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506 - Eegah

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Aug 28 1993
#9 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: High - Too much "Icky"
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Hilarious

Eegah's the perfect bad little film. For one; It gives us Richard Kiel as a horny, obsessed caveman -with vocal noises dubbed by the director, Arch Hall Sr.- For another; it acts as an introduction to the great Arch Hall Jr. -AKA, the Cabbage Patch Elvis.

Crisp and clever riffing makes this one worth viewing despite Eegah's tongue (trust me, it's nasty), or Junior's music ("If I had a billion dollars and a bankers salary, I'd spend it all on flowers, to give to... Valerie". Gaak and Hu? I thought your gals name was Roxy!). Highlights include the lines..."Stop saying Wee!"; "He's wearing corrective shoes with black socks." and the mystery voice which warns, "Watch out for snakes" Lots of laughs with riff and host segments (The Bots try to turn Joel into Arch Hall) - BUT, you will need a shower to wash the "Eegah" off after viewing.

If there's a negative its that the huge guffaws slightly dwindle near the end; though not enough to ruin the experiment or lower its grade level. Eegah is still highly recomended and readily available from Rhino (The DVD has a cool feature where you can click on a Crow icon and see several unmsted missing scenes)

Host Segments
Intro: Servo freezes Crow. Invention: Joel offers up the "Porkerina" and Dr. F replaces Franks blood with antifreeze. Segment 1: Joel makes a jumpsuit while discussing Hell with the bots. Segment 2: Tom and Crow mash up Joel's face so he'll look like Arch Hall Jr. Segment 3: J&TB's talk about all the widowers in television shows of the 60's. End: The Bots take a shower while Forrester repairs Frank. Stinger: Roxy fakes it and gets sick.

Notable Riffs
"Harriet, the cattle are smoking again." - Crow
"Hi Roxy!"- "Sorry about my face." - Tom/Joel as Arch Hall Jr.
"Which way to Bly workshop?" - Crow as Eegah
"Is she really going out, with him?" - Joel as Eegah
"Oh yeah, you can tell he's an experienced mountaneer." - Joel on Dad
"I've heard enough, I'll go beat him senseless." Crow as Eegah upon hearing Arch's song
"Oh no, she's chasing down Emmitt Kelly!" - Joel
"Honey, why do we have an oven in the living room?" - Servo
"Honk if you love Eegah!" -Crow
"Is something wrong, Mr. Miller?" - "Sit down, pie-face, it's a long list." - Tom/Crow as Mr. Miller
"It's swell for tearing up fragile ecosystems -- Watch!" - Servo
"Looks like it hurts to be him." - Joel
"Stop saying 'Wee' Nobody says 'Wee'." - Servo
"Lookie Lookie Lookie, look at my thorax..." - Servo singing
"Eegah's a mall walker." - Joel
"EEEWW!" - All, after Arch walks by in shorts shorts.

Riff Explained 
During dad's shave, the line "Have you seen Andalusian Dog?" is spoken. This riff refers to the Luis Bunnel, Salvador Dali film, "Un Chien Andalou". This strange and surrealistic short includes a distrubing scene of a woman having eye slit open with a straight razor.

Stuff and Nonsense 
* Arch Hall Sr. originally had Richard Kiel in for a reading of a movie titled Steganza. According to Arch Jr, the script was too weird and Kiel passed - but his father told Richard he had another idea, and quickly spun a story of a caveman. Which soon developed into Eegah.

* Marilyn Manning was a secretary at an office near Arch Sr's studio, Fairway. Hall spotted her and brought her in for the part of Roxy. She would star again with Jr. in the film "The Sadist"

* Oh, and that Bible passage Mr. Miller quotes at the end? It comes from Genesis 6:4, not 4:32 (which doesn't even exist).

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