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408 - Hercules Unchained

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Aug 1st 1992
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Medium - Standard Herc adventure
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Fair, but the Gypsy/Lyre skit is one of the worst

In the interest of continuity and to appreciate the full beauty of the story, you should probably watch show #502 first.... Then again, I watched show #502 first and this movie still doesn't make any more sense. Even Servo longs for the clarity of "Mighty Jack".

Anyway, Herc is on some kind of adventure when he drinks from the waters of forgetfulness, which inspires Crow to joke... "I've forgotten everything but I still can't get 'Afternoon Delight' out of my mind". Later, he fights another kitty, there's this huge battle and at the end, love triumphs over all.

Funny riffs include a nod to Rondo Hatton (years before "Brute Man"), Joel pointing out -"Evanrud, the early years"- during a rowing scene and when Yole pulls out a Lyre, Crow hums a few bars from "Smoke on the Water".

Aside from Mike as Steve Reeves and Joel's Steve-O-Meter invention, the Host segments are somewhat rambling and noisy. Even the stinger wasn't the best. I felt Ulysses had a couple odd and funny moments that would have made better choices. In one he bugs out his eyes and flies across the room. In another he starts freaking out after Herc bends a lamp.

Host Segments
Intro: The bots get washed and waxed. Invention: At Deep 13 it's Swatch Roaches, with Steve Reeves visiting. The SOL offers up the Steve-O-Meter (as in Steve Allen, not Reeves). Segment 1: Gypsy plays a lyre in this annoying skit. Segment 2: Many forms of the Waters of Forgetfulness. Segment 3: The Bots try to get Joel to tell them what's going on with Herc and the weird lady. End: Gypsy and the bots wonder why and Steve reminisces. Stinger: Weird look from a weird gal.

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: Hail Zeus! Jack is really excited about this film. In seg 2 he is seen with a glass of wine and ponders the waters of forgetfulness. During the credits Jack enjoys his drink as he has a crewmember act like a dog, and later rests his feet upon him while he reads his paper. Part 2: Perkin’s is seen with a lyre and gives his recap. Upon his return, he has a steel bar in his hands, which he twirls like a baton as the credits roll - of course he hurts himself.

Notable Riffs
* "It's the newest sport, Grandpa dunking!" - Crow
* "Ever thought of putting two similar sentences together?" - Crow
* "Hey, stop feeding my bride." - Crow as Herc
* "Hardly any animals were hurt in the making of this film." - Joel
* "I'm sorry, your what hurts?" - Servo
* "Ow! I fell on my keys" - Crow as Herc
* "Bye Mr. Hoffa" - Servo as Herc
* "Hm, looks like a giant egg cutter" - Joel
* "Throw this in the box marked garage sale" - Servo as Iole on egg cutter
* "I'll show you what a boy can do" - "I can flyyyy!" - Ulysses/Servo
* "Why is he wearing a bath mat?" - Joel
* "They're giddy with violence" - Joel
* "Uh I forgot how my muscles work" - Crow as Herc
* "Hey in 2000 years that'll be worth something" - Joel as Herc tosses goblet
* "What did you say?" - "I forgot already" - Herc/Joel
* "I can't hear you I'm sleeping... and deaf" - Crow as Ulysses
* "He's Herculicious" - Joel as Lydia
* "It's an army of Port-A-Potties" - Joel

Riff Explained 
During the scenes when the queen welcomes her visitors. She asks a handsome dude what his name is and Joel says... "My name is Mrs. Norman Maine". This comes from the Judy Garland/James Mason film, "A Star is Born". Mason's character has died and his superstar wife honors him by being introduced to an audience as "Mrs. Norman Maine"

Later, the visitors describe Hercules as, "a born fighter and the greatest man in Thebes", to which Joel adds... "and a hell of an engineer". This refers to a line in the Georgia Tech fight song, "Ramblin' Wreck". The lyrics go back as far as 1908 and the part Joel quotes comes from... "I'm a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer!"

Stuff and Nonsense 
Gigantic Primo Carnera (Antaeus) was boxing's heavyweight champ in 1933. It is believed that most of Primo's fights were rigged and he eventually lost the title to Max Baer. Max is the father of TV's Jethro Bodeen of the Beverly Hillbilly's (Max Baer Jr.)

Available on DVD Collection Volume 7

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