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405 - Being From Another Planet

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, July 4th 1992
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - Neither the story or characters are compelling
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest at best
Skits: One brilliant sketch, the rest induced mostly smiles

This is just... "M'eh", okay. Not an exceptionally fun B-movie and there's nothing real special about the riffing either.

Originally titled "Time Walker", it stars Ben Murphy as a professor who's in pursuit of a missing mummy with a really bad fungus which burns people to death. The mummy turns out to be a bug eyed alien, aaand... that's about all the enthusiasm I can muster up for a plot summary (which is still more life and enthusiasm than the director & screenwriter put into making this turkey)

The storyline and presentation isn't sparkling and this results in Joel and company putting forth -at best- a workman like effort in the theater. Whether they riddle the credits with puns, or tease the character of Ken Melrose; it's all, just okay. The few big laughs I received I can count on one hand (two of Joel's best shots: An infant cries during a date -"I love baby talk"- and during a quick scene where the mummy glides across the screen, Mr. Robinson observes -"Oh, he's at the Airport"-

Also, aside from the Mads brilliantly wicked invention (Tragic Moment Figurines, the one classic moment in this entire episode) the rest of the sketches didn't particularly knock me out.

Overall, this experiment wasn't horrible but there wasn't much to distinguish it either. "Being" is just an episode, neither here, nor there.


Host Segments
Intro: What's this movie like? Invention: Deep 13 offers Tragic Moment figurines. The SoL shows off the Jack Palance impersonators kit. Segment 1: The bots are dressed as mummies and Joel defends actor Billy Mumy Segment 2: Joel visits the bots haunted house. Segment 3: Joel, Gypsy and Cambot try to cheer up Tom and Crow. But even with Holclowns the experience leaves them all feeling empty. End: It's the "TV's Frank Shopping Network". Stinger: Nimrod burns his hand.

Notable Riffs
"So far this movie looks like a dramatization of a movie" - Crow
* "A 3000 year old child proof cap" - Crow
"Oh great the plague. I've gotta date" - Crow
"...this fella hasn't seen the light of day in 3000 years" -"So he's gonna be cranky" - Ben Murphy/Servo
"An Ace award, what's that doing in there?" - Crow
"Oh he's doing a paint by number clown" - Joel
* "Man if we could see that I bet it'd be scary" - Joel
* "Don't wake the baby" -"I thought you were the baby?" - Girl/Crow
"Clown!" - "Take that back or I'll squirt you with my flower" - Pete/Joel
"I'll search every underwear drawer in sorority row" - Servo
"There's already a boy in the hospital" - "And I gotta hit a home run for him!" - Ben Murphy/Crow
"A fish finder in a hospital?" - Servo
* "Alright, for today's crazy call we're gonna call Ben Murphy and tell him we got a good part for him" - Joel as DJ
"The Mod Squad. In lime green!" - Servo
* "Well that's a shame, he had tenure too" - Servo
* "Go get Ken Melrose, he'll touch anything!" - Crow

Riff Explained 
"Hi, I'm Martha Raye, the big mouth" - Crow
Singer Martha Raye was nicknamed "The Big Mouth". This line refers to a commercial she did in the 80's for Super Polident

Stuff & Nonsense
Nina Axelrod (Susan Fuller) is the daughter of screenwriter George Axelrod (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Manchurian Candidate). Nina was up for the role of Rachael in the movie Blade Runner. When the part went to Sean Young, a disheartened Axelrod shifted her attention towards work as a casting director. Nina now lives in Colorado where she runs a theater company

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