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413 - Manhunt in Space

With Short: General Hospital

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Sept 19th 1992
Excellence Level: Silver
Movie Pain: Medium - Too many fist fights, no ray-gun action?
Riffing: Solid, good humor
Skits: Okay, with one classic (The Winky segment)

This is actually a couple of episodes from an old kids series, melded together into one classic film experience. Meaty square headed Rocky Jones and his useless sidekick, Winky (The Lullaby King), take down a bunch of traitorous pirates using an invisible rocketship.

Lots of funny - with solid riffing directed towards Winky and young Bobby. Plus the movie provides many a laugh. Especially the fight that causes the rock wall to quiver, and when Rocky uses his opponents head as a door knocker I lost it (this is one of about a thousand bare knuckle brawls, which begs the question: Why is it Rocky always drops his gun to engage in fisticuffs? It's not like he's a very good, or even an adequate pugilist).

Includes a great Hexfield visit from Winky... live, via his, uh, invisible mmm, basement. Shown with the short General Hospital, which is a dumb Soap Opera, Why?! Ahh, but it too delivers many laughs.

Of Note: Tom spots the MST3K logo in the movie. Joel says "Your not suppose to know about that" lol.

Host Segments
Intro: Servo seeing red Invention: Frank & Clay wear Beanbag Pants. J&TB offer Recycled Paper Fashions. Segment 1: The Bots play General Hospital. Segment 2: "Space" as a modifier. Segment 3: A visit from Winky. End: Joel plays Crow like a guitar. The Mad's are stuck in their chairs. Stinger: Chair tossing bad guy.

Notable Riffs
Hospital Riffs
* "To put it even more simply, you eat like a pig!" - Servo, as Doctor 
* "Here comes Nurse-feratu." - Crow
* "Here, Let me punch you in the sternum to simulate the pain." - Crow, as Doctor
* "I have performed surgery once before, and although the person didn't survive I feel confident." - Joel, as Doctor

Manhunt Riffs
* "It's a crunch berry!" - Joel
* "Hey it's the sucker brothers." - Joel
* "Way to go BOB!" - Joel as Vena
* "Ow!! Right in the Winky." - Servo
* "Well he's got yummy icing on his collar." - Joel
* "But Paris was destroyed in the apocalypse, Winky." - Servo, as Rocky
* "Hey, we can't all notice the same subtleties." - Servo
* "I know what you're thinking -- Did I fire six shots of seltzer or seven?" - Crow, as Vena
* "I'm "already" sorry, Bobby..." - Servo, as Rocky Jones
* "Make it personal. Hurt their feelings if you can." - Servo, as Rocky Jones
* "Send in the clowns -- Oh! Don't bother, they're here." - Servo, as Sec. Drake
* "This is the part where the Zagnut is fertilized by the salted nut roll." - Joel
* "I'm glad I found you in Rocky..." - "But I'm not in Rocky?" - Drake/Servo
* "This is one time I'd like to say no Bobby, but I can't." - "You out rank me." - Rocky/Crow
* "Okay now bark like a dog! You, start chewing the other ones leg." - Joel as Vena
* "It's like a million to one shot that we'll ever be seen." - "Oh they're on Comedy Central." - Reggie/Crow
* "I just can't get enough of Betty Page." - Servo as Rocky
* "Oh I had planetoids once, had to sit on one of those donuts too." - Servo
* "What can you do against a secret like that?" - "PUNT!" - Rinkman/All

Riffs Explained
"Scott Tracy!" - Crow
This riff is said during a close up scene with Rocky Jones. It refers to a character on the show "Thunderbirds". Yeah, I can see the resemblance.

"She's the dark Nurse of the soul" - Servo
References a book by Spanish poet & Roman Catholic mystic, St. John of the Cross (1542-1591) titled Dark Night of the Soul.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Winky ("Little Rascal" Scotty Beckett) and Rocky (Richard Crane) died within a year of each other. Becket, from suicide on May 10th, 1968. Crane from a heart attack in 1969, (March 9th)

* Robert Lyden (Bobby) and Henry Brandon (Rinkman), will meet again in John Wayne's great film, "The Searchers". In that movie, Brandon's character -Chief Scar- kills Ben Edwards (Lyden). Robert also played Lon Chaney Jr (Indestructible Man) at age 13 in the film "Man of a Thousand Faces". A loose biography on the life of Lon Chaney Sr.

Available on DVD: Volume 14

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