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412 - Hercules and the Captive Women

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Sept 12th 1992
#91 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Low - Confusing, good natured camp
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Solid, several fine sketches

Reg Park plays a good natured, yet excessively tired Hercules (Perhaps he had Mono during this adventure). In a movie that was so chopped up I had no idea what was going on half the time, and that scrambled my noggin a bit.

Still, there are many memorable moments, such as: Thrilling scenes of Hercules sleeping! Uranus! Midget Buffalo shots! Crows brilliant line, "He's Passing a Stone!" and Gypsy in the theater! (She doesn't quite get it at first, then adds a nice riff before beating a hasty retreat).

This isn't a riff juggernaut but there are more than a few excellent quips and the whole episode in general is a lot of fun. The skits are good -my favorites being the "Good natured brawling" bit and the "Sleeping Hercules" action figure- Plus Reg Park is someone I dig, I think he's keen! banner

Host Segments
Intro: Gypsy wants to watch the movie. Invention: Frank shows us the Lawn Baby. Joel wears the Womb Mate. Segment 1: It's a Herculean style brawl. Segment 2: Crow reads from Hercs biography. Segment 3: The Hercules action figure. End: Celebrating the final Herc film. Frank is chased by the lawn baby. Stinger: Hercules looking a little dazed.

"Hey get this, they're steam cleaning the horses." - Gypsy

Notable Riffs
* "Whoa... Did I toss a throne last night?" - Crow, as Hercules
* "Now that the mountains have fallen into the sea, that means a lot of people have to stop loving a lot of other people." - Joel
* "Follow me if you're flame retardant" - Servo
* "Uranus was a good cop!"
* "They got S'Mores" - Joel as Little Guy
* "Head injury playhouse presents: Don't let this happen to you" - Crow
* "Put her down and tie her to that stake." - "I'm tired of steak too, I want chicken, oh." - Atlantean/Crow
* "Today is dedicated to Uranus." - "Why, thank you, I..." - Ismene/Crow as Hercules
* "It says that one time this big lobster came and attacked a lady, but Mr. Ed saved her." - Servo
* "I went home with you?" - Crow
* "Watch out for the string Herc, it'll cut ya!" - Joel
* "Oh dear Lord the canary exploded!" - Servo
* "And is this your crew?" - "Uh, they're my little brothers friends...there's really nothing...much..." - Hercules/Joel
* "Maybe if they pulled up the anchor the plot would move a little" - Servo
* "Meanwhile, in the very same scene..." - Servo
* "Oh, they've got a fun friend" - Gypsy

Riff Explained 
"Things fall apart" - "The best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with a passionate intensity, if you know what I mean" - Joel/Servo
Said while Atlantis falls. Joel & Tom are quoting a poem by W.B. Yeats titled "Second Coming". It's about how great evil will rule the world before great good takes over. 

"Kill every one of them" - "Except for chopper, he's the funny one" - Warrior/Joel
Joel and Frank told me that this doesn't refer to anything media specific, Chopper is simply a generic name for the cool party guy everyone likes.

Stuff and Nonsense
Born in Yorkshire, England. Reg Park narrowly lost the Mr. Universe title to Steve Reeves in 1950. Before winning the competition in '51, '58 and '65. Park married a ballerina and moved to South Africa where he was still active as a personal trainer at the ripe old age of 73! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger trained with Reg in the late 60's and lived at the couple's home for a time.

Available on DVD: Volume 29

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