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317 - Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

With Short: The Home Economics Story

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Oct 26 1991
#92 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Medium - Somehow, Corman made Viking gals boring.
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Same as above

The infamous Waffle show where each skit concerns waffles, and each are met with varying degrees of laughter. Willy the Waffle, we will later discover, was inspired by "Coily" from episode #1012.

The show opens with the very long and very funny short - The Home Economics Story. The riffing is quick, clever and very high spirited. Crow's mad laughter at the mailbox cracked me up big time. Now, if only the movie had caused similar ebullience.

I was really looking forward to this film because hey, Viking women, 'nuff said! But Roger Corman somehow turns these colorful warriors into painfully dull wienies. The quips -while not as rip roaring as was heard in the short- are generally solid. And at the very least, we have the ineffectual "Todd" and Prince Whiny Pants to laugh at.

Susan Cabot (Wasp Woman), June Kenney (Earth vs Spider) & Sally Todd (Unearthly) are just a few of the lovely lady Vikings.

Host Segments
Intro: Consider the waffle. Invention: On Deep 13 it's the meat re-animator. On the SOL, the waffle flatner. Segment 1: Joel reprograms the bots so that they love waffles. Segment 2: Joel sez, "Waffles". Segment 3: Willy the Waffle pops in for a visit. End: the waffle song. Stinger: Whiny Prince.

MST Hour Segments
Part 2: Our host handles a few waffles and reveals that he’s descendant to the Viking, and that he sometimes lets his warrior self fly while playing golf. In seg 2 he carries a spear and gets all excited over the Viking women (while howling like a wolf). He plays around with the spear during the credits. Part 2: Jack looks hilarious in Viking getup doing the recap. In the closing segment he offers some trivia about one of the actors and later chokes on a waffle.

Notable Riffs
Home Riffs
* "How do pop tarts work?" - Joel as Kay
* "Did you know that the nation's brunch industry employs over 5000 people?" - "Most of them named Chad" - Narrator/Crow
* "She got a real thrill out of dropping that letter in the box." - "HO HO HE HE HA HA HA HA!!" - Narrator/Crow
* "At first it looks bare and not very friendly." - "Who, her room-mate?" - Narrator/Servo
* "What is Home Economics?" - "Boy, you think they would have told us by now!" - Narrator/Crow
* "Oh no, you put the laundry in the composting toilet!" - Crow
* "The 5 pound potty? She had a big breakfast." - Joel (Both Joel & Kevin get to giggling over this riff
* "So, you all drove down to see them off." - "And to re-enact the last scene from Anna Karenina." - Narrator/Servo

Vikings Riffs
* "Oh Vikings always fade in the second half." - Joel
* "Hey, I just had this dream" - Crow
* "This is getting weird, you guys. There's a silhouette of theater seats behind that movie." - Joel
* "Why must they laugh at my mighty sword." - Servo
* "Light the shoebox and throw it in the toilet!" - Joel as boat burns
* "Help me please!! I'm being attacked by a ham sandwich!!" - Crow as Semya
* "...these are still wet from the spray" - "I told you to hang off further! How long have you been a Viking?" - Tira/Crow as Inger
* "Oh come on, Delta Burke could fit through that window." - Servo
* "It's the pale skinned giant you want!" - "Mr. Clean?", "Larry Bird?" - Stark/Joel/Servo
* "Oh, no!! They licked her to death!" - "I knowwww." - Servo/Crow
* "Roger, this is God. Pick up the pace!" - Crow
* "Sorry about the costume. Corman's poodle died, and he doesn't like to waste anything." - Crow, as Stark
* " were head strong and impatient, unless you had your own way." - "Especially if you drank Coke in the morning." - Viking dude/Joel
* "Dad, I'm so hot I don't need a match!" - Joel as Semya
* "Good thing I re-shingled my hat" - Joel as Stark
* "Quick we've no time to lose." - "And no time to figure how we saw all that!" - Viking Gal/Joel
* "I'm Todd the Baptist." - Crow
* "I'm dead, goodnight, God bless." - Crow as Sea Serpent doing Red Skelton
* "The storm god sits quietly with his napkin in his lap, num-num-num." - Crow
* "Well, okay, yonder lies the matte painting of the castle of my father." - Servo as Zarko
* "You know, this Home Economics film really took a weird turn somewhere along the line..." - Servo

Riffs Explained 
"Here's a young Judy Chicago" - Crow
Spoken during the Economics short, Judy Chicago, born Judy Cohen, is a painter, writer, etc; best known for initiating the feminist art movement.

"Estes Kefauver?" - Servo. 
And Kay's father does look like the great Senator from Tennessee (1949-63). Kefauver was a strong voice for civil rights and consumer protection acts. A Vice Presidential candidate in 1956, he & Adlai Stevenson lost to Eisenhower.

Stuff & Nonsense
Abby Dalton (Desir) once dated Roger Corman, and was given the lead in this movie when Kipp Hamilton backed out (depending on the source; she was either under contract elsewhere or wanted more money). Abby's sister was cast to play Asmild, but when she was knocked unconscious after falling off a horse on the first day of shooting, June Kenney took over the role. 

Of Note: Abby is the mother of actress Kathleen Kinmont (The bride in "Bride of the Re-Animator)

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