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316 - Gamera vs. Zigra

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Oct 19 1991
#74 in Mighty jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - Childish good times
Riffing: Hilarious
Skits: Okay, with one great visit from the kids

Kenny and Helen (whose thirst is never slaked) are the tiresome tykes in this one. Zigrans are the powerful race of alien invader, who are so powerful that it took the strength of a flashlight and a couple of guys saying "AAAA" into a walkie-talkie to defeat them! As for Gamera? Well he's just clowning around; laughing, dancing and playing his theme song on Zigra's back spines like a xylophone. Come on Gam, if you don't get serious little Helen will never get that dang Coke!

From that synopsis it's easy to tell that this is another goofy one for the Gamster. And while I didn't find it as funny as his battle with Guiron, it's still a riot - as Crow attempts to bite the Zigra girls bum, Servo references Sisyphus & Yoko Ono and Joel belittles Zigra's parott like beak "I want a cracker, a big one!"

The episode also leans heavily on song -The Hooters "All You Zombies", Styx "Lorelei", The Beatles "They all die in a yellow Bathysphere"- and Monty Python skits -"Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam"- for riff resources.

The Host Segments are okay; The best being Mike & Bridget as Kenny & Helen. I thought Bridget was especially good, "Gamera is, my boyfriend". Ha, Ha. Good stuff.

Host Segments
Intro: The gang celebrate the last Gamera movie with a root beer kegger party. Invention: Mads: The 3 Stooges gun. SOL: Joel turns Crow into a shish kebab. Segment 1: The Bots show Joel the inner workings of Gamera. Segment 2: Art Therapy is used to work through the pain of the movie. Segment 3: A hexfield visit from Kenny & Helen. End: Everyone does another version of the Gamera song. Stinger: "Smart guy, who does he think he is".

Notable Riffs
* "They are youth in Asia" - Joel
* "Lets go get some tuna safe dolphin" - Joel
"Oh and that's their reward, being stuffed" - Crow on Dolphins
* "You know what's weird but even the Monsters badly dubbed" - Joel
* "I wish I could really act" - Joel as Helen
* "She's hot dad" - Crow
* "He's got a hat mad at him" - Crow
* "Okay, so they don't like Yoko Ono, so what's the point?" - Servo
* "Another preschooler saves Japan" - Servo
"Sister, that dress is heading for trouble and it's taking you with it" - Crow
"I feel empty, what a soulless experience" - "He toasted our parents" - Crow & Joel as Kenny & Helen
"Sisyphus, I presume?" - Servo
* "Oh, now she wants the terminator sized cup of Coke" - Joel
* "So follow the children" - "And bless the beasts" - Zigra/Joel
* "Gidget gets evacuated" - Joel
* "Everyone is to evacuate immediately" - "I just did!" - Announcer/Joel
"The fish are screaming" - Joel
"Did I get that right, they die on vacation?" - Crow
* "You know Gamera's never seen the Mohel" - Joel
"Did he just flame those two kids? I hope so" - Joel
"Porn on the radio, I don't think it's going to work" - Joel
"Oh he's Mighty Jack" - Servo

Riff Explained 
"It's Shelley Winters and Montgomery Clift" - Crow
Spoken while little Kenny and Helen sit in a boat. This riff refers to the film "A Place In The Sun" (1951). Based on a true story of a man whose romance with a woman he loves is threatened by an old (and pregnant) girlfriend. Clift takes the former flame (Winters) out in a rowboat and kills her (or did he?) 

"It's" - Servo
Said when Kenny & Helen meet the disheveled old man on the rocks. References Monty Python: The "It's Man" was a guy in torn clothes and a long, scraggly beard who would appear at the beginning of the show and say "it's..." before being abruptly cut off by the opening titles.

Stuff and Nonsense
Daiei Studios went bankrupt and thus, this became Gamera's swan song in his original run. Director Noriaki Yuasa revealed that before the studio went belly up, that there were plans for a film that had Gamera taking on a 2 headed serpent called "Garasharp"

Available on DVD: Volume 21

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