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507 - I Accuse My Parents

With Short : The Truck Farmer

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Sept 4th 1993
#4 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Best in Show
Movie Pain: Low - Easy going troubled teen flick
Riffing: I laughed so hard I wet 'em!
Skits: Wildly funny

"Are you happy... in your work...?" Promising young essay writer is embarrassed by drunken mother and turns to selling shoes and professional lying (an episode highlight!). He falls in love with a Kitty, works unknowingly for the Mob; all of which is culminated by a failed attempt to rob a kind cafe owner -a great character by the way- of a "Hamburger Sammich"

Stupidity, as you might have guessed, is Jimmy's main character trait. That and the lying and the 'House of Booze' he lives in, must have made the group at 'Best Brains' beam at all the riffing possibilities.

So it's no surprise that Joel and the bots go with the flow of the film. Riffing each character and situation with synchronized perfection. The host segments continue this thread. Blending charm and humor in the reenactment of a musical number, or with the drawings of their dream families. All of it showcases MST at its best.

In contrast, the short "Truck Farmer", is not their best effort. It's not bad but isn't as pinpoint brilliant as the rest of this episode. Of Note: I've read that this is one of Joel's favorite episodes.

Host Segments
Intro: Toms in the pink and wants to be a real live boy. Invention: The Mad's create the Cake-n-Shake. It's the Junk drawer organizer for J&TB. Segment 1: The crew draw their perfect families. Segment 2: Are you happy in your work. Segment 3: Psycho analyzing Jimmy. End:The Bots want a hamburger sammich and in Deep 13, Rodney dances. Stinger: Dad's enjoying a laugh at moms expense.

MST Hour Segments
Parents was featured on the MST Hour but none of the Perkins-bits have popped up on DVD (or Youtube) and I have been unable to find out what occurred during these segments.

Notable Riffs
Truck Riffs
"Go Speed Farmer! Go Speed Farmer! Go Speed Farmer Go!" - All
"Here in Southern Texas, there is an additional problem..." "Texans" - Narrator/Crow
"I'm thinkin' of tellin' my wife I love her... NAHHHH!!!" - Crow (as the Truck Farmer)
"I'm from Canada, what am I doing here." - Crow
High energy prop comic 'Carrot Top' is also packed in ice!" - Joel

Parent Riffs
"Means another cold supper I suppose" - "Vodka sandwiches" - Dad/Joel
"Can I show you something in a size 'me'?" - Crow as Jimmy
"I accuse her hair!" - Crow
"I know how toast works..." - Servo as Jimmy
"I'm gonna build a blimp and fight the Nazis!" - Servo
"I went and liberated France while you were dancing." - Crow as Jimmy
"Let's strip him!" - Crow as Shirley
"LIAR! LIAR! LIAR! - Weeee!" - All
"I wish my peers would get out of my head, I'm trying to sleep!" - Crow
"No, your ruining it for me. I want you to put on some shoes" - Servo as Kitty
"Everyone calls me Kitty" - "I don't know why, my name is Susan." - Joel as Kitty
"Seventeen hundred lies later..." - Joel
"Hi I'm the essay guy, Hi essay guy here, that's me..." - Crow
"I'm waiting for a call from the President so I couldn't dance anyway." - Crow as Jimmy
"You know what, I should call Mr. Blake and tell him how much I like him." - Crow as Jimmy
"Uh wait a minute, they're gonna put me in charge of the sock table!" - Joel as Jimmy
"Mom, Dad! I won the 'Get the crap kicked out of me' contest!" - Joel as Jimmy

Riff Explained
"Looks like they invited Joe E. Lewis over" - Joel.
(Said during a scene where we see a lot of cigarette butts). Lewis was a comedian who performed in night clubs from the 40's to 60's. Early in his career he too ran afoul of gangsters.
Joe left his regular gig at the Green Mill -a hangout of Al Capone's- for a better paying job. His boss didn't like that and sent some goons to beat and cut him. Somehow, Lewis survived the attack, taught himself how to speak again and went on to live a long successful life. Joe E. Lewis -known as a heavy drinker and smoker, BTW- was portrayed by Frank Sinatra in the movie "The Joker is Wild".

Stuff & Nonsense
That beautiful picture above, came courtesy of the official Mary Beth Hughes website. Visit it for more info on the actress who played Jimmy's love interest.

* Curious: In the movie 3 people ate 4 lobsters and 4 steaks? They must have been starving!

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