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409 - The Indestructible Man

With Short: The Undersea Kingdom, Chapter 2

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Aug 15 1992
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Medium - Nobody should have to get that close to Lon's face
Riffing: Solid good humor
Skits: Chuckle-Fest

A movie with lots of undesirable close ups of lots of undesirable pores: Lon Chaney Jr. gets the chair and after being re-animated, seeks revenge on those who wronged him.

I was pretty tough on this episode in my first review. And yes, there are times when the humor aims low with lots of snot and whizzing type jokes. But I didn't give the gang enough credit for how smart their work was as well. Literary reference? "Indestructible Man" overflows with them. From Father Karras (The Exorcist) to Henry Chinaski (an autobiographical character used by author Charles Bukowski), as well as Joel's clever observational rib... "This has all the suspense of a Brian DePalma version of a Hitchcock movie!" Also, the scenes with the "girl who wouldn't blink" and the "Sleeping Policeman" are still as funny as ever.

The experiment opens with chapter 2 of the "Undersea Kingdom" and it too gives up more laughs than I originally thought, especially in the teasing young Billy receives. The invention exchange includes "Cereal Novels", Joel reads "Interview With A Vampire" With his Count Chocula, lol. Also the Cop and Donut jokes are officially retired. Overall tho, the skits were not very eventful.

Host Segments
Intro: The bots switch voices. Invention: The Mads host a party and never show their invention. On the SOL, it's novels for cereal boxes.Segment 1: The Undersea Kingdom Parade. Segment 2: A discussion about pain. Segment 3: Joel gives us the eye. End: Donut/Cop jokes are retired. Stinger: A closeup on Lon.

Notable Riffs
Undersea Riffs
"Hold me closer tiny Sailor." - Servo
* "Billy looks like William Frawley" - Crow
"The Man who would be Queen." - Servo
"Can we break your hat open now and eat the popcorn?" - Crow

Indestructible Riffs
"No one in their right mind would believe a man had returned from the dead" - "Only millions of Christians" - Chasen/Joel
"Woa, Aunt Bea, after dark." - Crow
"Honk if you're indestructible" - ?
* "Alright, Talk" - Joel, as Chasen questioning a display.
* "It sounds like the soundtrack is drunk." - ?
* "I'm gonna get you, All three of you" - "Wait, there's... only one of me!" - the Butcher/Joel
"That's when I told him he had the wrong girl." - "Then I had him electrocuted." - Eva/Servo
"You wanted me Captain?" - "For years." - Chasen/Joel as Captain
"The name of Paul triggered is hate" - "The name Gary made him happy" - Chasen/Joel
"You know, I really can't tell who's more fun to kill? It's a draw" - Joel as the Butcher
* "Check out the narcoleptic." - "...He's the sleeping policeman." - Joel/Servo
"I'm the scariest clown in the circus. Brddd.." - Crow as Butcher
"Oh pardon me, Tom 'I've got to take an Indestructible Whiz' Servo." - Joel
"You stinkin' rotten mouthpiece" - "That's 'Mister' stinking rotten-mouthpiece to you." - Butcher/Servo
"Now I think he's just the incredibly resilient man" - Servo

Skit Riff
"So, in a way, pain is good. Otherwise, we might be hurt and not know it and die during social studies." - Servo

Riff Explaine
Nathan Detroit?
A character in the musical "Guys and Dolls". The dancer in this flick is reminiscent of his girlfriend, Adelaide.

"They're in Karen Finley's wet bar" - Servo
Finley's a foul mouthed performance artist who'd probably like a wet bar in a sewer. At one performance, she smeared her nude body with chocolate (a substitute for excrement). This caused her some legal troubles.

Stuff and Nonsense 
Lt. Chasen was played by the original "Ward Cleaver"! Casey Adams (Born as Max Showalter) acted in the pilot for "Leave It to Beaver". Then titled "It's a Small World", the role eventually went to Hugh Beaumont when it became a full series.

ALSO: Dr. F was wrong, Adams did not play in "Catalina Caper", that was the similar looking 'Del Moore'. You might know Del if your a Jerry Lewis fan, as he appeared in about 7 of Lewis' films and acted as the announcer for the comics TV show.

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 11

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