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422 - The Day the Earth Froze

With Short: Here Comes the Circus

First Broadcast - 10am Saturday, Jan 16th 1993
#57 Honorable mention in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Medium - Kooky fun, though sluggish in parts
Riffing: Wildly funny, very steady
Skits: Chuckle-Fest at best

Lemmankinan is not the name of a delicious fruit treat, but the hero of our strange Finnish fairy tale: Which is about a mean witch who steals the sun because Lemonhead messed up her sampo (or sumptin' like that). "What is a Sampo?" Well it makes salt and gold and if you break it, people sing the "Failure" song to you.

This experiment is a blast; The Bullwinkle jokes, Princess Bride reference, a bag of Homer Simpson's, are all classic moments. The short, "Here Comes the Circus" is outstanding. When I first saw it, Joel's admonishments of the Bots dark quips bugged me, but now that cracks me up. Seeing as how he ends up doing the same thing later. As to the skits; I liked the opening segment with the family photo and the 'Unhappy Meals' the best.

Host Segments 
Intro: Picture day. Invention: Unhappy meals are unveiled at Deep 13. And it's Martial Arts snack food on the SOL. Segment 1: Tom & Crows clown act. Segment 2: What's a Sampo? Segment 3: Gypsy Rose Me. End: The bots are wind bags. Stinger: What's going to become of us now?.

MST Hour Segments 
Part 1: Jack is reading a delightful Swedish fairy tale based on the super group, Abba. He introduces the film in a Swedish accent and sings some Abba. Seg 2: Jack croons magical witch songs. In the credits he lifts up his socks and does an awkward clog dance. Part 2: Engulfed by a cape, our host gives the recap and confesses that he’s taken with that Swedish hotcake of a witch, Seg 2: Jack reveals his disturbing food fantasy and in the credits he does these odd, slow movements that end in a pratfall.

Notable Riffs
Circus Riffs
* "And here come the freaks now, look at 'em all." - Crow
* "And Madonna thinks she's innovative" - Crow
* "Store this image away for a later nightmare" - Servo
* "No, no, no... they're doing it clown style" - Servo
* "It's Thomas Edison with his electric child." - Servo
* "It's Ezekiel, the Amish clown." - Crow
* "Sorry Wayne this is for the ladies only." - Servo
* "It's 'Blackened Beauty', the Cajun horse." - Crow

Frozen Riffs
* "The land they lived in was large and beautiful." - "As were the women." - Narrator/Servo
* "Hey, my other log's a redwood." - Crow
* I know someone who will be able to build your sampo." - "WHO!" - "Murray on third shift" - Wizard/Witch/Joel
* "The Stay-Puft Marshmallow man in chains?" - Joel
* "I'm relative humidity. It's not so much the heat as it is me." - Servo
* "Hey you wrecked our boat you freaked out maniac" - Joel
* "Are you with the bride or the failure?" - Crow as a Swede
* "Hey, uh, lady? I'm a nice big pine that you could pray to, maybe. Maybe" - Joel as Pine Tree
* "Is it Sampo yet?" -Joel, as Troll
* "Is there another wise man we could talk to?" - Crow as Lemonkainen
* "It's a bag of Homer Simpson" - Joel
* "Kids come running for the great taste of Sampo" - Joel
* "They're roasting Bullwinkle!" - Joel
* "Will somebody put me out I seem to be on Fire!" - Crow as Bullwinkle
* "You may get burnt on this ride." -Joel
* "This is the most emotion ever expressed in Sweden." - Joel
* "This is the strangest debate format I have ever seen." - Joel
* "We come bearing honey-baked hams!" - Crow

Riffs Explained 
"Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible" - Crow
In 1973, author and natural foods expert -Euell Gibbons- became the commercial spokesperson for "Grape Nuts Cereal". The spots opened with the words Crow said.

"James at 92" - Joel
Back in 1977-78, there was a television show called "James at 15". It was a drama about the trials and tribulations of a typical teen. Despite much hype the show never received the ratings it needed to stay on the air

Stuff and Nonsense 
This movie is based on the KALEVALA, which is known as the Finnish National epic. A Sampo? It's simply a magic mill which ensures unending riches for its owner. To read the saga... click here.

Available on DVD: Volume 28

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