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417 Crash of Moons

With Short: General Hospital 

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Nov 28 1992
#87 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - Delightful kid friendly space adventure
Riffing: Wildly funny, very steady
Skits: Wildly funny as well

Another fun Rocky Jones adventure is more watchable than the first, as there are fewer fist fights and a little more outer space based action... well, action is a relative term. The basic plot is that Rocky Jones and pals try to help out when a "Gypsy Moon" (Ruled by King Sgt. Schultz) sails on a collision course towards Queen Cleolanta's home world, Ofecious. This premise gives the filmmakers an opportunity to show off sfx such as lightning, explosions and excruciatingly frequent scenes of paper ships landing and taking off. WOW!

The riffing is the tops: I got a kick out of the song selection when the circular station is caught in a space storm - and the constant arrows aimed at Professor Newton are a riot. In addition to that, the movie itself is a hoot -Such as when Venna and Bobby pretend to be orbiting planets and give a helpful, visual demonstration- and the infant Prince, who cries because he's psychic. At least that's what's implied. Personally I think the Prince left a load in his shorts and simply wanted to be changed (It's likely Bobby made up the whole "premonition" thing to get out of diaper duty).

Anyway: I also dug the Host Segments, in particular Crow's grit sales and Deep 13's invention (Frank was hilarious). Heck, even the General Hospital short was enjoyable, as J&TB were able to tackle that soap opera stand-by- the "tangled web" of love and lies.

Things get a little difficult down the stretch, as the movie simply refuses to end. But all in all I had a rollicking good time and highly recommend this fun, fun experiment.

Host Segments
Intro: Crow sells grit, true grit. Invention: Deep 13 ultra sweet toothpaste and on the SOL, a Rock and Wreck guitar: The wreckable - Reusable ax! Segment 1: The Gypsy Moon song. Segment 2: Banner Gram chaos. Segment 3: Crow's new teleplay is chock full O' Sci-fi babble. End: John Banner make a hexfield visit and is aggressively nice. The SOL send a Banner Gram to Deep 13. Stinger: Banner says Poopie?

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: Salutations everyone! Jack introduces the spacey film and tells of his dad, who was a little “off”. Seg 2: Jack longs for a Banner-gram and divulges his dislike for, and mistrust of small people. During the credits he plays a game of catch and get knocked out cold. Part 2: The recap: Our host plays with a rocket and ponders the life of a special effects master. In the closing bit he tells us that he once tried to make a Crow bot, but cut himself rather badly. As credits roll, he launches his rocket and wanders the set slowly.

Notable Riffs
General Riffs
"Can I take your helmet? Oh! That's your hair." - Crow
"The depressing thing is, is that this is in color" - Joel
"Hey, you drove onto the living room set" - Crow
"Every time I get engaged, you do this to me" - Crow, as girl fights off advances
"Sure, Ken's not anatomically correct" - Joel as girl
"The truth is I'm in love with a small Mexican man" - Crow

Crash Riffs
"Bobby, you're a bad person and nobody likes you." - Servo as Rocky
"Professor Newton..." - "Please hit Bobby." - Rocky/Joel
"Rocky, have you ever had a funny feeling you're about to get slugged?" - "Here, let me complete the thought." - Winky/Joel
"Tripping. Still works in the future!" - Joel
"Why does he have to take orders from a bus driver?" - Crow
"Lego Hospital. Snap tight hernia sold separately" - Joel
"Won't Rocky be surprised" - "When I tell him I'm pregnant" - Bobby/Crow
"Well I can't take a crap, Bobby's my witness" - "He's right" - Servo as Newton/Crow as Bobby
"Get ready for no action"- Servo
"Attention! All hands on Winky" - Crow
"Woa, almost hit the string" - Servo
"Baby trapped in film; eats own hand; news at 11" - Joel
"Yep, I'm afraid he's an infant. But he will grow out of it" - Servo as Professor Newton
"She walks like a flying monkey" - Joel
"-sniff- Winky you've been eating cabbage!" - Servo
"You know, I'd be relieved if I knew what was happening" - Joel

Riffs Explained
"When Anne Sexton throws a party" - Joel
Said during dreary get together in "General Hospital". Anne Sexton (1928-1974) was a poet who wrote about the painful and difficult parts of life. A friend of Sylvia Plath's, Anne shared the same fate, as she too committed suicide.

Stuff & Nonsense 
The Orbit-Jet was based on designs by famed space illustrator, Chesley Bonestell. Chesley was also a much sought after Hollywood Matte Artist ("War of the Worlds") and before that, was an architect who worked on such structures as the "Golden Gate Bridge"

Available on DVD: Volume 18

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