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423 - Bride of the Monster

With Short: Hired! Part 1

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Jan 23 1993
#56 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Medium - Amateurish but harmless camp
Riffing: Wildly Funny, very steady
Skits: Solid, good humor

Finally- MST3K meets Ed Wood. Mad scientist Bela Lugosi, numb brained Tor Johnson as Lobo, Octopus stock footage as well as a rubber version Ed stole off the lot, and a Cop with a bird fetish (Gramps from show 404)? why, it's a veritable treasure trove to Mst on. And right from the start it hits the funny bone: See Lobo, in a rainstorm as Crow warns... "Tor, close your mouth, you'll drown!" Ha, Ha! Joel having Bela sobbing over the movie "Brian's Song" and the guys confusion over the strangely edited ending, sent me into fits of laughter as well. Oh and anytime you can reference Hitchcock (The Birds, Psycho), you'll earn points with me.

Shown with short, Hired! Part 1. Which, while not as good as part 2, is still pretty darn funny. Host segments show us Crow's hilariously disturbing dream and the brilliant "Hired!" on Broadway. Excellent, goofy, cheesy fun.

Host Segments
Intro: Crow's dream sickens and disturbs both Tom... and Crow. Invention: Forrester uses the Tough Love Seat on Frank. J&TB make Microwave Faith Popcorn. Segment 1: Hired! The Musical. Segment 2: Discussing the not very scary monster. Segment 3: Willy the Waffle makes his return. End: Cambot edits the ending of the movie. Dr F. and Frank dress like Bela & Tor. Stinger: Bela, looking dazed and confused.

Notable Riffs
Hired Riffs
"Why does he have to read the 'Joy Luck Club'?" - Crow
"Ah, I guess I shouldn't be trying to sell cars in Amish country." - Joel
"Are you there Lord?" - Joel
"Uh Dad, your smokin' my kids bubble pipe." - Crow
"Who's the doughy man on our porch steps?" - Servo as mom

Bride Riffs
"Her pencil's gone... It's back..." - Crow
"Oh - well, he fell into the Billy Barty trap." - Joel
"He's shooting at a different movie" - Crow
"Hey, which of Shatner's "Becwar" novels did you guy's like the best?" - Crow
"What? Son of a gun we're back here again, how'd we do that?" - Servo as hunters
"Ah, just a sec, I broke a heel." - Joel as hunter
"CUT! Hey, Bela, don't even think about it" - Crow
"Don't worry, he's as gentle as a kitten." "Yeah, a big, bald, deranged kitten that could snap your neck like celery!" - Bela/Tom Servo
"Uh, kiss the bird, Dick." - Joel as the Captain
"Hey wait a minute, she skinned a 'Hostest Snowball' and now she's wearing it" - Joel
"Oh Tor love this, Tor look fetching when Tor go to church." - Joel
"Oh, how do I get into this painting?" - Crow as Prof. Strowsky
"Parted from my wife and child..." - "And banned from MTV!" - Bela/Joel
"Man... I wish they had a more effective monster. This is taking forever" - Joel
"What's this? It says, "Weird fingerless birdman under suspicion" - Joel as Captain reads a newspaper
"Oh, God, no!! Does he have room for her down there?" - Crow
"The night, the monster, and thou." - Crow as Prof. Strowsky
"Cool, you can flush the fireplace" - Crow as cop
"You know, this is Bela's best scene, and he's not even in in" - Crow

Riff Explained
"White Psychiatrist, Black Heart" - Crow
This quip references Clint Eastwood's 1990 film, White Hunter, Black Heart. Which is based on director John Huston and his strange behavior during the filming of The African Queen

Stuff & Nonsense 
* George Becwar played Prof. Strowski, the guy who attempts to bring Bela back to his homeland. George wasn't too happy with Ed Wood or the working conditions. Whenever the money ran out they'd have to stop production on the flick. Becwar was so angered that he took his complaints to the union and demanded that Wood be fined. George was also seen in show #319, "War of the Colossal Beast", playing Swanson.

* Meat packing plant owner, Donald McCoy, eventually agreed to finance the film on two conditions. One; that his son would play the lead (Lt. Dick Craig) and that the movie end with an explosion as a warning against the use of nuclear weapons.

Available on DVD: Volume 19

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