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508 - Operation Double 007

First Broadcast - 7 pm Saturday, Sept 11 1993
#35 in Mighty Jack's Top 100
Excellence Level: Platinum
Movie Pain: Low - Colorful, bright and silly adventure
Riffing: Hilarious
Skits: Hilarious

This kitschy nod to the James Bond franchise is stuffed to the gills with 007 alumnae (From Moneypenny to M) and features Neil Connery -who lacks his brother's élan and charisma- as its lead.

Fun, if you don't take it too serious, and the guy's comic timing will have you wearing wide grins from beginning (their goofy additions to the 007 theme) to end (mocking Celi's weird clothes... "You know, he's gonna need a vinyl patch kit" - Joel) and the riffs during the "Hillbilly" shoot out (aided by Traces Kate Hepburn imitation) are hilarious.

Host segments? They're solid for the most part. I loved Joel's imitation of the bad guy, and in a later skit, Torgo stops by. Also, watch Mr. Robinson crack up when Crow sings his bobbin' buzzard song! All in all this is another outstanding addition to a brilliant season.

Host Segments
Intro: Joel's home movies and Servo's really into them. Invention: Frank presents his "Lederhosen Hosen" and breaks into tears. Crow shows off Sarah, the Bobbin Buzzard. Segment 1: Joel imitates the bad guy, "I know". Segment 2: The guys compare the lives of the brothers Connery. Segment 3: Frank's about to play the "Beer Barrel Polka" when Torgo shows up. End: Forrester magnetizes the SOL and smacks Frank. The credits roll to the Torgo theme. Stinger: Our vinyl wearin' villain pushes the button.

Notable Riffs
* "Mutiny on the Betsy" - Joel
* "Now Michael Jackson's journey is complete" - Crow
* "Sure wish I could come aboard." - Crow
* "Lets pants her subconscious." - Crow
* "Norman, the calla lilies are raining hot lead" - Crow as Katherine Hepburn
* "Now, time for his catheter." - Joel
* "Prepare to meet Kali's brother -- near hell!" - Servo
* "The remaining monkey brains have been reduced to $1.99." - Crow
* "We just came to beat everybody up, we're leaving now; Thanks" - Crow
* "Thanks for the all-clear, Moneypenny." - Crow as Ward
* "Whatever can I do to make it up to you?" - "Uh, paint my house?" - Maya/Crow
* "You know, I'm suddenly hungry for Cracker Jacks, I don't know why." - Joel
* "It's great to be here, thanks for supporting live surgery." - Joel as Neil
* "Do I have enough time to beat up the band?" - Crow as Neil Connery
* "Good god I'm ugly. Scared my own children out of the nursery today." - Crow as Alpha
* "Oh see, gays in the military, right there." - Joel
* "I like you. Do you like me? Signed, The Minister of Health.'..." - Joel as Neil Connery
* "Human Cleaners -- We'll clean your humans overnight" - Crow
* "Act natural, your lips might be bugged." - Servo
* "Yeah, can I get your brother's autograph?" - Joel 
* "Michael, I want all episodes of 'Captain Nice' burned!" - Crow as KITT 
* "She thinks she's in Dresden during the war!" 
* "Not in front of Sir Walter Raleigh!" - Crow (as Ward kisses gal in front of painting on the wall)
* "The Sod Squad: Julie, Pig, Ebb!" - Servo

Riffs Explained
"The pocket sized machine that goes ping!" - Servo
This line comes from the hospital skit in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life".

"Go out and get some air fatso" - Crow
Spoken during a scene in a stadium. This refers to the movie "Dirty Harry". Callahan says this to get his partner to leave him alone with a suspect.

Stuff & Nonsense
Neil Connery shortly quit show biz and returned to his plastering job. In the mid 80's he was forced into retirement after a fall from a ladder, which fractured his wrist and hip. In the 90's he had a part in a legal/educational video called the "Paisley Snail", later he faced his own legal troubles when he was stopped for driving while intoxicated. Connery lives with wife Eleanor in a modest three-bedroom bungalow in Edinburgh.

This films composer Ennio Morricone, who did one of my favorite scores for Once Upon A Time in the West, also provided the music for Diabolik (which included villain Adolfo Celi in its cast as well). The soundtrack is available and samples can be heard here... Ok Connery

Available on DVD: Volume 25

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