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404 - Teenagers From Outer Space

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, June 27 1992
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Low - No budget, but decent B Movie
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Most are very funny

Old looking teen aliens plan on using Earth to farm their food source: The ever fearful and tasty GARGON (actually a laughable lobster shadow). Derek, our "Teenager from Outer Space"; rebels, runs away, rooms with a guy missing a finger and falls in love with Betty. Phew - All this just to avoid... "TOHTCHA".

Unlike many low budget B-Movies, TFOS actually has some tight editing, several location shots and offers more than one camera angle. So a person could conceivably watch this one without the gag reflex kicking in.

Now, toss in some funny riffs (Thor and his skeleton gun inspire a few good rib ticklers) and host segments (Clayton dates Resusci-Annie; Reel to Real life), and you have all the makings for an 'out of this world' viewing experience... And of course - This movie goes great with drawn butter, it's to die for.

Trivia Alert! In segment 3, when Crow waxes philosophic; the bit about... "Hanging in space like a speck of food floating in the ocean. Sooner or later, to be swallowed up by some creature floating by..." He was quoting a character from the start of the movie. This piece of film was not seen or riffed on in the MST3K version.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel finds an effective way to retire the NBC Mystery Movie riffs. Invention: Tom & Crow present the Scratch N' Sniff Report Card. Dr. F puts on a show using Resusci-Annie and has to perform emergency mouth to mouth, "That's an odd taste". Segment 1: How real life Landlords stack up against the one in the movie. Segment 2: J&TB take out the trash; drive-in style. Segment 3: Skull spaceship visits the SOL. End: Duct tape fashions & Clays date with Annie. Stinger: Derek's boss promises TOHTCHA!

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: Jack holds some pimple cream and reminds us, "It’s only teenage wasteland". Upon his return he mentions the difficulty in grounded a teenager from outer space for their shenanigans. As credits scroll across the screen, he exercises and hurts himself. Part 2: Before the recap, we spot Mr. Perkins getting his makeup, he complains that he looked like Frosty the Snowman in the last segment. In the closing bit he holds a skull and wonders why people are frightened of skeletons. During the credits he attempt to bowl the skull but it gets stuck on his fingers.

Notable Riffs
* "Jim Henson's 'Barretta Babies'" - Servo
* "Let us implement contractions." - Servo
* "They came all this way to go bowling?" - Joel
* "But Sir, you're a hand puppet." - Joel
* "Ah, the foley man's fryin' up a burger." - Crow
* "I travel light, just a makeup bag" - Crow as Derek
* "Just say it, don't spray it dear." - Crow as Gramps
* "This couldn't be Sparky" - "Sparky had skin." - Betty/Crow
* "And he forced Gramps to drive here? - "He is insane!" - Joe/Joel
* "I have never piloted swim trunks before." - Servo, as Derek
* "I like you, Gramps. That's why I'll kill you last." - Crow, as Thor
* "There was love!" - "Oh bite me, there was not!" - Derek/Joel as the Captain
* "You may have it." - "It's called 'Iron John'" - Derek/Servo
* "Jeepers, this dog tags a gold mine!" - Joel as Derrick
* "I say, what's going on here." - "and you say it rather woodenly." - Doctor/Joel
* "Thor..." - "Ye'th it'th very thor." - Derek/Crow as Thor
* "Why do you seek the living among the dead?" - Servo
* "Oh criminy, there's little chunks of Derek everywhere!" - Servo

Riff Explained 
"Oh she came from Planet Claire?" - Servo 
This was the title of a song & album by the B-52's. Released in 1995 the LP includes the song "Rock Lobster".

"Andrew Wyeth Valley" - Joel
Wyeth was a painter who often placed his subjects in grassy, wooded areas. His most famous work was titled Christina's World

Stuff & Nonsense
* For info on actress Dawn Bender (Anderson), who played Betty; check out her bio at Wikipedia

* King "Tohtcha!" Moody played Ronald McDonald in commercials through the 70's. And though he didn't get the part of Hymie, King was later cast as Shtarker in the hit show, "Get Smart".

* Derek was played by David Love (AKA Charles Rogers), who was born Charles Rogers Kaltenthaler. Next to nothing is known about the man or what became of him after making this film. For info on the director check out - For info on a documentary check out

* Look closely as the gang returns to the theater after the "Skull Spaceship" visit. You can see Kevin's hands reach out for his bot.

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 6

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