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403 - City Limits

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, June 20 1992
Excellence Level: Tin-Foil
Movie Pain: High - Vapid and unengaging
Riffing: Good at start, fades quickly
Skits: Chuckle-Fest at best

An unholy mess of a movie... Did I mention that I cried while watching it? This one started off promising. Mike Nelson does a dead on Morrissey during the invention exchange and the opening theater segment is very funny during the scenes with the skull guy -"Hi, I'm Max Keller"- later, Joel remarks -"I can't get there, they keep freeze framing me"- Then shortly after that Joel opens an umbrella to hide some skinny-dipping.

Nice work, but beyond this, Limits - with its cast of many familiar faces (Robbie Benson, James Earl Jones, Kim Cattrall) and its post apocalyptic fashions straight out of the musical "Fame"; doesn't seem to stir up the crews creative juices. Crows crush on Kim isn't as fun as Servo's passion for Tibby the Turtle in "Gamera". And aside from Morrissey, the skits were weak.

Host Segments
Intro: Lots and lots of ping-pong balls fall on Joel. Invention: J&TB display their "Mr. Meat & Potato Heads". The Mads have Morrissey locked in tupperware. Did I mention that he cried? Segment 1: Crow sings the Kim Cattrall song. Segment 2: J&TB create their own superheroes, among them: "Man Man", "Always Smells Like Meatball Man" and "Mister Papercut" - 47 different angles of paper jut from his body. Segment 3: More Super Heroes. End: The guys play City Limits trivia, but can't remember a thing. Morrissey sniffs Forrester. Stinger: Screaming bad guy blows up real good

Notable Riffs
"Hey I found Ed Begley Jr. Can I keep him" - Joel
"Hey I'm not really a skull lady"- Joel
"It's like he wants to order a pizza but doesn't dare." - Joel
"Kim's having my fantasy about her" -Crow
"I can't get this through my thick skull" - Crow
"Nice location for a beating. Real scenic" - Servo
"One good thing about the apocalypse -- always plenty of parking." - Servo
"So what was that whole hitting-me-with-chains thing about?" - Crow as Lee
"That's a lot of fabric to wear on a cycle." - Crow
"They're trying to kill me! I guess I'll park." - Crow as Lee
"What is this, 'Pantsless Motorcycle Repair'?" - Servo
"Would you quit being evil over my shoulder?" - Crow as Kim Cattrall
"You're really stupid if you get hit by a car after the apocalypse." - Crow
"Ah, the illegal smuggling of mimes. Nobody talks about it" - Crow
"Boy, it was windy last night: the cows stuck right to the barn" - Servo
"Can we all just stop and look at our scripts? ... Oh, I guess it does say that Boy George drives in lobbing Molotov cocktails." - Servo
"Carver!" - "Raymond Carver! If we don't save him minimalism is doomed" - Kim Cattrall/Servo
"Daddy needs a new pair of hydraulic talons" - Crow
"Oh, that's dirty pool. If I knew what was going on I'd really be indignant" - Crow
"Somewhere there's a clown missin' a sleeve." - Crow

Riff Explained 
"She Killed Whitey" - "What about Lumpy?" - Joel
This riff refers to characters on the TV show "Leave it to Beaver". Whitey, who was played by Stanley Fafara, recently died (Sept, 2003) from complications after surgery, he was 53. Like many child actors, Stanley had a tough life - struggles with drugs and alcohol; jail time. His brother, Tiger, was also on the show. He played Toomey.

"Uh yeah, your girlfriend just threw something off a bridge" - Crow
Said when Carver answers the phone: In 1976, Robbie Benson starred in a movie that was based on Bobbie Gentry's hit song "Ode to Billy Joe". In the song, Bobby Joe and a girl are seen throwing something off a bridge. What that was, is never revealed and Gentry (who was married to "Riding With Death's", Jim Stafford, by the way) keeps her silence on the subject.

Stuff and Nonsense
One of the 3 DA's that attacked our hero before he first meets the Choppers, was none other than Kane Hodder. Kane is a stuntman (Daredevil) and has played Jason Voorhees in several Friday the 13th movies

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