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504 - Secret Agent Super Dragon

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Aug 7th 1993
#85 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Gold
Movie Pain: Low - Diverting and colorful spy pic
Riffing: Wildly Funny, very steady
Skits: A mixed bag

This silly spy thriller sees our hero forced out of retirement. His assignment? Stop an evil organization that has been spiking chewing gum with a dangerous drug. In addition to that gem of an idea, these bad guys can boast of owning a talking table, which I'd take over a talking motorcycle any day.

As for the MSTing: I found the host segments to be a mixed bag. From the annoying and dumb Jazz sketch to the annoying but funny "Minsky"; the talking robot which drives Joel to the brink of madness!

In the theater the jokes fly straight and true. For example; Crow noting that Super Dragon's boss looks exactly like a super marination's version of Senator Fritz Hollings. That's sharp wit, a clever observation that made me howl with laughter.

The silly stuff is just as successful. During the scene of a secret gathering, in which the bad guy's prove they're a bad guy by placing a piece of a letter on the table- Joel announces, "The meeting of the society of guys who can make 'W's' will now begin!"

I had a good time with this episode. It's not a slam-dunk on all phases, but very solid. And I even enjoyed the movie, flawed as it was.

Host Segments
Intro: Tom & Crow give Minski, the atomic robot who "gives his best wishes to everybody", to Joel. Invention: Frank's virtual reality comedy club. Aboard the SOL it's Micro Golf. Segment 1: Secret Agent jazz. Segment 2: Crow's new script, "The Spy Who Hugged Me". Segment 3: Joel explains Spy School. End: Dr. F's Super Villain Seminar. Stinger: Bad guy bounces on Super Dragon, complete with goofy sound effect.

MST Hour Segments
Part 1: "Shhhhhh", our host tells us the title and offers that he’d want a less conspicuous secret agent name, like Arnold Jacobson. Later, in a 007 like pose with gun, Jack discloses his spy dreams and gads about like Bond at the end credits. Part 2: In deep death-like trance, Jack rises to give us the recap. In seg 2, dressed like a spy, Jack secretly skulks about as the credits roll.

Notable Riffs
"Oh No! Now we'll never know if razzles are candy or gum!" - Joel
"Quick, get it under cold water!" - Joel
"Oh that happens to everyone now and again." - Crow (during an interrupted seduction scene)
"Someone left a crayon burning. I hate that" - Crow
"Woa, J. Edgar Hoo-Hoo-Hoover" - Servo
"Boy, He sure is smooth, boss" - Crow (as a Henchman)
"By special arrangement'?? What, did they have to get her out of the fourth grade?" - Joel
"Could you explain again why I do all the work?" - Crow as Baby Face
"Hey; He made the pool" - Joel as Super Dragon
"Hi, honey, I'm smooth" - Crow as Super Dragon
"It's a bullet proof teddy" - Crow
"I don't want to die, I don't want to die'... Look, I got problems too!" - Crow
"It's tasteless, odorless, and leaves no trace in the human body." - "Velveeta?" - Coleman/Crow
"Personal effects make me happy." - Joel as police chief
"Remind your engineers to use coasters on me." - Crow (as the Table)

"Two healthy students suddenly die of heart failure..." - "Oh, I've heard this one." - Comfort/Tom Servo 

Riff Explained 
"Hey who pulled William Holden out of the pool?" - Crow
This references the great Billy Wilder film, "Sunset Boulevard". The opening scenes in "Sunset" show actor William Holden floating dead in a swimming pool.

Stuff and Nonsense
Marisa Mell who plays Charity, will be seen again in MSTs final episode, co-starring as Eva in Diabolik.

Babyface -Jess Hahn- had a long career as a character actor and performed with Marlon Brando in "Night of the Following Day", while...

Ray "Super Dragon" Danton would move on to career as a Director. Taking the helm on TV shows like "Cagney & Lacy", "Quincy" and "Dallas"

Available on DVD: Collection Volume 12

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