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516 - Alien From L.A.

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Nov 20th 1993
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - unpleasant characters and a grimy looking picture made this a hazard to my health
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest
Skits: Wildly Funny

Music references and quips that focus on Kathy Ireland's intelligence and voice - dot this film about a young woman's search for her father in Austra...er, I mean, Atlantis (which resides deep in the center of the earth)

While it's real funny to begin with -one great riff has Kathy confusing Atlantis with Atlanta- "Alien" slows down at the end. Probably because there wasn't a lot of variety in the jokes (attempting to stretch the limited material over 92 minutes is a daunting task. Even for the Best of Brains)

Nice host segments include the song, "My Wild Irish Ireland" and Crow trying to remember that model in her underwear with the hair... You know the one?

Favorite riff: When Kathy asks her boyfriend why he broke up with her, Servo answers, "It's your helium addiction"

Host Segments
Intro: Drill Sergeant Crow Invention: Frank uses the Vend-A-Gut (for a liver). M&TB offer the Fridge Udders. Segment 1: Talking about that Model. Segment 2: My Wild Irish Ireland. Segment 3: The Kathy Ireland acting game. End: A letter, and Frank loses count of the change he's put in the Vend-A-Gut. Stinger: Kathy sez, "Yuk!"

Notable Riffs
* "We could have walked" - "I hate walking." - Mike/Crow as Wanda 
* "This whole room smells like my eyes" - Crow as Wanda
* "Why'd you even go out with me if I'm such a geek." - "Because I'm turned on by squeeze toys." - Wanda/Mike
* "We are Devo" - Servo as Wanda 
* "Once I had love, and it was a gas" - Mike as Blondie girl
* "Do you represent the lollipop guild?" - Mike as Gus
* "Boy, it's blue in Egypt. Bluer than I remember." - Servo as Dr. Saknussem
* "Did I mention I'm Australian?" - Servo as Gus
* "Paul Westerberg to the rescue" - Mike
* "How about you bite me twice?" - Mike as Kathy
* "I hope I look all right for my meeting with the Sun God." - Crow as Dr. Saknussem
* "Mother Theresa, please hold, Kathy's on line one." - Crow as God
* "Now, you see, this is irresponsible. They're encouraging people to go out and drug Kathy Ireland." - Mike
* "Oh, pooh -- I'm in the pit of Hell." - Tom Servo as Kathy
* "See, "this" should have a brain in it." - Mike as Robbie
* "We are not murderers" - "Sir? Uh, actually, we are." - Crassus/Mike
* "We're just not right for each other." - "I mean, I'm right, but you're not." - Robbie/Crow as Robbie
* "Y'know, in Australia my voice is as annoying as yours." - Crow as Gus

Riff Explained
"Andy? Helen? Are you in there!" - Crow
This is a reference to an episode of the "Andy Griffith Show". Andy & his gal are trapped in a cave and Barney organizes a rescue (That we learn doesn't need to happen)

"it's Candy Slice" - Mike
Candy was a character played by SNL's "Gilda Radner". She was a stoned rock singer with hairy armpits who lead the band, The Slicers.

Stuff and Nonsense
* Annoying Watney Smith from "Outlaw" has a bit part in this flick. He's the guy who takes a skillet on the back of his skull. YAY!

* That's Kathy's sister, Mary, playing Susan (Wanda's Ex's new girlfriend) at the end of the movie.

Available on DVD: Volume 26

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