voting twice." - Narrator/Servo

* "Shh wait - I hear something living" - Servo as Ross

* "Man would I love to see that cubs mother come through the woods right now" - Joel
* "Hey! He says he likes you as a friend... but your "not" his boyfriend" - Joel

Teenage Caveman

* "Based on a play by Lillian Hellman" - "The Caveman's Hour" - Servo/Crow
* "How about dinner, movie and a drag by the hair?"- Servo as Robert
* "Have you seen my training bra?" Servo as bad guy
* "Poor guy's got a shaggy diaper" - Servo
* "Looks like the 4th gift is Vitalis" - Joel
* "You use meat to keep your flame hot?" - Joel
* "He's playing a fugicle" - Servo
* "Wait a minute, don't eat it, Corman wants to use it for a monster in his next movie!" - Joel
* "It's me, it's Trumpy!" - Joel
* "One of the clan has come to manhood" - "At the tender age of 37." - Old man/Servo
* "Two such men will come to fight..." - "One tin soldier rides away" - Robert/Joel
* "Shh. Don't talk so loud. Everyone will want death now." - Joel
* "This is a job for 'Mighty Jack'!" - Servo
* "This is the God it fears." - "Mr. Snuffleupaguss?" - Robert/Joel
* "Oh - Right in the towel!" - Joel

Other Favorite moments... The gang hums the "Bunny-Hop" song at the end when the tribe go hunting for Vaughn's character. Very funny

Riffs Explained
Emo Phillips? His name pops up quite a bit in the "Catching Trouble" short. Emo was a very strange but very funny comedian in the late 80's. A typical joke: "I discovered my wife in bed with another man, and I was crushed. So I said, "Get off me, you two!". Ha, Ha Ha!! I see Emo's still around, but has modernized his look.

"Oh, here he is, your komodo dragon" - Servo 
This line comes from the Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick comedy, "The Freshman". In the scene, Bert Parks sings these words to some folks who are waiting to dine on komodo dragon.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Beach Dickerson played 3 death scenes and attended his own funeral in this flick. He's the teen who drowns in the swamp (and is one of the mourners at the funeral, in a scene cut from the MSTing). The horseman from the burning plains who is speared by the bad guy, AND he's the guy in the bear costume that is killed in the hunt!

* Keep and eye out for Corman regular Barboura Morris, hanging out in cavewoman garb among the rocky cliffs (she can be spotted in the crowd when the hunters return after the bear attack). Those of you who have seen Wasp Woman (and if you haven't, you should, as it has been nicely riffed by Joel and the gang at Cinematic Titanic) will remember her as the lovely Mary Dennison in that film. Sadly, Barboura died from a stroke in 1975 at the age of 43.

* There is a quick clip from the film "She Creature" tossed in at the end. That movie will itself be riffed in season 8.

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