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411 - The Magic Sword

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, August 29th 1992
#69 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - I actually had a good time watching this
Riffing: Cheeky good fun
Skits: Enchanting

A strange little fairy-tale from Bert I Gordon: Tells of a young knight (Gary Lockwood) who battles through 7 curses to save a princess from an evil wizard (Basil Rathbone), and his 2 headed dragon. A fun movie and weird, just like I likes 'em! I especially enjoyed sorceress Sybil's bald assistants (who provided this episodes stinger). Solid episode, well riffed, with few slow spots. Overall cute vibe - as when Joel gives Sir George a hard time about being able to defeat a puppet -Crow is somewhat incensed. Plus a couple of good skits; Frank gets too much radiation, and Crow sings a love song to Estelle Winwood (wonderfully aided by Servo). Oh, and Merrit Stone? He plays the 'Grady' like King (to answer Paul's question from the ACEG).

Host Segments
Intro: Joel draws caricatures. Invention: J&TBs wear "Big Gulp Berets". Forrester has designer bio hazard throw pillows. Segment 1: Basil Rathbones for dogs. Segment 2: The gang play "Middle Ages", until Servo spoils it with a large dose of reality. Segment 3: Crow sings "Estelle". End: Words you can't say on TV, and TV's Frank is looking a bit thin. Stinger: The dude with 2 heads.

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: The host wields a sword and promises, "Today you’ll be especially glad you paid your cable bill". When we return he is wearing a maidens hat, which makes him feel pretty so he dances gracefully with a crewman during credits and forces him to bow at the end. Part 2: Jack swings sword before the recap. In segment 2 he’s feeling powerful with that blade in his hand so he engages in swordplay with the crewman at the end.

Notable Riffs
* "Beseech this!" - Servo
* "12 Angry Mimes!" - Joel
* "Teddy Ruxpin, NO!" - Joel
* "I am furious yellow!" - Joel Helene
* "Double Hi-Keebah! Raised you one" - Servo as George
* "You've violated ape law!" - Crow, as the King
* "In a private ceremony they were married by Grady, from Sandford and Son." - Joel
* "You're not going home." - "You're going to Disneyland!" - Basil Rathbone/Joel
* "Why does the most evil man in the world live in a Stuckeys?" - Servo
* "They're not dead, they're just 'metaphysically challenged'." - Servo
* "Take her." - "Here? In front of the circus people?" - Basil Rathbone/Crow (as Sir Branton)
* "Mount your horses, gentlemen." - "We're not that lonely!" - Sir Branton/Crow
* "I have waited until your daughter reached that age, so that my dragon could relish the flesh of the princess." "Oh, wowwww..." - Basil Rathbone/Joel.
* "A Candystripers outfit? Thanks mom!" - Joel as George
* "Oh man, I know he's French, but her!?" - Joel
* "And last..." - "Terry, the sensitive knight." - George/Joel

Riff Explained
"Have Breakfast With Meeee!" - Joel 
Cereal quips were popular during the Joel era. Kix, Quisp, Quake, have all been used as joke material. The riff above, said while Sir George spies on his royal highness, refers to a "King Vitaman" commercial. BTW: One of the Knights in Vitaman's court, was Sir Laffsitup, whose voice was provided by Paul Frees, the director of "The Beatniks" (Episode #415).

Stuff and Nonsense
Gordon wanted to have the dragon breath real fire because an overlay effect wouldn't have looked as authentic. Because of this he couldn't use a miniature and actually built a dragon that was about 11 feet in height. On film he boosted the size of the beast so that it looked much larger.
Available on DVD: Volume 26

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