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421 - Monster A-Go Go

With Short: Circus on Ice

First Broadcast -  10 am Saturday, Jan 9th 1993
#14 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: High - No budget, No story, No ending
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Solid, most are very funny

Bill Rebane (Giant Spider Invasion) filmed a movie titled "Terror at Halfday". Producer, Herschell Gordon Lewis got a hold of it, tacked on a few extra scenes, re-titled and released this mess to an unsuspecting nation.

The plot? A ship crashes and the search for the pilot begins... and then ends in the lamest manner ever conceived!! Thank goodness Joel and the Bots are there to save the day. Without their help I never would have made it through this experiment alive.

Riffs wise, this is one of my favorites, the guys really crack me up with a regular stream of strong pop culture quips (relying on sources from the Ramones to Styron!!) And Servo smartly skewers the wonky dialog with a barb that belittles the sci-fi babble - "We've been working on big gobs of neat stuff" - MAGG is shown with the short, "Circus on Ice". Which includes a hilarious song by Servo that'll forever taint your perception of the color pink.

Of Note: At the end we see Crow dressed as "Sir Giggles Von Laughs-A-Lot", but Joel accidentally calls him -"Sir Mix-A-Lot"- and that gives Trace a case of the giggles. And listen for the guy who makes the "phone" noise, in the movie. It's a classic.

Host Segments 
Intro: The Bots make cheese. Invention: The Mads present Johnny Longtorso action figure parts. The crew of the SOL show us their non violent action figures. Segment 1: Gypsy doesn't "get" Crow... or Tom. Segment 2: Playing keep-away. Segment 3: Explaining the Pina Colada song. End: Joel tries to cheer up the bots. Stinger: Nightmare the clown in all his glory.

Notable Riffs
Ice Riffs
* "Ah, I'd like a Sloe Gin Circus." - Joel
* "This way to the kill floor." - Crow
* "Oh mom... I don't like the circus on ice any more, I wanna go home." - "Shut up and watch the deer get slaughtered, it's fun" - Crow/Servo
* "Bravely!? That thing was grazing!" - Joel
* "Vomit sprays out in a beautiful technicolor dream." - Crow
* "Even my mom would be bored by this." - Joel
* "Please say... goodbye... to the... vibrating circus train." - Joel

Go Go Riffs
* "Get the kazoo out of your mouth!" - Crow
* "Any moment now, unspeakable horror, Trust me" - Servo as Narrator
* "I think this is the movie version of "Darkness Visible" by William Styron." - Crow
* "He shriveled up like a dried prune." - "Like a drag queen?" - Henry/Joel
* "The long wait began." - "And you're going to see every minute of it." - Narrator/Joel
* "We decided we need the help of a house wife and a balding guy." - Servo
* "Sarge, you ever worry that you don't have a face?" - Servo
* "What could have caused such burns?" - "Mexican Food?" - Henry/Joel 
* "Barkeep, could you freshen my date?" - Joel as Dr. Manning
* "Douglas was pear-shaped, very short, and stood the whole way." - Servo
* "Hey, Timmy, my dad's dead again. Can I come over for dinner?" - Crow as Jimmy
* "He made her bark" - Crow
* "If you can't out-act a post" - Crow
* "Let's play with phosphorous" - Servo as Dr. Taylor
* "There! Your announcer feels vindicated. This is extremely horrible!" - Servo as the Narrator
* "This has been a test. Had this been an actual movie, you would have been entertained." - Servo
* "This is the 'A-Go-Go' part." - Servo
* "We're gonna get burned, Joel. We're gonna get roasted like nuts" - Servo
* "What a day. I invented Gainesburgers and I didn't even mean to" - Servo as Dr. Brent
* "Yeah, kids are always mutilating people." - Crow
* "...This coffee's warmer than Frank is." - Crow
* "What is this, Chinese music torture?" - Joel
* "Well, looks like he died in a state of sin." - Servo (then Joel quickly covers his beak)

* Tom Servo's "Pink" song 
These two girls they make quite a pair
They both come from your worst nightmare
They will haunt your soul forever
And now, when you see pink, you're gonna think, 'We're doomed'
They are agents of Satan...

Riff Explained 
"It's Bllly Pilgrim" - Crow
Billy's the character who's "Unstuck in time" in the Kurt Vonnegut novel, Slaughterhouse 5. MST has referenced this book frequently over the years.

"What is this, the Lloyd Thaxton show?" - Joel
In 1962, Inspired by American Bandstand, Thaxton decided to host his own local dance show in L.A. Only he would use Folk, Country & Novelty acts in addition to the regular Rock N' Rollers. Lloyd is also one of the founders of Tiger Beat magazine. Which is parodied on MST as "Tiger Bot".

Stuff & Nonsense 
* In an interview, Director Bill Rebane said that he spoke to Ronald Reagan about acting in this movie!

* Actress June Travis (who Rebane knew through one of his investors) was popular in the 30's and played Della Street in the Perry Mason flick, "The Case of the Black Cat".

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 8

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