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515 - Wild World of Batwoman

With Short: Cheating

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Nov 13 1993
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - embarrassing, hard to watch
Riffing: Great short, the feature has a few dips, but also several peaks.
Skits: Solid, good humor

Hoping to ride Batman's coat, uh I mean... cape. Director Jerry Warren offers us the story of Batwoman and her gang of Batgirls, who thwart -bad guy- Ratfink's plan to steal an "Atomic Hearing Aid". Lord help us all.

This movie hurts! I hate the quality of the sound, the fuzzy picture and asinine story. If not for the eye candy this movie might actually have the power to destroy me. Still, if I focus solely on the jokes I have to admit that they do some quality work here. 
The "Badfinger Murders" line is clever, as are the "Crying Game" references (to name 2). There are  riff valleys, and the movie is agony and kills a lot of the momentum. However, the last time I watched it I broke it up in 3 segments and that seemed to help the medicine go down.

The highlight of the release is the brilliant short "Cheating". This oppressively dark little film is a gas, as the guys enthusiastically rip on the apparently parent-less Johnny and his mortal sin. It's top notch, intelligent comedy that brought me to tears. 

Batwoman is a hard ep to grade because I adore the short, like the skits... but then that damn movie just destroys the joy. I mean, it nearly obliterates happiness out of existence. I'll settle on Bronze.

Host Segments
Intro: Viva Las Vegas on the SOL. Invention: Frank uses the Atomic Powered Hair Dryer on Clay, D-OH! Mike demonstrates the Razor Back. Segment 1: Discussing the short. Segment 2: Crow cheats on his essay. Segment 3: A meeting is held to determine Crows fate. End: Crow defends and forgives himself. Frank fears Dr. F's hair. Stinger: Woman bites thug.

Notable Riffs
Cheating Riffs
* "A Centron production... although we got the idea from another company, because we're cheating. Thank you!" - Crow
"This contract arrived for you from a Mr. Elzebub." - Servo, as Miss Grandy
* "Mother Theresa called... She hates you." - Crow
"A young Franz Kafka awaits his fate." - Servo
* "Good thing I had my Paxil." - Crow as Johnny
"But you remember what happened next John" - "You committed a mortal sin" - Narrator/Servo
"There's Mary, with all the answers in her head" - "Split it open, now" - Narrator/Crow
* "I envision a cheating wing." - Crow as Johnny
* "So is this Ingmar Bergman's first American film?" - Crow
* "I have to bathe Mother." - Mike as Johnny

Bat Riffs
* "There's a peeping Zoro outside. - Mike
* "A lot of villains aren't bold enough to wear clam-diggers." - Mike
* "I have no clue what you're talking about, but I'm profoundly devastated." - Servo, as Flannigan
* "I have the feeling 'Satan' would regret making this movie." - Mike
"Well you're out of paper, I had to use Heathcliff, he didn't mind." - Mike
* "It's fun when it's fun!" - Mike
* "It's like we're smart, but we're not" - Servo (as a Bat Girl)
"I wish I was hanging by that rope" - Mike
* "Oh, god... I was gonna get through this movie without thinking about his hips, and now this!" - Mike.
* "Oh, stop pretending there's a plot. Don't cheapen yourself further." - Crow
"She's got a frontal bike-rack" -Crow
"That's 40 pounds of butt in 30-pound butt capacity pants!" - Mike
"So there's a sub-plot about a horseshoe?" - Crow
"You know, that may not really be Chinese." - Servo

Riff Explained
"They got Shirley Chisholm back there" - Mike
Said while the Batgirls dance after eating soup. Chisholm was the first African American woman to be elected to Congress and the first to campaign for President (1972). Servo then starts singing "Chisholm, Shirley Chisholm". This refers to the catchy theme song from the John Wayne movie, Chiusm (John Chisum)

Stuff & Nonsense
Is Director Jerry Warren the worst film maker ever? Only his actors know for sure:
Bruno Ve Sota was quoted as saying that Warren was the only person in Hollywood that ever set out to make a bad picture (He just didn't care)

Katherine Victor stated that she had to create the "Batwoman" costume herself because Warren wouldn't hire a costume designer. She made the bat insignia with a cardboard cutout, outlined it on her chest with a drawing pencil and filled it in with black eyeliner.

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